does anyone know or have information

I have been prescibed spiiva respimat inhaler2.5mcg/actuation 2puffs once a day. The drug stores have all said I'm the first person they have filled it for.They had to order it.So far none of them sound like they know anything about this inhaler. So I'm nervous about using it.I have used spiriva handihaler 18mcg capsules one a day in the past befre I was put on tudorza 400mcg per actuation 1 inhalaation twice a day and I inhale it count to ten or more and have to exhale it out of my nose. I still wheeze on and off. The new spiriva respimat would be only once a day which would be better. Just not sure about the spray and I'm not sure about the amount of the medication ingredation change and it being a spray. Also has anyone heard about the stem cell being used to fix peoplees lungs. I read it would come from your own body.

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  • It seems that tiotropium in solution differs in bioavailability from tiotropium as dry powder. That is, 5 mcg as liquid spray provides the same level of bronchodilation as 18 mcg as dry powder:

  • I've been on Spiriva Respimat for about a year now and it's been a huge help to me in coping with breathlessness. No side effects or problems with it so far. Hope it's helpful to you too.

  • I have been on spiriva at least 3 years with no problems

  • I have just had my meds changed i was on Spiriva for about a year but found it very difficult to take when I was really breathless so they changed me to Spiriva { mist} I have found it suits me

  • Hi I am prescribed the Spiriva tablet but it just seems to make me more breathless so I don't use it. Would the mist be better? x

  • I changed from the handihaler to respimat, and I much prefer it. Its a spray, and not given out by a lot of doctors as its more expensive, but it does help a little in not making you mouth so dry all the time ( which is why I changed)

    Give it a try , you might prefer it

    Love Sohara

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