Experimentation time!

Ok since every time. I go to the A&E and some genius puts those finger probe thingys on my fingers and declares"there you go 96per cent!"O2 your not short of breath,you just feel that...then I say "yeah but that probe does not tell you really my blood O2,I mean i could have more carbon dixode or monoxcide or whatever(feel like screaming)then sometimes they agree and do arterial blood gases,(from the wrist ouch!) and yes its low,then despite feeling short if breath,I feel yes i prooved it now where is my oxigen?Nope despite being 8.86 PCO2 they still kick me out!.with a note to the "CHEST TEAM"..which continues a cycle of CPEX tests,MRI,CT,ECHO etc.now ive taken matters into my own hands and since I cannot get an oxygen tank(only doctors can perscribe it)Ive decided to move my bed near to my balcony put a wooly hat on and sleep sideways so my head is actually stuck out in the air(just hope pigeons dont poop on my head).So if your walking around SOHO London and you see a red christmas hat sticking out from a roof,dont think its an early decoration,its me trying to breath...

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  • Desperate measures....red wooly Xmas hat and head on the balcony!

    What you describe ...having ok SATS and still being breathless seems to be very common...I asked a nurse why it was happening to me but she didn't know. There have been posts on this site about it too.

    Have you tried the pursed lip breathing technique...you can find it on You tube...breathe in gently through your nose and then gently out from your mouth with pursed lips for a longer time. Repeat a few times.

    You may also be hyperventilating...make sure you breathe gently in through your nose only, to warm and filter the air. Try not to upper chest breathe, breathe into your belly gently with a relaxed diaphragm. Again You tube show belly breathing. ...low and slow. You are ok to lay on your back , I think, so try to relax and slow gentle belly breathe for 10minutes or so before you go to sleep.

    Always try to breathe gently through your nose., I was always a mouth breather and I still find myself doing it without thinking .

    Sorry for the long post.....sleep well...hope no pigeons about.

  • Hi knitter just say he's got blocked nose lol ;)

  • Hahaha

  • Hope your well dennis?

  • Hi daz.....ca try unblocking nose....breathe out gently through your nose, then pinch your nose , hold breath a few seconds....then breathe gently in through nose. Repeat a few times ....but gently!

  • Carbon monoxide molecules, even in a small amount, can attach to the patient's hemoglobin replacing oxygen molecules. A pulse oximeter cannot distinguish the differences and the reading will show the total saturation level of oxygen and carbon monoxide. If 15% of hemoglobin has carbon monoxide and 80% has oxygen, the reading would be 95%.

    This can be dangerous. A pulse oximeter should not be used on people with smoke inhalation, carbon monoxide poisoning, and heavy cigarette smoking.

  • Or known lung disease.

  • 03000 030 555

    I know your worried John but i think scaring yourself isnt helping....why dont you give the blf nurses a call and see if they can offer some suggestions

  • Defo agree with others TAD extreme even tho i agree about sats.

  • Lol!

  • Dont work and im freezing!

  • blf.org.uk/Page/Oxygen-therapy ,,, if your worried as i think you are ,, give them a call,,

  • Hi, I'm having the opposite problem, I'm not short of breath, my peak flow is 450-530 but my sats are between 88-92.

    some nurses & doctors at the clinic don't seem bothered, but a new doctor at my GP surgery is very concerned and having test done to find the cause.

    Anyone else on here having the same problems?

  • Is that your sats sitting up or laying down?.well im

    Not a doctor but the next thing im doing is walking a lot in the fresh air and eating a totally plant based diet.no milk eggs meat etc.not saying you are overwieght but IF you are lose the extra weight asap.you will lose wieght and protect yourself from a lot of dieseases by eating all plant based food.look up the evidence like the Kempner diet.it may really surprise you that in 1939 they had a diet that cure high blood pressure!before that folk just died.

    Look up the kempner rice diet.

  • Hi Mortal,have you done a pulmonary rehab yet,really good for learning breathing techniques and lots of factual information.I just started my second one and just chatting to folk in the same boat helps.Good luck,with the pigeons,I hear they,re quite posh in Soho and only poop on the best,lol.D. 👀

  • I'm the same ,fed up with them,6 min walk....all lies...they never test me,if I could walk for 6 bloody mins I would not need the bloody oxygen. NHS cuts,also they have their meter 4 digits higher than hospitals and home,.

  • When I go for tests, I love watching the looks on their faces when they try to put one of those "thingys" on my finger! I have very long fingernails (always have had) and they kinda stand there going "Oh!" and looking all flummoxed - until I point out that they can put it on my toe instead! lol. :-D

  • Lol!!!!

  • I too have had years of listening to doctors. For me the problem seems to be in the stomach region. There are times when my stomach seems rock hard and my lungs have no space to move (or so it seems) and those are the times I feel very short of breath. So....as an experiment, try messaging and relaxing your stomach and see if your notice improvement.

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