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persistent cough for 3 years

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i had asthma since about age 20. About 3 years ago (age 35) i got a chest infection and since then i have had this very phlemy cough… all the time. It’s awful. I cant do anything because of my cough it is stopping me living. I been trying to lose weight but i even cough every minute at rest. I saw à respiratory specialist who said oh it’s just because of your asthma and your weight but (160cm/120kg) i know loads of people bigger than me with asthma and they dont have any symptoms as bad as mine.

i feel so alone in this as i think people look at me and are disgusted by my constant disgusting cough.

Anyone have similar symptoms as me? Do you think i have been misdiagnosed?

17 Replies
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i sent in a sample of phlegm and it came back no problems said it more than likely part of my health condition I have copd. I have cough medicines which sometimes soothsayer it. Had the cough since before the pandemic. I have learned to live with. I see consultant every 6 months with phlegm pot for check up. They always seem to be happy with me.

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Hi. I know the kind of cough you are describing. I've struggled with it on and off over prolonged periods (for months) in the past 10 - 15 years. And you are right to doubt that losing weight will sort it out - it didn't make any difference to me. I've tried all kinds of asthma treatments and they haven't helped much. Lately, I have discovered that in addition to bronchitis and other chest problems, I need to pay more attention to accompanying sinusitis, ear blockages and eyelid swelling, and for the first time I am not just not coughing but am able to breathe freely day and night and don't need to grow a third arm and hand to keep wiping my nose all the time. Now, everybody is different and what works for one might not be of any use to another, but if your nose and ears tend to get blocked with thick phlegm and your eyelids get puffed to the point where you can hardly keep them open, you might consider trying what I did. Sea buckthorn oil drops in nose and ears - once or twice a day. If the sea buckthorn oil is not already mixed with some other carrier oil, mix it, because when pure it is extremely potent and might irritate your mucus membranes and if you are prone to nosebleeds might even trigger one. It's better to start cautiously with a drop or two in a ear to see how you feel about it. Take precautions against spillages too, because it stains things badly. If this is not suitable for you, I hope my message brings you some reassurance at least and the strength to look for a solution. Best wishes.

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hi, have you tried the huffing technique or a flutter, acapella device to shift it .if you search on the Internet it will give you some information about doing it and video clips on how to and that may help clear it to stop further infections. I hope it

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hi i hope you've been given a chest xray to rule anything out in your lungs. I was same as you long term astmatic but my samples kept coming back with a bug called hymophillus influenzae. Was referred to a hospital and put on stronger antibiotics for 9 months to rid white mass in left lung. Im not saying thats what youve got for a minute but i coughed for about 3 years continuous so your story sounds similar with continuous cough and it was always green and sticky. Now its completely gone and im feeling much better since. Hope they sort something for you soon. Karen. Xxx

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I had a chesty cough for five years from 2012. My gp diagnosed asthma and tried all sorts of things to stop the cough including liquid codeine, montelukast and various inhalers. In 2013 he referred me to an asthma consultant. From then on it was a whirlwind of appointments with different consultants. It was discovered I had bronchiecstasis, and had probably had it since I was a young child but symptomless. I saw an immunologist and discovered I was allergic to a lot of things but this probably wasn’t the cause of the asthma or the cough. In 2015 I decided I couldn’t carry on working any more. It was almost impossible to do my job as I wanted. I was a primary teacher and every time I spoke I coughed! In 2017, at a consultant appointment, when the cough was really getting me down, I was prescribed an antibiotic, azithromycin, as a prophylactic to prevent the recurring chest infections, and after three weeks the cough stopped, and hasn’t returned!

After all this time and with the symptoms you describe your doctor should be either referring you to a respiratory specialist or ordering a CT scan of your lungs to rule out bronchiectasis as mentioned in the above reply.

I had something very similar which my GP and the asthma specialist kept saying was just worsening asthma. I won't go into all the details... but it wasn't worsening asthma, a CT scan showed bronchiectasis and since being under the specialist team at my local hospital and taking azithromycin on a regular basis things are mainly under control.

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HI sorry to hear what you been going through 😫😥.

it actually sounds like Bronchitis to me.I had it last year with the constant cough & phlegm.i got some antibiotics, that cleared it up.I would go back to your drs & insist on some.You might need a longer dose..Good luck to you

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I know exactly how you feel. I had a chest infection that didnt clear up with left me with a dreadful cough and horrid mucus problems. I was continually blowing my nose and coughing up. I was like that for over 2 years. In the end the consultant finally sent me to ent, which was a blessing, between the respiratory consultant and my gp (both were useless) they left me far too long and am sure the problems i have today are through their neglect. The ent surgeon put me on a 6 weeks course of low dose doxycycline which made a massive difference as all my sinus's were badly infected. I ended up having a sinus op which has helped but sadly not cured. I so hope you get this sorted , I wish I hadnt just gone along with what they were saying but been a little firmer and insisted they refer me earlier, i perhaps wouldnt be as I am today. Good luck x

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Hi, It could be that you do not have anything more than badly controlled Asthma but I feel you cannot lose anything by asking for a referral to a lung specialist who specialises in Bronchiectasis and COPD. It is better to be checked over than to leave things to get worse. Please go back to your GP and ask for this referral. I have Asthma and I was suffering with problems like you have described plus I was suffering badly from recurring pneumonia and eventually after 2 CT scans and multiple infections I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis. I was then put on Azithromycin and I have not looked back since. Good luck and take care, Maximonkey

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Weewheezer1 in reply to Maximonkey

I was experiencing the same issues! Constant coughing, chest infections leading to pneumonia. It took years to finally come under the care of a specialist who diagnosed me with bronchiectasis and put me on daily low dosage azithromycin. Just as well! I was exhausted, underweight and anxious, not to mention feeling like a social outcast with my coughing bouts! My life really turned around for the better within a month of starting azithromycin. I’m so glad you are better, too, even though we have never met. 😊

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Don’t suffer another minute! Find a new doctor who will get you the specialist help you need. It is not normal to cough all the time.

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There are various treatments to get rid of phlegm. Go back to your doctor and insist on a sputum test to determine which bug is causing all the trouble, and a second test if the first one doesn't show anything. Some bugs need a longish cultivation time in the lab to show themselves. And ask for a referral to a bronch specialist as well. Good luck.

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It does sound like bronchitis. Have you been prescribed any steroids for the inflamed throat and bronchial tubes? You may also need a round of antibiotics. Don’t give up on getting help!

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Yes had my life trashed by late on set asthma, key is getting the right antibiotics for chest infections. I was one the wrong one for 10 years.

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Hi I will be following this since I have been coughing for 15yrs and yes annoying and I don't like going to restrurants or movies because of it. Even makes it difficult to work

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I have very well controlled asthma. About 20 years ago I had bronchitis after which I had a continuous cough, just like you describe, for about 10 years. I had numerous courses of antibiotics but they did no good. The cough was very productive and like you if I talked a lot it would take over. Eventually I had a C T scan at Benenden Hospital. The consultant said I had actually had pneumonia but that the cause of my problems was sliding hiatus causing silent reflux. He gave me Omeprazole, which I still take, and the cough literally disappeared within a couple of weeks. Have you investigated this possibility?

Good lluck, a cough like that is exhausting and embarrassing.

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ru under care of consultant? If not, id ask to be referred.observe colour, texture+quantity of mucous.maybe worth keeping a diary of also get a specimen put in, + ask to see respiratory physio as theyre v gd at giving advice+coping strategies, diagnosing breathing pattern disorders etc. Are u on any inhalers or meds 4 chest? X

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