First time out for 2 weeks

Hi i actually got out of the bungalow i have had a horrible  virus and chest infection it has knocked me for 10. I have done  nothing over  Easter Holls .My Best Friend and my trusty side kick Tades and I went to raid argos for a new tin opener then we went to cause  some Havoc at Starbucks..we had a great time but it had exhausted me right  out as soon as we got home i wanted to go to bed.i am glad we went..I am glad i have tomorrow to recover before i have to take Tades to the vets. was lovely to see the sun but not the rain ☺

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  • Glad you are feeling better and got out.

  • Good morning Tadie,

    I hope today finds you much improved.  There has certainly been something really nasty going around over the Easter period.  Sleep is a great healer when we have a lung problem.  I have a picture in my mind's eye of havoc in a coffee shop....wondering what would be the worse you could do with coffee grounds......

    Is Tades a dog or a cat? I have not heard the name before so I looked it up and had quite a surprise when I discovered all the different meanings....

    Hoping you have a good day today and also that all goes well at your Vets tomorrow.:-)


  • Hi Jennifer I doubt whether she would take her cat to Argos and Starbucks !  So I guess Tades is a dog,  lol x

  • Hello  Bev,

    Must be an animal if she is taking it to the Vet.....come on Tadie and put us out of our misery :-)

  • Ha ha she also said Tades went with her to Argos and Starbucks.   I doubt she would take a cat with her!    I know it's late but do pay attention please.. lol.  Bev  xx

  • Listen to me Bev................... - I said animal - if you read my reply properly - where in there can you see the word cat? Could be a donkey or a gorilla for all I know...have you actually looked up the word Tades... do it and tell me what you think? You are correct - it is late but I am not asleep, unlike you who seem to be dozing......


  • Ha ha point taken Jennifer!   You didn't mention a cat... I can just see a gorilla or donkey in Argos!   I bet you £100 Tades is a dog - ok?  lol  xx

  • Hello Bev - if you googled the name you will see it is also the name of a boy child - or not nice this one - slang for a piece of crack cocaine.

    heh heh......I won't take you up on your offer - I only bet on certainties and I am uncertain.....


  • Oooer I didn't know that!   Well I guess Tades is a boy child addicted to cocaine.  Maybe that's why she is taking him to the vets?  Ha ha.  Bev x

  • Bev - you are being silly now....heh heh....

  • Yep ha ha.  x

  • You definitely aren't ready to be let out yet....bell, book or donkey.


  • I would say it was a dog too. One of the best dogs you can get a working dog. As they are the only one that are aloud in cafes. That's my view 

  • I still think a donkey is a possibility....I've never seen a sign on a shop door to say that donkeys are not allowed.

  • I thought working dogs were quiet in cafes - not loud?  ha ha.  x

  • Sorry spelling mistake allowed ha ha. X

  • Tee hee xx

  • It is good to get out and l am pleased you enjoyed it. Take it easy today and hope you feel better. Xxx 

  • Its lovely when you can get out I'm hoping to try to have gentle walk today   Thinking the fresh air may help a bit xx

  • Pleased to hear that at least you've managed some fresh air , ,,,,hope you continue to improve ,

  • I'm so glad to see others know how it feels when you don't feel up to going out when I manage a couple of hours out it really helps but do get the exhausted feeling you mention but others don't understand and simply say "you need to get out more " like we don't make an effort 'if only they understood '.

  • good news! you sound as though you had a lovely time xx

  • Glad you had a good day out at last xx

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