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Possible Electricity Black Outs this Winter in the UK

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Good afternoon everyone,

As well as all the rising fuel cost can I please ask what people have in place that need to use cpap and Nivi machines everyday/night? Just in the worst case event that there possibly may need to be Electricity Black-Outs anytime this winter?

I am already listed with my electric and gas supplier as a vulnerable person as having to need electricity daily for my Oxygen Generator and my Cpap/Nivi breathing machine. Would I need to purchase a generator of some kind to power these when the electricity is off?

Has anyone had to do this already or in the past? I am simply trying to plan in advance. Hopefully the black outs will not happen and we will all be fine.

As always I look forward to your responses.

Kind regards everyone.


23 Replies
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Sorry I can't help Joseph but I do hope that it's the press scaremongering and that it doesn't become reality. If you are registered with your supplier as an essential user I would have thought that they would have to cater for your needs. I know that there are battery operated generators but know nothing more about them.

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Bevvy in reply to CDPO16

I think potentially difficulty for companies to know which essential /vulnerable people need to take priority! For example whilst I have medications in fridge and due to physical disabilities am classed as vulnerable and on list (rang them to double check this today) I wouldn’t be in such need as Joseph. They actually had me down as having a heart condition so had to rectify that!!

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CDPO16 in reply to Bevvy

That's true Bevvy. I am registered but the utility companies don't have any details of my medical history.

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Joseph260268 in reply to Bevvy

Thank you

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poppyshola in reply to Bevvy

I don't think it's for the energy companies to assess who needs the energy most, for them the responsibility is just to inform the persons that have registered as vulnerable, then the responsibility lies with the patient to contact the hospital consultants dealing with them for advice or solutions

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Bevvy in reply to poppyshola

I wouldn’t expect energy companies to make judgement calls. I was just pointing out that some priority people are higher than others. It would make sense for those people entirely reliant on (especially) electricity to look in to options as to how to cope should power be off.

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I wonder if the ALUK helpline could offer some advice .Open again on Monday on 0300 222 5800.

Emergency oxygen cylinder maybe ?

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Joseph260268 in reply to knitter

Thank you. I have large emergency cylinders for my 02. I am just thinking about powering op my C-Pap machine that needs electric.

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During the rolling blackouts back in the seventies, in my area, the local ice-cream vans had a place in keeping the home dialysis machines going (or at least that was what we were told).

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Hi Joseph, we had a power cut last year and I’m also registered with the utility company for being vulnerable on BiPAP and oxygen, but they never really helped me out, I bought a battery back up for my BiPAP I bought this hope2sleep.co.uk/atom-batte...

Depending on the pressure for your CPAP and if you use a humidifier attached to your CPAP, the battery should last a full night with a humidifier or a couple of nights without humidifier, the humidifier drains the battery excessively,

If you use the battery through the DC socket, rather than the AC socket that will extend the battery life, there is a guide on the Hope2Sleep listing above which gives you the approximate running times for the battery.

As for your oxygen requirements, I have my emergency cylinder in my bedroom, which I can just attach to my BiPAP tubing to the oxygen cylinder instead of the Oxygen Concentrator.

I hope I have been some help.


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Joseph260268 in reply to Ian1967

Thank you so much.

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noraskye in reply to Ian1967

I've got the Atom battery too from.Hopetosleep. Works well. And also.large cylinder of oxygen supplied by. Dolby Vivisol for such emergencies.

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Good morning matey ghoust rider here i am on a ebuliser to in this country to i have server copd/ with asma i told my power supply but look like ther nothing i can do i have try hospitals / local chemist & got in touch with 999 if they could help i cant give that answer as i am looking my self Ghoust rider

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Joseph260268 in reply to ghousrider

Thank you.

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On planned black outs.. The government would be putting in emergency measures via local authorities. For unplanned , I’d advise you to register with your local Social Work Department who will have. Register of vulnerable people in their catchment area and whom will be able to proassistance.

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Joseph260268 in reply to Maggie_Mae

Thank you. I have already done that and again they suggested purchasing a small generator to power up C-Pap and Nivi Breathing machines that need to be on overnight.

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ghousrider in reply to Maggie_Mae

good day this is first i heard about this i have got a welfare wright officer i will get in touch with her thanks Ghoust rider

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Maggie_Mae in reply to ghousrider

Yes it’s a good idea… although I will stress at the moment plans will just be getting drawn up .. please still phone though bring your situation to forefront again

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There is nothing wrong with preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. I think Ian1967 suggestion for a battery is a good option. We had a power cut here a couple of years ago and it was a nightmare just for the normal things like lights/radio etc. The first night was horrid just a couple of candles , which you couldnt read by and so quiet I went to bed early. My daughter sent me a couple of really bright lights and a box of batteries, bless her. I wouldnt be without something in the house now x

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I don't know the answer to your question, but I do know how emergency electrical services can work. During the first lockdown my husband was concerned that out elecrtic power was fluctuating. He called the Electricity Company - and we are on their vulnerable list - and they came out very promptly. It turned out to be a major problem with one of their cables. They worked through the night to fix it and had to bring out a generator. They do have them and we were checked for what we needed. I would imagine the problem with a local are blackout would be the number available. Maybe you could write to the Elecricity company and ask for information about what to do / who to contact if the circumstances arise.

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Joseph260268 in reply to strongmouse

Thank you.

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Hello i can understand you worrying about a Power cut . I have a resmed steller 100 ventilator i have to use at night ,mine has a DC Socket for 24 volts so i have got 2 x 12v lorry batterys conneckted in series under my bed ,i always keep them charged just in case of an emergency. I have tried it out and it lasts for about a week before it needs recharging. Most cpap's run on 12 volts DC and have a Socket behind them ,you must make sure you have the polarity the right way otherwise you will damage the machine ,any Television engineer or Electrician will make up a cable for you .Forget about using a generator it is far too noisy and would use far too much fuel, a cpap does not draw Lot of current anyway batterys will be fine i have got 2x 12v 100 ah but you wont need them as big as that it's just i had these ones spare in my Keller. I dont think there will be any Power cuts, but you never can tell. As for my oxygen i have got an inogen one g2 i got on Ebay quite cheap with spare batterys that i would use in an emergency. I hope this was helpful all the best Frank.

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Joseph260268 in reply to Guitarman230

Thank you so much for your reply.

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