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How I Cope With Stress

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Like most of you on here, as conditions worsen, so does stress

Years ago I used to be a watercolour artist but then we had our youngest daughter late in life - I upped my earnings from my plant mail order by contracting my labour to a plant nursery.

The hours where so long in spring and early summer - No time to paint and I never really got back into the groove until....

Last year I started painting again, this time with acrylic, so glad I have, My stress levels seem to have been halved, when I am using a brush.

I am posting an example of what I paint - I rarely pain landscapes as I prefer to paint what is in my head. in other words Fantasy Art.

So this is an example of the kind on painting I do, I wish I could post more than one picture. Sorry for long post but I typed as I thought.

24 Replies
djbctla profile image

Beautiful I can see the water cascading down the hill. Bernardine.

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to djbctla

Thank you. yes water affects like that,

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Lovely. I am so glad you got your brushes out. It is a great way to relieve stress. And it doesn’t make us breathless. A huge bonus. I love acrylic.


Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to Katinka46

Spot on. in another world when painting

falcon68 profile image

Hi Ern007, l also started drawing and painting again after almost 30 years. Your painting is the colours. Yes it does relieve stress and helps us forget our illness for a time. I love to draw birds and dogs, cats and also landscapes. Continue to enjoy your art, it's a great escape for us with chronic illness.

Nula2 profile image

Lovely painting - thank you for sharing. I can't even draw a straight line 😅 but I am going to try it anyway to see if it helps me. xxxx

watergazer profile image

Super. Looks lovely. I have taken to doing jigsaws either on line or the real deal though my husband bought me one a few months ago and to my horror it’s The Cistern chapel so nearly all the colours and patterns are the same. Not sure whether it de stresses me or makes me more stressed! I have a friend who paints x. Hope to see more of your work x

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to watergazer

Thank you, I have tried jigsaws but some really are hard, I will post more x

Aingeful profile image

I joined a watercolour class just before lockdown.Its impossible to be stressed when you are painting.

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Ern007 in reply to Aingeful

Spot on Aingeful.. Watercolour I think is harder than acrylics, but more peaceful ...softer hues

CDPO16 profile image

I'm pleased for you Ern. To have something to ease stress related to illness is wonderful. Your painting is beautiful.

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to CDPO16

Thank you CDPO16....I am glad I started again,

MoyB profile image

When I retired I joined U3A and went to their water colour painting classes regularly. I enjoyed it so much and the two hours flew by! Unfortunately, my medical issues changed and I was unable to get to the classes. Then they stopped as the teacher retired. I allowed my U3A membership to lapse as my vertigo was so bad I couldn't go anywhere without my husband and also, couldn't concentrate on anything much.

Things have changed for the better regarding my vertigo which is currently in remission again (although I still spontaneously fall backwards every now and again) and I've resumed some hobbies and social activities. My paints are still in the loft and I'm spurred on by your post to ask my husband to get them down for me so that I can start again.

When I was still painting, I got the urge to try acrylics as had dabbled with oils in the past and thought it might be similar. Unfortunately, I wasn't very successful with them. I would love to have produced a result like yours!

Keep painting - and thanks for the inspiration! xx Moy

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to MoyB

Thank you. Acrylics are more forgiving than oils or watercoulour - a mistake unlike water can be painted over.

MoyB profile image
MoyB in reply to Ern007

👍❤️Xx Moy

madonbrew profile image

Wow that’s beautiful Ern! I love it! It reminds me of a bit of a tour I did in South Australia. We got to the end of our walk and there was a beautiful waterfall like that flowing down through the crevices of the rocks … I can’t remember where it was exactly now but thanks for sharing and triggering a lovely memory!

You’re very talented! I write a lot to relieve stress and play the piano.

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to madonbrew

Thank you, lovely post. Writing I tried when I was younger but, takes a lot of patience , just as arty as painting,

Jaybird19 profile image

And i have stopped painting since covid cut everything off for us, no contact with people at all and i have planned to paint a copy of my grandmothe r but bought some graphite watercolour pencils to try, but nothing more . No inspiration. Why ? Next week i will have my car again and can leave the house once again as i can walk again after my op in hospital a month ago has left me too weak to do much. And still trying to reduce all the paperwork i have collected over the years.

Trying to recapture life before covid when it was suddenly cut off is not easy.

knitter profile image
knitter in reply to Jaybird19

hi jaybird , I can sympathise … last art class was March 2020 just as Covid came …..and now it’s disbanded . The same with my yoga and woman’s group.

I sorted some of my art stuff out and a lot went to the charity shop, I still have my watercolour crayons but not touched them since 2020 .

Seem to spend my time at hospital appointments .

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to Jaybird19

I wish you heaps of luck, COVID restrictions made us all depressed, I was to have an op 3rd October, had to cancel I GOT COVID even with the shots, horrid disease/

Nicholatracy profile image

lovely, you have a lot of talent 🐞

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to Nicholatracy

Thank you for your kind reply

Homely2 profile image

I find drawing really useful when in hospital. When you are feeling better, but cannot do anything.

I can do chairs, beds and water jugs quite well now. However I have lots more trouble with some of the bits of medical equipment.

The other good thing is that the nurses have a ready supply of biros and paper.

It also works when you have just done too much and need to stop yourself doing some more.

When I have the drawing sorted then I will try painting, but this might be a bit messier and therefore less popular.

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to Homely2

Sorry for late reply, thought comments had ended, I agree over drawing - I am in hospital 30th November for a Cystoscopy and I take my sketch pad - I won't I hope be in long but I don't sleep in hospital, I use laptop or sketch through the night, was not that good but am improving, painting is easier than drawing.

Painting can be messy but I have an angel for a wife thank god,.

You don't need paints to create - You can use soft pastels or oil pastels , oil are harder but not as dusty.

Coloured Pencils are now quite popular and I have seen some good artwork, being a person who draws, that might appeal to you,

Thank's for reply and good luck and hope you keep creating.

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