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Increasing tablets

After my latest blood test Wednesday the doctor called today and told me the immunologist said I have some sort of infection but don't want to give me any more antibiotics because I've had 3 lots he has upped my coedine to 60mg 4times daily and carry on oramorph also upped Mitrazapan to 45 mg and carry on with oramorph he can't give me a reason for the pain and neither any idea about sweats and chills disappointing have to go for chest X-ray in 2weeks also sending someone to talk about palative care cheers

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Bless you, not what you really wanted to hear. Xx


It sure isn't maybe won't bother with stairlift lol xx


Yes do look into a stairlift T2D, you're not going anywhere. Xxx


My question is not educated: When Doctors prescribe all different pills and liquids to cover pain - does any one look to the original cause of our ailments?


No that is a bone of contention with my husband and me of course he asked doctor yesterday why I hadn't had a scan


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