SOB and coughing

I have had a bad cough for nearly five months and I want to get better please.

I am fed up of coughing, having a blocked or sniffly nose and being sick.

I have been to my GP surgery four times and I am not much better. I am struggling to walk more than 10 minutes and feel like Darth Vader with his breathing.

I have had antibiotics twice and an inhaler and lots of OTC medication. My chest x-ray has come back satisfactory but says that I have a possible hiatus hernia but I am taking Omeprazole for this.

It is difficult for me to do normal day to day things and I would rather Die than go through this again. It is causing me too much stress.

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  • I cannot understand your GP leaving you like this, after 5 months of coughing, please go back to see him/her and INSIST that you are referred to the Respiratory Clinic at your local hospital, you will probably need a CT Scan, X rays don't tell the whole story, the CT Scan is nothing to worry about.

    If you smoke then take this as a warning and quit. Drink plenty of water and make sure you eat a healthy diet and have a healthy weight. If you are losing weight then eat a little and often. I hope you can get the help that you need.

  • Hello thanks for the advice. I don't smoke and I eat healthily. I have tried to lose weight but nothing works for me. I do exercise but cannot at the moment as I cannot walk more than two minutes without getting out of breath. I feel like I am 83 not 53 years old

  • Don't give up hope, I have Severe COPD, 66 years old and feel like 46. I was in the same state as you are now, 11 months ago. Getting to see a chest specialist is the best way to go. GP's are "jack of all trades and master of none" in the medicine world.

  • I could understand if i smoke but i do try to keep healthy but it seems not to work for me. What helps your symptoms please

  • All I have done is to take my prescribed meds religiously on time, and then it has been a committed, rigorous exercise regime. Sorry I can't be more helpful than that, you will have to get an accurate diagnosis via a consultant, who will tell your GP the course of treatment suitable for whatever condition you have. Your symptoms could be caused by a variety of reasons.

    My advice remains the same, don't "dilly dally", see your GP and INSIST on a referral to a Respiratory Clinic your cough is way overdue for investigation.

    I don't want to frighten you, early diagnosis can make a big difference in the outcome of treatment. I wish I had sought treatment for my cough but it is too late for me, I am stuck with the severe stage of COPD now because I left it too late. Don't repeat my mistake. Make a doctor's appointment TODAY.

    Being short of breath is classed as being an emergency by the NHS so if your symptoms get worse before you have seen a consultant then call 999 for an ambulance straight away.

  • Not clear if your sniffly nose is cold related but have heard it can be indication of acid reflux.

    Have IPF (and a hernia) and had a lot of coughing and runny nose. Omeprazole once a day did little but went onto omeprazole twice a day and eventually ranitidine at night as well and cough and runny nose went away. Also did a lot of other things related to hernia/reflux e.g. raised head of bed, took Gaviscon/alginate, smaller meals, nothing after 7pm even left side sleeping and cutting out spicy food.

    No idea which, if any, of things I took/did helped cough but quite a few other folk say treating GERD can help with cough and (in non-IPF cases) can also help with SOB. If you have a hernia an operation may be best way forward but thats a big decision to make.

  • I agree with 2greys -you need to go back to your GP and insist you are referred to a consultant/respiratory clinic at your local hospital. You should not be suffering like this - hope you feel better soon x

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