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A week without antibiotics, first time since September! and first day of Spring.

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I’m happy today, and my diary tells me first day of spring. Looking forward to going out when car serviced. Thinking about all lovely places would like to go. Happy spring to everyone x

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And a happy Spring day to you Jean. The sun is shining here as I write to you. I'm due to play the piano at a church service at 10 am today and looking forward to the sun shining in on the congregation! The last hymn today will be Amazing Grace and I will be thinking of you as I play. When I'm home later on I shall begin to write up the story of Come Back to Sorrento as I played that song at a London Railway Station (St. Pancras) last November. It was a planned surprise for someone arriving from Italy!

Enjoy the day. David X

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Morrison10 in reply to Greenthorn

Good morning David. Look forward to hearing story of Sorrento. In early 1960s went on coach tour of Italy, flew to Venice, and then down to end, inc Sorrento. Tour was amazing, open air opera in Rome, and again at Roman baths at Padua, sat on cushion on steps, with candles lit as Verdi music started, and live horses on stage. Happy memories. Jean x

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Greenthorn in reply to Morrison10

Wow, that trip sounds absolutely magical, especially Verdi and the horses. I've been to Venice, and Florence , but never to the south. But I make up for it by visits to Italian restaurants here in London.😜

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Morrison10 in reply to Greenthorn

Yes coach trip only cost little more than staying in uk, decided that warm air and sun would be good for my health and lungs. Learning about food interesting, asked for toast on a menu and it came covered with melted cheese. Also found that when looking in markets was expected to haggle, sometimes no price shown on things like handbags! Was shocked driving through docks area of Naples, people were living in cardboard sheds, or whatever they could find. Jean x

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Happy Spring to you too 🤗

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Happy Spring Jean. Enjoy your day. Xxx👍❤️

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That’s great x

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The same to you Morrison 10 have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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A Happy Spring to you too, Jean. So pleased to hear you have had a week free of AB's and long may it continue. Have a great time on your travels and get back to us with your adventures. Take care, Carol xxx

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Hi Morrison 10 - hope the weather keeps fine for you and your car service goes well.I'm a little jealous - I have not been out since September when at 85 years old I applied to renew my 3year licence. To date I have not had a squeak from them - unable to talk to them - sent emails and replied they would let me know ASAP- checked on their site and I am told pending ........?

According to TV news staff were all sent home to work and they hope to have reduced the backlog by June.......?

Hope you have better luck when your renewal comes up.

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Morrison10 in reply to Albertisadog1991

Hi, how frustrating not getting your license renewed, hope get it before June! Renewed mine on line last April, lasts until April 2024. New licence came by post very quickly, don’t know what’s slowed them up. My car service and MOT not till 29 March. Very useful mechanic lives locally, collects car evening before, leaves his car here, so driving to his garage hopefully can identify what’s needed, and usually get it back next evening.

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Albertisadog1991 in reply to Morrison10

Yes - also applied online - got a quick robot response - then ???Hope they are back to work for your next renewal 2024...🙏🏼

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Morrison10 in reply to Albertisadog1991

It’s disgraceful, contact your MP? Good luck.Jeanx

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Jaybird19 in reply to Albertisadog1991

I think half the country is waiting for licence

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So pleased you have had a week free from antibiotics Jean and a Happy Spring to you. I love the spring, its a lovely time of year although hard work, it is so rewarding. Enjoy the sunny day x

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Happy spring Jean!! We had wonderful weather last week. Now it is freezing again. I am most aggrieved. But i know it is temporary. Enjoy your day out. xx 🌿🌸🍀🌸🌿🍀

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Enjoy the sunshine. Only One pr0blem - had to fill up all the water bottles I keep for all my flower pots outside .they are nearly all sprouting leaves n this warmth , only hope we dont get frosted now

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