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Hello all 🙂 some of advice please . I’ve been taking azithromycin 250mg, 3 times a week since December. I’ve been prescribed Co Amoxicillin for a mild chest infection, but i forget to ask the Dr whether I should still take the Azithromycin as usual or stop until I’ve completed the Co Amoxicillin. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Steve

14 Replies
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I was advised to stop the azithromycin whilst taking antibiotics for exacerbation, also I would say that at times of hospital attention I have been told co amoxicillin is next to useless.

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teddyd in reply to Lol1944

I have always been told to stop azithromycin what ever other antibiotics I have been prescribed. Pharmacist or call GP to clarify what is best for you. I hope you are feeling better soon.

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I’ve just asked Pete and he says he carries on with Azithromycin unless taking Ciprofloxacin for a chest infection. Pete has taken Coamoxicillin in the past but not for chest infection. Xxx

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Suggest you speak to your pharmacist who will be best placed to advise on medications.

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As Bevvy says is best.i m on daily azithromycin twice a day.i used to take both these+ other rescue antibiotic but was too harsh on stomach,so i now stop the azithromycin til course is finished

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Hi I take them every day but my doctor told me to stop when taking other antibiotics but I was in hospital last November they had me still taking them daily along with other antibiotics but i would at chemist or doctors .

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Hi Steve I did stop azithromycin originally but since then I take both due to being getting pneumonia twice and doctors said fine to continue azithromycin while having a 7 day course.

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Keep taking the Azithro. My wife has just had an eye op and took Amoxicillin for 5 days before and 3 days following the op as well as the Azithro. Azithro works not only as an antibiotic but also anti-inflammatory. Eye op looks to be a success and breathing getting better with her 3x per week physio. Good luck, take care, Chris.

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My consultant tells me always to continue even when on othe antibiotics. 👍

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I was advised by my Respiratory team to stop the Azithromycin when on emergency antibiotics dont need both xxSheila 💕

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Hi Steve I was told by my GP to continue to take Azithromycin when on any other antibiotic. I mentioned this at my consultant's appointment and she said that I should definitely stop taking the Azithromycin. She wrote to the GP to tell them that this is the case. I hope that you feel better soon. best wishes. Pat.

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And I was told to stop! 🤷 😂 I think a call to the pharmacy or doctors is in order ! xx

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Hello Steve. I think we are all pretty well versed in our medication and what to take and not to take but we have no idea what anyone else should be doing. I would advise contacting your chemists. I think this is case by case. Best wishes. 🙂👋

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I was told to stop the azithromycin while on other antibiotics

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