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IVs rather than oral antibiotics.

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Good morning fellow stoics.Is there any one this supportive group who has bronchiectasis and has got to the stage where oral antibiotics are no longer effective? In December my Consultant decided I now needed IV ceftazadine at home for two weeks. I am already on nebulised tobramycin. She is treating me for the dreaded pseudomonas.I must admit that this turn of events isn’t a good sign and I can become quite depressed about my future. Normally I cope well with the disease but now feel I have little control and am at sea..Thank you for reading this. Best wishes Marlybee.

10 Replies
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your consultant is on top of the game. Having IV is an effective way of dealing with the boglet pseudomonas and lots of bronchs do it. Hopefully, hitting it on the head like this will give you longer betweem exacerbations. Don’t forget that a major part of keeping the bug out is getting it out, scrupulously, every day. You will be in charge because you will be doing your IVs yourself instead of sitting pointlessly in hospital waiting for nurses to come and do it for you. Good luck, I hope that you get on with it ok.

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Thank you Littlepom.Idomychestphysioeverydayusinganaerobikaafternebulisingnormalsalineandhypertonicsaline.MyConsultantatQEHinBrumisexcellentandshehaskeptmegoingformanyyears.AftertheivsIfeelsomuchbetterandreallydidn’treallyrealisehowpoorlyIwasbefore.Justhopeitlasts.Hopeyouarewell.Bestwishes.Marlybee.Psthespacebuttonisn’tworkingonthissightformeSorry

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Good luck in getting rid of the beastly bug. xxx

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Hope this works for you and you get free of the dreaded bug. I am sure you will feel alot better once these kick in x

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Yep you have to get the pseudomonas numbers down so the nebulised antibiotics can work. It’s a bit daunting to start but preferable to a hospital stay. You should have the support of specialist nurses if not there’s plenty of people on here that have done it. 🤗

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I was put on iv antibiotics about 10 years ago as like yourself orals became ineffective. I now have a portacath fitted and specialist nurses visit me at home to administer the ivs. Struggling at the minute to keep the pseudomonas down but just have to keep battling on. It would be helpful if I could tolerate the nebulised antibiotics but they have a negative impact on my asthma and I was told that not everyone can tolerate them so I'm just down to the ivs which means I do have nurses coming in every few weeks to give me 14 day courses just to try and keep the pseudonomas at bay.

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BEaChbe4cH in reply to Blue58

very reassuring blue to hear you’re still doing well after ten years Must admit after eradicating pseudomonas failed and now on lifetime nebulised Colomycin I thought my condition would deteriorate more rapidly. Am fine with antibiotic Cipro three times since. More short of breath and daily green sputum but still walking around five miles slowly with my lovely friends. So feeling good despite still pseudomonas still.. .Hope this helps. O a tip that has worked for me

Taking a cocodamol before walking really helps with awful chest pain.My consultant supports this

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I too became unresponsive to antibiotics was given ivs 1 week hospital stay then had a pic line put in and went daily for 1 week later, sorted my pseudomonas out good style, its been 3 years since treatment good luck 🍀

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Hi Tinker, thankyou for your emcouraging reply .Glad it had a long term positive effect.Best wishes Marlybee.

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