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How I feel

Just saying I have had Copd for over 8 yrs was told a couple of yrs ago I'd already lost a 3rd of my lungs but hay ho steal breathing lucky enough my oxygen gases is good they say but just said that this spout of infection ect has took me to a different level they said where likely this is how im gonna live for now not impressed as i would usually get on top and sort things out not 5his time and all started with flu 2 weeks ago I'm quite independent and when I gotta start relying on help and other people that don't suit me but at stage where to get to the toilet u gotta take your inhaler a shop 2 minutes away takes 15 mins a bus stop 10 mins away takes 20 or to go shopping ect and I t all began when I was 30 with an asma attack I'm nearly 52 now no immune system not happy neither as weaned my self off steroids ect only had them in bad spouts lost 2 stone in weight all for nothing as now all back on where I've hat to go back on regular just want 1 normal day so I can do all the things I need to do to think I was very fit once I had 7 kids got 30 grandchildren loved dancing now can't do these things annoying but when I read other stories on here to some I'm lucky still no sleep and peak flow 150 this morning good it was 140 last nite

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All docs have said is I got every thing I can have and eventually it will be the oxygen that's all I said


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