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Hi everyone..hope u had a good Sunday.

I've had a cough all week but not a bad one and felt a bit breathless but put that down to the warm weather. Today I went to see my mum, was going to the loo before going home, as I got 3 steps up my brother was at the top he said "are u ok?" yeah I'll be OK in a minute...I got to the top and WOLLOP !!! I couldn't get my breath, I didn't panic I just tried to slow it down, purse my lips blah blah but after maybe 5 mins I managed to mouth AMBULANCE as my family had never seen me have an attack like this and didn't have a clue what to do....they were saying "please use your inhaler" but when you are at that stage it's just not possible is it. I could hear my poor mum and niece crying and kept saying "just try your inhaler PLEASE" Anyway the response team arrived and obviously got me the oxygen and everything else I needed then too me to A&E where I spent 5hrs having stuff pumped into me along with tests. luckily it's just a chest infection and I've got Co-amoxiclav and prednisone. ....which I know I need but they give me terrible cramp. So my lesson learnt is not to ignore the smallest/weakest of coughs, I'd rather go to the docs to be told "you are fine" than go through that again. It's only the 2nd time that's happened but bloody hell it's too scary 😢😢

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Sorry that you had such a bad attack and thank goodness for your family and the medical help you were given.

Remember to keep a check on your breathing today, the medication will soon have an effect , but don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Do you have a spacer to use with your inhaler, sometimes that can make it easier to use.

Have you been asked to contact your GP or nurse for a check up and advice.

Take care.

alvorite in reply to knitter

I didn't remember but my mum said the response team said to go back to my doctor

Hope you will soon feel better. Rest up till you do. Take care Joyce

Take care alvorite and get well soon after your scare. Xxx

I am glad things are better now.

I had a similar experience a few weeks back and I too was absolutely terrified so was my partner. This was the first time for me I was so panicked I didn't know what to do I honestly thought I was going to die. blowing into a brown paper bag worked once I had managed to calmdown. I too will not hesitate going to my GP with the slightest cough in future. Hope you're over the exacerbation now. Take care.

Hi Alvorite, Sounds scary! What stage copd are you? Glad all turned out well for you.😊 Did you ever manage to quit smoking? I know you were worried about your breathing getting worse, when you quit. Take care, Rubyxx 😊

I once had a similar experience due to a lung infection, coxidiosis, if the spelling is right. Was around 35yrs old. Nearly caused me to quit smoking. How stupid was I?

Sounds like you're on the right track now, hope it never happens again.

alvorite in reply to Bwebb

Thank you....never heard of coxidiosis

Bwebb in reply to alvorite

May not have spelled it right. Infection from breathing dust from raising birds. I was incubating quail eggs and got very sick. Could not walk 50 feet on a flat surface. Had been a smoker for a long time so it made it even worse. Enough of me, hope you get relief as much as is possible. These folks here are a tremendous help to me even as I read their comments to others.

Thank you everyone...yes I'm just resting today, I feel ok as they pumped me with intravenous antibiotics and had 3 I think nebulisers but I'm not gonna push it. Yes I stopped smoking in Feb this year. patiwati I was past the stage of helping myself I asked the ambulance team and they said it wouldn't have got any better and after 5 mins I should ring an ambulance only oxygen etc brings you back from what feels like the brink of death 😢

Glad to hear you are on the mend. I must admit I am guilty of leaving things until they get worse, I hate taking anti robotics as they all make me feel so ill.


What a frightening time for you and for any one having to watch you struggle for breath. In future - start on your rescue pack or straight to the surgery - a cough is a signal to you. When our lungs are weakened we have to take extra special care. I'm glad you are fine now, but in future don't just think it will wear off. I wish you well, and have a good week now.


alvorite in reply to Hidden

thank you Jennifer I will....but I don't ave a rescue pack but gonna mention it wen I go for hopefully a stringer inhaler

That must have been scary Alvorite - glad you're feeling better. Good lesson for all of us not to ignore signs of possible infections.

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