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Catch My Breath does it again!

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Our mascot racer, Catch My Breath, did it again at Lingfield today, coming tenth out of a field of 11 after the usual slow start from the stalls. Still manages a lot better than I would.

Couldn't quite find Mike's favourite image, so have used this one instead as CMB is also a grey. Maybe time for her to find another job?

20 Replies
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Its lovely to have the racing news a.d I love the photo. Mike would be so pleased that our little club is still going. Thank you so much for sharing, have a lovely evening and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻💖

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Thank you for that Ergendl. I expect Mike’s looking down and laughing.

The image is great. Xxx

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Brilliant! 😂😂😂

Thanks for finding this. I’m still so sad about Mike & miss him so much. It seems bonkers when we never met. But he was such a good, kind man, and always lifted my spirits with his hilarious comments. I loved how caring he was about JerryMaren and her sisters after Anne died. Does anyone know how Charlotte & the girls are?

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Izb1 in reply to

I feel the same Hanne., Mike was such a wit and so kind. Why dont you send a private message to Charlotte and ask her how the girls are doing, I am sure she will be thrilled x

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Thanks so much, Ergendl! So great to see Mike ‘back’….he’d really really approve. He used to say that if he could bring a smile to folks like him with dodgy lungs, his day’s work was done!

I think he brought us all so many smiles….so quiet without him….thanks, Mike, rest in peace. Hope you’ve cornered a gin and orange for bedtimes!! ❤️🤷‍♀️ xxx

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Lol i love Horses like this 11th is better than last

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Great photo and good to know that CMB is still on (her somewhat dubious) form! 😊

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The post made me catch my breath when i saw it, but thinking of Mike I am sure he would have wanted things to continue, thanks Ergendl x

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I remember Mike with such affection, even though as others have said, we never met beyond the confines of this forum. My husband, the master gambler of the house, keeps checking the racing forms for me and brings our favourite runners to my attention. When I post about them, I do it fondly, hoping to keep Mike's memory alive.

While our other mascots seem to have moved on to other pursuits, Catch My Breath still runs regularly, probably so that her owners can enjoy a day out with the special privileges in the owners pavilion. It certainly can't be for their winnings! :)

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I think Mike was a 'one of a kind' sort of bloke with such a wicked sense of humour! I miss him a lot too. The banter between him and Don was always fun (well, usually fun - an occasional spat, perhaps) and I guess Don must miss that too.

It's good to know that CMB is still running. I only discovered that it was a real live horse a few months before Mike died. Until then, I thought the horses were a figment of his wonderful imagination (I wouldn't have put it past him! Lol!).

Love the photo - where on earth did you find it?

xx Moy

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Ergendl in reply to MoyB

I have a subscription for Canva for the artwork I use in publishing my books. To make the image, I created a new document, went to Photos and searched for 'cat on a horse'. I'd come across the one Mike used on there some time ago, but couldn't find it this time. Perhaps that is fitting, as my posts are only a shadow in comparison with his.

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MoyB in reply to Ergendl

It's amazing what the internet can come up with! What sort of books do you write? xx Moy

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Ergendl in reply to MoyB

Thanks for asking. Mainly adventure novels with a bit of depth. At the moment I'm writing the final battle scene finale of a medieval mystery, third in series. Have also published a poetry book, and a teddy bears book for little children helping to raise funds for a local charity.

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MoyB in reply to Ergendl

Wow! That's impressive! I hope they sell well for you. I always feel a bit guilty that I only read books that have been given to me as a rule and rarely buy them. Can't beat a nice brand new one, though, can you?

Good luck with your writing - hope you are pleased with the latest one when it's finished.

Xx Moy

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Ergendl in reply to MoyB


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thanks ergendi. Great image too. Xx

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Thank you for posting about CMB! Poor girl, she does try! I still often think of Skis and Scruffs. Mike had such a wry sense of humor and his postings and musings were so much fun.

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Thank you for reminding us of old friends, Mike gave us some jolly racing afternoons. Wonder if there are any racecourses up above. Well, if not hope Mike can see your photo Ergendl, enjoy the rest of your day.

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we lĺ. done that brought back memories !

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