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Finished the antibiotic course 15 days ago for pseudomonas colonization in lungs. Now fever has come up again

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I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis around a month ago with pseudomonas. My doc had prescribed me ceftazidime IV along with ciprofloxacin for 14 days

I got really better after completing the antibiotic course but from today I am getting a fever of about 100.3•Fahrenheit at 6 hours interval along with ribs pain and severe muscle ache. I am so much worried. Scheduled an appointment tommorow.

Is it possible to get an exacerbation this quick. Or might it be the weather changes that made me sick?

10 Replies
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it could be that coincidentally you have caught a virus after completing the abs, which were a pretty powerful combination. The symptoms sound more like that than pseudomonas. It's a good thing that you are seeing the doc tomorrow. Let us know how you go on.

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Hello sufferer,

I don't know it might be exacerbation or maybe you have something viral. In any case it is excellent that you have an appointment tomorrow. Hopefully they will get to the bottom of it. I'm sorry you are so ill. Fevers are no joke. Please keep us posted and take care of yourself. Best wishes to you. xx ❤️👋🙂

Hope you feel better very soon.
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Daisyrob in reply to Caspiana

Hi Caspiana

Having had bronchiectasis and pseudomonas for several years what works for me is nebulised Colomycin x 2 per day and saline x4 day. Hope you get it under control soon

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Caspiana in reply to Daisyrob

Hello Daisy, post this post is not mine I think you meant your reply to be for Warrior4104 . xx 😃👋

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I think it COULD be that something is still festering in your lungs that didn't quite get seen off by the antibiotics, but it could also be plain bad luck that something different has hit you now.

Take a sputum sample to the Doc so it can go off for testing.

I hope you soon feel better. 100.3 temp isn't too bad, but still higher than it should be and can make you feel pretty rough. Paracetamol might help.

Keep us posted.

xx Moy

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Warrior4104 in reply to MoyB


My doc said that it is not possible for pseudomonas to exacerbate this frequent. However he ordered a sputum culture (as you’ve said). He added that a low grade fever is not a cause for concern.

When I told about light green sputum after deep coughing, he prescribed me levofloxacin 500 along with routined asthma medication + paracetamol in case of fever and advised me to make a ‘fever record’ in which I shall record the temperature everytime I feel feverish.

Now what, a little wait until sputum culture comes back. I just wish its not that pseudomonas again!

Thanks a lot for your and Littlepom’s and caspiana’s advises. Will keep y’all updated.


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I hope the new antibiotics do the trick! It's good that you're getting your sputum tested.

xx Moy

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Warrior4104 in reply to MoyB

Thanks 😊

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Aw... Sorry to hear that. 11years ago when first diagnosed with bronchiectasis I kept getting repeated infections.... Haemophilus influenza. Had about 6 courses of antibiotics, one after the other & then was put on azithromycin, initially 1 tablet daily but then 1 tablet, 3x weekly.

This helped considerably, much fewer infections. Also importantly lung clearance twice daily with carbocysteine & 7%salt nebuliser. Good luck!

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Hope this is sorted out soon Best wishes xxx

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