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Antibiotics again

Have asthma (mostly under control) and bronchiectasis (which seems to be in control - instead of me!)

Had September of work steroids and cipro for a fortnight, went back this month at reduced hours third week reached 35 hours now ill again. Sputum pot done , docs surgery phoned @ 6pm yesterday, I need to take amoxicillan and clarithromycin for a week. Too tired to question why - does anyone have any answers please.

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The trouble with having to work when you have with bronchiectasis is the number of bugs you are exposed to all the time. Whatever bugs showed up in your sputum test will indicate which ABs you need to take. My respiratory nurse, who is a nurse-prescriber, says that people with bronchiectasis need two weeks ABs, not just one. But maybe taking two ABs at the same time would have the same effect. Give your surgery a call if you're concerned, hoping2improve. And hope you do :)


Thank you O2Trees. I'll be calling the surgery monday

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Obviously your immune system can't deal with the bug even with the help of Steroids so the professionals have hit it hard with a broad spectrum drug plus extra help from clarithromycin; seems to be the thinking to me

Let's be positive and say you'll very soon feel much better.


Thank you Patriciapotts, so far holding off steroids - Peak Flows holding.

I like the positive thoughts too


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