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Cough cough cough

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Can someone please recommend something I can take to clear thick phlegm up? I’m awake all night, every night coughing and I’m lucky if I get 2 hours sleep a night. I’m like one of those hollow eyed zombies you see in films. Mostly it’s just clear phlegm but just now finally brought up (or down?) a largish lump of greenish snot (sorry! TMI) and I finally feel I can breathe a bit easier. I’m on 3 different inhalers, salt water spray and Sudafed tablets and I’m at the end of my tether through constantly coughing and sleep deprivation 😰

14 Replies
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Hi Reader, might be an idea to capture some of the green stuff and get it to your GP surgery to be sent away to see if an infection is present. In the meantime drink plenty of water to try and thin down any mucus. Speak to your GP if possible and explain what’s happening to you.

Wishing you well. Xx

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Oh goodness poor you sleep is vital and once you get some more you'll feel brand new I use a completely safe and non medical Airphysio my husband got it off the internet It takes 10 minutes a day more if you want and it really really worksMy niece who has bad CF has used one for years and feels grand she's now at uni!!!!!!

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You need to speak with your gp and request meds that will thin the mucous. You should not be experiencing such difficulties. As for the green stuff try to get a sample to drop into your gp.

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Carbocisteine ask gp

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Carbocysteine helps the mucus,it thins works well for me.When I was first diagnosed,the hospital lent me a nebuliser.

I use it twice daily,if I’m feeling rough I can use it up to 4 times daily.

When I came out of hospital I was put in touch with the county respiratory team.

They have lent me Nebuliser,it was delivered by a firm called mediqup.they’re responsible for servicing it.

Prerhaps you could ring your GP,He may be able to signpost you to to someone who can help

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I’m in the same boat just now. Just started on my abs. I’m managing it with warm salt water gargles 3 times a day especially before bed and honey and lemon warm drinks

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Carbocysteine thins mucoyus so its easier to get upRead up on lung clearance - huffing + active cycle of breathing.

If u do dedicated sessions approx 2or3 x ea day it should put u back in control

Do put a specinen in too

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i live on lemsips myself for chesty cough because im coughing 24/7 it ll always be thick first thing because all the stuff would be lying o your chest .Mines like that - but then transparent but like elastic

i take i think the rules are 4 a day

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I use my nebuliser which helps greatly, I couldn’t do without it!! I do not live in the U.K so I haven’t heard of “Carbocysteine “ being used here but I have read on this site that it has good results. Make sure you sleep in an elevated position....not a cure but it helps. I sip a small nip of Stones Green Ginger wine because it warms my chest and eases my coughing 😊. Good luck.

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you can find on the internet the colour of the stuff, the darker the more infection as others have said get a bottle from your gp and capture it and get it sent off you may need antibiotic (spelling bad)

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Reader100 in reply to Mouse647

Thanks Mouse. I hope no more antibiotics. Been on so many courses of those and steroids during the last month xx

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If this is not an infection and carbocysteine doesn't work, you could try taking antihistamine, I would sometimes take one just to dry up the mucus so I had some relief at night. I also have a wedge under the mattress which helps drain excess mucus. I inhale menthol crystals before bed if things are bad. Hope you find something that helps x

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I am in the US so all might not be covered where you are, but worth checking. I use the Smart Vest to get rid of the mucus, it took a few weeks to see results but I also went days without sleep because of my chest being full of mucus, I tried everything possible but this worked for me. Also use nebulizer with 2 different medications and Spiriva which all help. I am considered severe so maybe that is why I qualified for the vest, Medicare now due to Covid where it is totally covered. I thought it was just a gimmick to make money but since it was covered I tried it and it was not a gimmick It worked! Thankful for sleep Also used the air physio and it helped, good luck whatever you choose. Love to all❤️

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Hello Reader, I find like another advises Lemsip can help for chesty relief. However just recently I was given other drugs and it worsened my airways and my underlying cough . I was like you coughing in the night which has never happened before. Continuous cough and poor sleep is not good for anyone. So if you take other drugs ect check if they have side effects like cough or possible airway inflammation if not then seek medical help there are drugs for mucus clearing. Another one a friend of mine used to swear by for cough was DO DO tablets from the chemist. But do not know if they are still available for some people antihistamines can help also available at chemist, a fan on your bedside table might help plus of course plenty of fluid, I find herbal teas help cold or hot. Hope these tips help anyway and best wishes for a good nights sleep.

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