Morning every body ;)

Right that's all the veg ready and the lottery ticket checked and I still remain a poor old pensioner but a happy one as I am still writing to you cheerful lot (smile please). Weather what can I say here in Devon or my part anyway its dull still cold and a grey sky, but who knows what it will be like when the sun wakes up.

This chap went to the hospital for emergency medical treatment for two very badly burnt ears. The doctor asked how did that happen. The man said "The wife was ironing and I was watching football on the TV, she went to the kitchen and the phone rang, and I picked up the iron instead of the receiver." Yes but what happened to the other ear said the doctor. "As soon as I put the iron down the same chap rang back again."

A doctor was walking down the corridor when rushing towards him was Mother Angelica saying her rosary very loudly. His friend a psychotherapist came around the corner next and he asked him whats with Mother Angelica she just went out reading her rosary as if there is no tomorrow. "Aw I just told her she was pregnant" "My God is she really"?

"No of course she's not but it cured her hiccups !"

Have a lovely Easter Sunday every one and keep those smiles going.

XXXXFred :) ;)

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  • Good ones Fred 😁 Enjoy your day with all your girls. Will Bella be joining you?

    What are you having good to eat?😊😅

    Love RUBYXX 😊

  • Bella will be there sitting under the table hoping, we are having lovely leg of lamb well seasoned with fresh herbs and some mint. Have a good day Ruby xxx :)

  • Lol...good jokes to start the day Fred. We have glorious bright sunshine here this morning, it's really beautiful. I'm off out in a moment to meet Mum, Dad and my niece Ellie in Costa's. Have a lovely day Fred :-) xxx

  • That's good being able to have a cuppa with your mum dad and your lovely little niece, we also have a Costa in our town, enjoy your time with them Lyn. Please to say the sky is now clearing and its starting to brighten so maybe its leaking through from Wales. See you on the boat later then we can all play around :) (on the river) with our Poo sticks. xxxx:) ;)

  • Lol...looking forward to it Fred :-) xxx

  • Giggling now very good,lived the iron joke,must pass on,lol

  • Hi Glenice pleased it got a giggle out of you, have a good weekend, the sun has just shown its face could be a lovely day xx Fred :)

  • It is starting to brighten up here in Leicestershire,so fingers crossed for a nice day.

  • Ha, Happy Easter Fred, have a great day and hope the meal goes well! Xx

  • Thanks Sheila you have a good one as well xxx :)

  • Happy Easter Day Fred! Bit cloudy here but looking forward to a fun day with family. Lots of love, Carole xxxx

  • Carole I hope you are having a fun day, but its just nice at times to have them around isnt it. xxx:) Love Fred

  • Happy Easter Fred, sun still not shining here but a little warmer so it is getting better.

    I had a lie in this morning so only just getting breakfast, we are having chicken today because our beef was missing from the Tesco delivery, driver said they had run out, it won't be the same but am still grateful for it we are lucky.

    Have a lovely day with your family

    polly xx

  • You would have thought Tesco had sent you some fillet steak or simular to make up for it, but a well cook chicken can be rather nice polly, take it steady.

    Love Fred xxx:)

  • Good Morning Fred😀 loved this mornings funnies, hope you have a lovely day with your family, I slammed the lamb in early this morning..smells great 😋 Happy Easter, hugs huff xxxxx

  • Agree the lamb smell is drifting around this house as well, just waiting on the girls to arrive, then out in the garden before the sun sets, but I will be the watcher. :) Hugs back to you huff xxx :)

  • " Happy Easter!!

    Happy Easter to everyone .... And you Fred you have a lovely happy Day.. i too checked my lottery ticket.. .. I loved your jokes..never heard one them before now..hehehe.. Hoping your Easter is a lovely one.. the weather here in Birmingham is nice and the sun is out i will be hoping to spend as much time out in the garden with Nell and Noah as possible ... And have a lovely day with your family Fred... behave yourself too.....xx Megan.."

  • Come on now Megan make up your mind first you say enjoy yourself, then you tell me to behave, I really don't know which to do :) Yes get out in the garden love the sun will do all three of you good. Enjoy the weather speak again soon. xxx Fred :)

  • " Awe Fred......Silly me ay!... Hehehe!.... Shhhhhhhhh!... What i should have said to you was......Enjoy your self.....right;).... But!!...... Be careful......hehehe!!.....Megan..xx "

  • Thanks Megan I am always careful, because as they say if you can not be good be careful. You did make me laugh though. xxxx :) ;)

  • Happy happy Easter Fred. Enjoy the company of your lovely family. Love Suzyxxx

  • Thank you (I nearly put sexy) instead of Suzy lol :) anyway that's another story isnt it.

    Suns out here and hope its shining on you as well, keep smiling speak later, xxx ;) ;)

  • Hi Fred,loved the iron one,never heard that before.

    Enjoy that lovely meal,it's goodnight from me,enjoy your day. xxx

  • Cheers Wendells have a good sleep down there, sweet dreams. xxx:)

  • Morning Fred, Hope your Sunday went well, In the South East we had a mild sunny day,today looks like being the same, Liked the cure for hiccups,Regards, Bulpit

  • We have a lovely morning here now sun shining still a bit chilly, Hope it gets warmer for you. xx :)

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