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My First Shopping Trip

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Well, my mobility scooter let me do my first supermarket shopping trip! Was so lovely to browse for stuff, vs looking at it on a computer screen.

I also bought a peak flow meter, so I could test my lung function out, and to my suprise, its scored 500-600, which is really good for me!! I'm very tall, so have quite a big lung capacity!

Antihistamines seem to be keeping my hay fever at bay (never had it before now!!)

The last puzzle is to get my legs working, muscles are still quite weak, despite exercise.

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Good news and especially nice to get out and about. Hope you keep improving and enjoying life. Take care xxx💕

Well done. I am impressed. And so good to get out, doing normal stuff.Xx

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Great news hope you get your legs working soon. Have a great weekend and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

Wow nats, that is fantastic you could do some shopping! I know how good it is to get out and about! Hope your legs will get stronger in the near future! Wonder if leg massages would help you?❤️

Amazing how well you are doing, what a nice thing it is to actually go to the shops.

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blackbird65 in reply to B0xermad

Can you get hydro therpy.I had six sessions at local hospital.Refered by gp.I have leg and back acute pain all the time.pain killers don't work.try if you can good health.x

Speaking to my GP today, I do not get pain in my legs, they just get very weak if I walk on them too long!

I’m happy that you’re enjoying the freedom of your mobility scooter. I completely understand the freedom of escaping the online food shop. It has its place, especially during the height of Covid, and also for heavy items, but it completely gets rid of a bit of impulsiveness!

Sounds like you're getting out there and getting better. I hope you'll be able to walk without getting tired and enjoy life more. I commend you on fighting and getting stronger.🤍

That's good news. Just wish your legs would hurry up and get better. xxx

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