My turn in A&E again!!

Had another very sore throat again after a week of visiting our son in his positive pressure room? I kept away as before so I do not infect him while he is so vulnerable from the high Chemo he has had.

This time it did not get better but went into my chest and and I was getting very SOB with a cough. My wife was I thought a little over concerned with how I was and wanted to call a doctor on Saturday but I said I will be aright? Early Sunday morning I was very SOB and sweating so she called the GP Practice to get a message stating I need to call 111 first? When she got though I was struggling to talk so she went though the symptoms and was asked to check around my chest and back for high temperatures in different places. I got enough breath back to speak to them and took on the call and explained the pain in my back and chest and SOB. They told me to use my nitrate spray as it may be my heart issues? So 2 sprays under the tongue to be told they have called for an ambulance to come to me to asses me!

It was not to many minutes and they were knocking on the door to look me over. They checked O2 88% and then the temperature which was 39.9 c ! They said it is a very good idea to go to A&E as it looks like I have a raging infection that needs looking at quickly especially with my history.

Off in the ambulance I go with the wife following in the car it was a cold morning so was helping my fever. Once I was seated in the main bedded area I was called to a bay and told to get into bed so they could do some more tests. They wired me up with heart and O2 monitor and then a senior nurse came and tried to put a canula in my right hand but my skin was like "Rino skin" and the veins though nice and proud were meandering to much to get it in? So on to the left hand not a major problem once they straighten up another vein, a bag of antibiotics was attached based on my paramedics notes and what I was showing when I arrived. Doctor came looked at my monitor and I was put on O2 2 ltr. I had quite a number of blood tests tests taken. Then The Doctor came back and checked me all over to ask for an xray which was done without me having to leave my bed.

It was not to long before my temperature went to a normal'ish level and with the O2 I was showing 95%. They had quite a debate over my xray and called someone on the phone with regards the results they had plus xray. When the Doctor came back he said I am taking the O2 off now but you do have a very bad infection and the 2 lots of Antibiotics we are going to give are the strongest we dare for now. But keep an eye on your Warfarin levels as it can upset them. By this time of being off the O2 I had dropped to 88% so he asked if he could do a Atrial test. They hurt but I was feeling so lousy I did not care that much. He asked what O2 I was on at home and when I explained I cannot get it he said I need to be assessed?

The AB are the biggest tablets I have ever had one is 625mg 3 times a day the other 500mg twice a day and take some swallowing. They were right about the warfarin as when I bought up gunk it was red so went to GP who explained that it is not good but as long as I feel a better each day it should be ok. He did say that the hospital has confirmed that the fact I have crap lungs and with this infection was the reason for the strength of the AB but it could still get to be a problem? He will not put me in for O2 assessment as he needs to see the CO2 results first?

So feeling up to posting but not much else now did not think typing this would make me so knackered now :(

Be Well

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  • Wishing you a speedy recovery xxxx

  • Thank you

  • Hope you soon start feeling bit better. Take care.

    jan x

  • I hope it does not last much longer but the wife is now going down with something :(

  • hope your feeling better soon :-)

  • Thanks

  • Wishing you speedy recovery fella .. Defo is pits

  • Thanks m8

  • It never rains......

    You have had enough drama lately. I hope this is over with soon. xx

  • Yep it just seems to pour at the moment

  • What a terrible time you are having. I hope since the docs have given you so many tests & abs that it won't be long before you feel a bit better.

    Thinking of you & your family 🌷

  • I keep being told by the hospital Docs they are not happy with breathing but my practice base it on a peak flow which is no use with RLD and an at rest finger meter.

    PR have stated that they will not take me because I am exercise intolerant?

  • Sorry you are feeling so poorly, lets hope these antis get working on you very soon.

    take care

    polly xx

  • I am still feeling rough but I do think it is improving?

  • Sorry that you are so unwell. Hope the ABs work quickly. Take care xx

  • They seem to be going in the right way it is when they finish and it is still lingering? But PMA :)

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery Offcut, at least they seem to be sorting it out for you xx

  • Thank you. Yes they do even called the next day to see if I was okay?

  • Poor old all sounded pretty grim...hope you're on the mend.

    Never heard of a high pressure room before...that sounds horrible but if it helps your son to recover, suppose needs must.

    You take care xxxx

  • Positive pressure is simple way of moving airborne germs. My sons and other treatment rooms has the most pressure and then the ward is slightly lower and then the door to the outside world is normal air pressure. So it effectively moves all the bugs away to the outside. When they are neutropenic sepsis they can be floored with the silliest of bugs that do not normally affect them.

    I am still wiped out but it does seem better.

  • Thank you...I'd never heard of it before. Continue to feel better and I do hope your son soon begins to improve.

  • Until he has a marrow transplant it will be chemo and platelets and blood so he is ready for the transplant which he does not have a donor for yet. But they are looking so time and good luck is what we have now.

  • Hope you feel better soon. You certainly have a lot on your plate Offcut.

    love cx

  • Always seems to happen at once?

  • hope you soon recover , you certainly don't have an easy time of it do you , take care

  • It seems to come on from not bad to "Oh Dear!"

  • Oh dall, so sorry to hear ur not well, hope u have a speedy recovery xx Sonia xx

  • Thanks

  • Sounds like u have a lot going on , get better soon, o think you need oxygen, I was in hops for a week and they sent me home with it , resting oxygen is 93% moving is 88% - 84% 😐

  • That is me normally I can go done to 79% just going up stairs some days. But my GP look at my at rest and do not think it is that bad. Pulmonary Rehab have stated I am exercise intolerant and refused me in their class as they said it would do me more harm than good?

  • Do hope you all have a speedy recovery,what a time of it,you've all had! Must be better days around the corner for you,xxx

  • Has to be but trying to keep the PMA :)

  • So sorry Offcut, too many problems at the same time, always really hard.

    Hope the ABs do their job asap, and that your son goes on as well as possible.

    All best wishes, xx

  • The ABs are so strong they are probably making me feel rough but I am shifting so much now I hope that is a good thing?

  • Yeah, you can feel dreadful on ABs. If the shift you feel is for the better, then surely that must be a good thing. Keep fingers crossed :)

  • Hi Offcut sounds like your wife did the right thing so sorry to hear you have a chest infection and I hope you will feel the benefit of the antibiotic soon. How is your son doing

  • Thank you, My Son is now waiting on a donor so it will be chemo treatment until they find one I am afraid :(

  • Sorry to hear your not feeling great right now, those infections sure play havoc when they take a hold, so all I can do is wish you a speedy recovery back to your usual self. rest, take care and relax. You need all your strength to support your son. Best Wishes

  • Thank you he is feeling it a little at the moment.

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery Offcut. Take care and you be well. xxx

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