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Long term antibiotics

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When I have a chest infection which is often I get amoxicillin for 7 days and procyclodine for 5 days feel ok but as soon as they finish I'm as bad as ever. Few weeks ago doc gave me doxycycline for 2 weeks must admit the 2nd week I felt great no coughing up green or yellow sputum (hardly coughing at all). They finished on the wednesday and by Friday I was just as bad as I was before the antibiotics. Is anyone on antibiotics on a lower dose but 3 times weekly? Do they help keep infection down and make breathing easier?. I have a dac appointment next week and was going to ask about long term antibiotics as i feel much better on them.feel alive when I'm on them feel terrible when I'm not. I have emphysema and breathing is really hard get out of breath so easily .just wondered if this would help me lead a nearer normal life.

29 Replies
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Hi Santap, my hubby Pete has azithromycin three times a week because of chest infections. He does very well on it and it has certainly helped. Be aware that azithromycin doesn’t suit everyone so do speak to your doctor about it. Pete has COPD too but chronic bronchitis. Xxx

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It's worth asking and ask if yr antibiotic courses can be extended. Do u do lung clearance.if not,u need to get any mucous in lungs up

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Consultant put me on a antibiotic 3 times a week since last August. I have to change to a different antibiotic when I get a chest infection. When finished I go back to 3 days a week.

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Hi speak to your consultant at the hispital and enquiry bout having IV antibodics instead of oral .I havr asthma and bronchestiesra and abiut twi e a year i havd to have IV cause my oral antiboducs dont dobthe job

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Hi Santap I'm on the same antibiotics as Sassys husband Pete but im on one daily I've emphysema and the antibiotics help me alot .

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Santap in reply to Danielmystar

I'm hoping it can help me feel better too.x

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Danielmystar in reply to Santap

Hopefully it will do x

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I take 500mg azithromycin three times a week (the higher dose because it’s supposed to help asthma, which I also have) for several years. Before starting this, I was having chest infections every few weeks. Since starting it, I have only had one infection, and that was when it was stopped for 4 months, when my lung consultant said ‘people don’t get chest infections in the summer.’ I did! Since then I haven’t had one infection!

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Santap in reply to helenlw7

Thank you that sounds just like me

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Izb1 in reply to helenlw7

What a stupid thing for your lung consultant to say. I have had plenty of infections in the summer x

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Good day if you have the simtoms of copd / or under the same umberlla a doctor / consutant can not cure your illness / you will be back wards / forwards to doctors hospital all they can do is give you drugs the control things that what you have to do i tryed my self plus if your male there no help i find that there is only so much they can do a woman can demand better than a man / ghoust rider

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As I understand it Azith 3 times a week is prescribed to keep you healthy once you are healthy. I wonder if you have been prescribed the right antibiotic for your bug. Have you had a sputum test to find out exactly what is going on and show which strong drug is needed to knock out the germs completely? Ask your consultant about that, as well as going on Azith.

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Santap in reply to Alberta56

Thank you.

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Hi Santap, I have bronciactsis and asthma, when you get a infection you should send in a sputum sample to make shore you are on the correct meds. My consultant says you need a minimum of 14 day with an infection to get it under control. My rescue back is co-amoxiclave 14 day and at the startcand end I am told to take a sputem sample in to check all is OK. Prednisolone and amoxacilin don't work for me. Good luck, tare care and say safe.

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Santap in reply to Egpa

Thank you

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I was having constant chest infections. As soon as I stopped the antibiotics the infection was straight back. I started Azithromycin in September three times a week. I take at night on an empty stomach. They have been amazing. I have had no infections since. I'm getting a life back.

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Santap in reply to Annierpan

That's what I want to achieve

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Hi I'm on azithromycin one Mon wed n fri I felt they helped at the beginning but still had infection sometime on them

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What's most important I think is that you have right AB to kill off the particular bug that has invaded you. So this requires a sputum test. I used have loads of chest infections (18 in 2017), but none since eradicating black mould in our home in April 2018.

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I'm on the maintenance dose of azithromycin, 250 three times a week. No side effects that have bothered me.

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The surgeon in ent put me on 6 weeks course of a low dose of Doxycycline after having alot of sinus infections, that really helped me x

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I have COPD/Asthma of some 30 odd years standing and have had yellow/green sputum for many many years. I was told "it's probably the colour for you". Unfortunately like most of us as we are not qualified doctors or nurses we accept a - what we layman would call - a "Qualified answer" - we hope.

Even mentioned it to my chest consultant (first and only one I have seen in 30 odd years- medicine has moved on since then hasn't it- or has it?) and got no response. I too felt better on antibiotic - when I took them for 7 days because of chest infection sputum was clear - when not taking them back to yellow/green. Nobody was listening.

I hopefully am about to have an op on my hip and I mentioned it to the Pre-op Team. I am now doing a sputum test (after all these years, but have another few days to wait for result)

Maybe it is a bacterial infection who knows. Fingers crossed for a result at long last someone listened even if it is nothing to worry about I will feel better knowing.


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poppyshola in reply to Bardear

I've never heard of that 'maybe it's your color' usually if your sputum is turning green it's an infection in my experience ... some consultants are very belittling and make you feel like you're making a fuss over nothing ... take no notice of that.. if you want answers make sure you get them .. he should answer and explain your requests as to why things are happening... So ask your GP for a sputum test becUse you think your infection is back and your results won't lie..

I'm with the Royal Papworth Hospital and they are brilliant ... all consultants actually listen to the patient and trust your word.

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Bardear in reply to poppyshola

thankyou for your reply. only a few more days to wait and by then the sputum result should be back from the lab xxxx

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I am on Azrithromicin 3 times a week - I was getting infections every few weeks, it was terrible. I have only had a couple since being on them. My specialist also told me to go off them in the summer as I wouldn’t get infections then! Of course I used to get them all year round, it’s odd how they don’t understand that. Good luck, hope you can get started on them.

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Santap in reply to Onionman

Thank you.x

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Hi Santap, if the Consultant will prescribe Azithromycin, go for it. I hope they help you lead a better life as they have for me. Good luck and takecare, Maximonkey

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Santap in reply to Maximonkey

Thank you.x

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My husband has bronchiectasis and emphysema and has taken doxycycline every day for at least 20 years. When Azithromycin came along he switched over. The azithro did not control his infections so he went back to Doxy. He is 78, is very severe, but does whatever he can manage. (He has just hung the washing out in the garden)He used to worry about taking so many antibiotics but his doctor said it was the lesser of two evils, and so it has seemed. Although deteriorating, he has kept out of hospital. As a rescue when he has an exacerbation he doubles up the Doxy.

Best to have a long chat to your consultant rather than the doctor, from our experience.

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