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Coughing up clear balls of mucus every morning

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I haven’t actually been fully diagnosed with bronchiectasis by CT scan yet but my doctor is almost certain it’s what I’m suffering with!

I’ve been struggling with chronic cough for almost 3yrs now.

I cough up mucus EVERY day - when I catch a common cold I cough for 18-20hrs a day and rattle with chest infections. When I’m well I still cough for 3-4hrs a day - mainly first thing in the morning when I wake.

The second i go from horizontal (even though I sleep slightly upright) to vertical I struggle to breath and cough up lumps and lumps of clear jelly and round balls! Does everyone else suffer with this?

Thank you

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Coughing up balls of mucus is common to many lung diseases.

There are ways to help with this.

Firstly make sure you drink plenty of fluid. Decaff tea and coffee are better than normal tea and coffee as they don't draw fluid away from your body tissue. Small amounts of fruit juice helps especially pineapple.

Avoid excessive amounts of salt or added sugar in your food.

These things don't stop the mucus but they turn it from hard to shift balls into easy to shift dead jelly fish like slime.

Keep active, even though you may get breathless. This can be gentle activity but as much as you are comfortable with.

Ask your doctor about pulmonary rehab. You learn a lot there.

Ask your doctor about the active breathing cycle. (or look up lung clearance on you tube)

Although you need to cough the muck out you need respite for a bit so use cough sweets now and then.

Please keep on seeing your doctor for help.

Don't just google odd sites, look at The British Lung Foundation site. Order their free leaflets. They do a really informative booklet about bronchiectasis.

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Saurabh2727 in reply to wheezyof

Hey wheezy I have been suffering this since last year and it is uncomfortable to breath what should I do

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wheezyof in reply to Saurabh2727

Follow all the hints and tips on here and most important, contact your health care team xx

Bhai help me.. I too have same

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Rab08 in reply to Sidhardha

Please what do you mean with Bhai ?

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Sidhardha in reply to Rab08

Wahi same coughing clear drops of mucus bhai

Hi Coughdrop2019 and welcome. I have bronchiectasis and I do bring up mucus but for me its never clear just constant yellowish/green. Maybe others may have this but I don't but doesn't mean you can't.

I hope you are waiting to be referred to a specialist but if not insist your GP refers you.

Keep us posted of your progression.

Hi and welcome

Following your ct scan you might want to make sure your GP refers you to a respirtory consultant, and if bronchiectasis is diagnosed you would be advised to make sure your consultant has a specia interest in cf/bronchiectasis. Consultant should refer you to a respiratory physiotherapist who will teach you the best method of lung cleaarance to suit you. Once you have lung clearance sessions (which you will have to do yourself) then you shoud cough less the rest of the time.

Good uck



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Pazpeach12 in reply to vittorio

Hello my mother is suffering the same for 7 years now - did you get a diagnosis?

Hello coughdrop2019,

I want to know what is the diagnosis of your problem, because I am also sufering from same problem since 4 yrs ,is u problem diagnosed? U got treated?? Please do reply me .....plz plz ..

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Mygirl80 in reply to Sin101

I have the same problem. Are you a former smoker?

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Sidhardha in reply to Mygirl80

😞😞u got cured ?

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Pazpeach12 in reply to Sin101

Anyone get a diagnosis or help with this?

I do my phone is gonna die so I'll come back to this but I have been doing this for 7 years now

U got cured , 🥴?

Lately I can’t even sleep throughout the night. I will fall asleep and it wakes me up in the middle of the night. I either gasp for air and spend the next hour or two clearing my lungs out coughing up balls and strings of mucus.

My mucus ranges in consistency and textures. Sometimes thick, thin, stringy, balls, mixed, and it’s always clear. Sometimes it’s hard to expel, other times it’s like it tries to eject itself and to go along with, I constantly have post nasal drainage. It’s so damn annoying. And I constantly worry if it could be life threatening especially how it wakes me up out of my sleep some nights. Every morning I have to spend some time coughing us stuff and clearing out sticky mucus from my throat.

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Kcswed in reply to Mygirl80

I go through this everyday all day guys & i smoke cannabis & i occasionally smoke cigarettes ( used to smoke alot ) this has been happening to me for about 5 years now honestly what do we think will happen smoking

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AM23 in reply to Mygirl80

Exactly the same thing has been going on with me. The consistency can change but the mornings usually a lot more and more of a thick gel like consistency. I also suffer with post nasal drip. It's driving me nuts.

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Barbsmagic in reply to Mygirl80

This sounds exactly what is happening to me. Have you been diagnosed or take treatments? I am anxious to know because this has only started in the 6 months for me but it is not going away.

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Mwah1989 in reply to Mygirl80

My symptoms are the exact same as yours, I had a operation on my nose 2 years ago due to rhinitis I couldn’t breathe through my nose, ever since I can breath better but my throat has been sooo sore, I’ve used every think to shift it but the pain just won’t go. The pain is on one side of my tonsil and I can see a blood red sore going down the side of my throat, the doctor thinks the soreness is due to post nasal drip but I’m not convinced, I constantly feel somethings tricking down the back of my throat, I’m constantly having to try cough Up what Evers there. The same as you my mucus is different in consistency but I have to clear it all in the morning or I can’t breath properly. Did you end up getting a diagnosis?

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Sidhardha in reply to Mygirl80

Anyone diagnosed 😞? Help me

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Pazpeach12 in reply to Mygirl80

Anyone get diagnosed?

1- Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide. (buy a small battery powered nebulizer from Amazon)

2- One tea spoon of Arm & Hammer baking soda with 0.5 liter of water and some lemon juice morning & night.

3- Hot tea: Wasabi powder, turmeric, Manuka Honey (830) & a dash of black pepper few times a day.

4- 15 minutes hot bath soak with 3 cups of Arm & Hammer baking soda. Let the bath water get into your ears as for few minutes by sinking your ears below water level.

5- Breath in and apply a strong outward pressure on your lungs while holding your breath as long as you can, then huff and cough as much as you can.

6- Stand upside down for few minutes (however you can either full body or half body).

7- Deep massage the your neck and shoulders with an handheld electronic massager.

8- Get 15 to minutes everyday in direct sunlight

9-If you can swim in sea water for as long as possible

10- Do not stress. Only true generous giving onto others shall reduce your stress

Hello I am currently suffering with the exact same thing and I’m really struggling daily, is there anything I could do that might help. Please let me know

Do you still have this? I have it too and no one can find out what it is. They sent mine to two different pathology labs and neither can determine what it is.

Omg I’m in need of help from you, did what you brought up from coughing looked like this? But like sometimes bigger?

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Perspi in reply to Beyza525

Hey There! I have the exact same thing! Do you have allergies by chance? Or are you a smoker? My doctor told me this was caused by Asthma, and I’m irritating it with my allergies along with smoking.

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1lung in reply to Beyza525

Hi there everyone! I also cough up those little balls usually multiple. It’s strange looking but beats the thick yellow stuff! I also has septum surgery & post nasal drip. I’m going to the pulmonary doctor in 2 weeks she’s wonderful I’ll bring it up & find out what it is.

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Ducatimycati in reply to 1lung

Hi there. Did you find out what it was? The phlegm balls we all have. Thanks

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Tpwl66 in reply to Beyza525

Hi, I came on here looking for a cause of lung crackles I’ve had for three years now when I inhale, I cough a little muscles up, & it’s like little mucus balls exactly like in the above photo, the crackles stop me from sleeping as I hear the noise every single night, & cough up these little balls in the morning, I’ve never smoked in my life either just haven’t a clue what’s wrong with me

I have had this for 2 years I work at a lobster plant and think it's from the bad air quality maybe? What did work to get rid of this?? Thank you

Clear mucus
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Meww in reply to Clearjellymucus

Omg I have been thinking I’m the only person in the whole world with this weird thing! I’m so happy to find you people! But I hope I can get rid of it because the coughing is annoying my whole family


every figure it out? I cough this crap up all the time

Did you every find an answer? I have the same thing. It started in the fall of 2019 and doctors can’t determine what it is.

Gel like substance that makes me cough it up.

I’ve never had an answer, I’m 5yrs into this and some days are worse than others. It’s always clear though so guessing that shows no infection. Although I find taking antihistamine helps with the mucus. I’ve kind of just lived with it! It’s become part of me. And as it’s productive with mucus it’s been easy to determine it’s just “me” than worries of a Covid cough it’s completely different- any helps to those living with though would be appreciated

every figure it out? I have the same exact thing

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Hubby_2104 in reply to Beyza525

I also had the same. My dr said to inhale budecort .5mg with duolin .5mg through nebulizer at the same instant. He also suggested to take an antibiotic with allegra 120 mg. He also asked to inhale mucolytic agent like mucyst(either ampoules or respules) .

I am not a doctor but having same problem. I am feeling better right now. He also added to avoid sour and cold foods

Hope it helps

What it is ???

I have carefully read all of the post and replies. I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose but having lived with bronchiectasis all of my life ( I am 70) Your symptoms are not typical of that condition. The mucus in bronch is generally very different to what you and others on the thread describe. It is usually coloured and varies from pale yellow to dark green and the consistency from watery to a thick custard depending on whether an exacerbation ( increased levels of bacteria) is going on or whether it is just the day to day mucus which collects in the damaged areas of lungs and airways. It is a complex condition and needs specialist care and a strict programme of self management.

Bronchiectasis comes about usually as a result of many infections, childhood whooping cough, pneumonia or lifetime asthma.

It is not caused by smoking but can develop as a result of copd in the lungs, which is most usually caused by smoking.I suggest that you push for an earlier appointment both for a ct scan and a respiratory consultant so that you can have a proper diagnosis and learn to manage your condition.

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JustMe1986 in reply to Littlepom

Does this happen to look like bronchostasis? I have a couple more pictures I will post for you to see.

Coughed up from my lungs
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Littlepom in reply to JustMe1986

I'm sorry, I can't answer your questions by looking at the mucus. You need to take it up with your consultant or GP as there are other tests which need to be done to determine what you have.

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JustMe1986 in reply to Littlepom

Here's one of my bad days.

Another sample this has been happening for about 7 years almost everyday
JustMe1986 profile image
JustMe1986 in reply to Littlepom

This stuff comes up everyday the sample actually isn't really that bad compared to some I've had.

A sample of a normal day for me.
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JustMe1986 in reply to Littlepom

This literally took weeks for me to be able to cough up almost passed out because it felt like it was stuck and I couldn't breathe.

One of my really bad days.
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Yobroski in reply to JustMe1986

Do you smoke weed or did you smoke weed? Looks like tar

Just wanted to mention to any women here wondering what’s wrong with them that chest and asthma issues are a major sign of Breast Implant Illness in case any of you have implants.

This crossed my mind, but I’m sure there are some men in here too.

Hello, I am new here. I am so glad I stumbled onto this group! About 5 years ago I noticed I was short of breathe going up stairs and at the same time my stomach would bloat to make me look about 6 months pregnant. It was like the air that was supposed to go into my lungs was going to my stomach. Then I started having coughing fits until I spit up those small clear balls that you all are talking about. This condition has become worse over time. Last year I got walking pneumonia and had no real symptoms.. a year later they could see on the X-ray where the pneumonia was as there was evidence of a small collapse (pretty common)I finally told my dr we needed to dig further into this as it is consuming me daily. I had a CTscan done about 1 week ago and it was abnormal. I have enlarged lymph nodes in or around my lungs (wasn’t clear on this) they have calcium on them. They have a preliminary diagnosis of sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease. I have a biopsy scheduled for 9/15/21 they incise the soft part of your neck and stick a camera down to your chest under your breastbone to take part of a lymph node out. Here is the unsettling part…. I had saline filled silicone breast implants done in 1998, deep in my heart I am 100% convinced that they have caused this. It is tragic that I have lost 5 years of my quality of life to some vanity issues earlier on in life. Can anyone relate or have a similar story? I would appreciate any feedback that any of you can offer. Thank you in advance!

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Frag156 in reply to Missbrenda21

Please keep us updated. Thank you

Hi I used to cough up these small white jelly balls. It was when I smoked. Stopped smoking 11 years ago and no sign of them since😁

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Frag156 in reply to Catladyfluff

Do you had same kind of jelly coming out ?? What you did to get rid of it?

Hello! Could you treat your problem ? I wonder how, if yes? I have it for more than 1 year now. My gp said I must check my stomach.

I had two endoscopies and colonoscopies. No sign of them there. Only in my lungs. They fill up your lungs and make it hard to breathe. I’ve never smoked, or vaped. They are leaning towards parasites, but I’m not sure.

I haven't been to d doc w d small velký balls.. but traveled extensively and leaning towards parasites my self..

I've been coughing it up for yrs . Smoke some but not crazy.. but also sufer w cholinergic urticaria.. heat/cold allergy.. and skin is related to lungs in alternative medicine.. what seemed to help was winter by a tropical sea.. and ayurvedic 3month course of krumina.. which is actually an antiparasitic..

But not available where i am .. and no travel w Cov era.. so it's been more bothersome lately..

For me I used an inhaler Asthma inhaler and it relieves the shortness of breath. But I have these hard jelly balls. I don't know I have them because I use Xylometazoline nasel drops.

Anyone got the reason for this jelly balls ?? I am coughing these balls for a year now. It makes annoying sounds in chest until I cough it up and coughing it, is not easy. I do have to clear my throat regularly throughout the day and I am sure it is just because of these balls. anyone find any clue of what it is or how to treat it please do share. Thank you

Thank god I found this post, I'm one of you guys... I'm not a smoker but I used to smoke cannabis, ironically I never had this back then... this started as a persistent cough that I thought was from a cold/throat infection that just didn't got completely cured but and it kept on going and I now always feel like something is stuck beneath my vocal chords exactly on the trachea area, Im always coughing it out but I can never get it out, it seems like if it's all in there stuck, then sometimes I suddenly I feel something in my nose and when I blow out there it goes, it's been lots of times now, it comes out clean without any wet mucous or anything else just one or two transparent gel-like balls, very thick but not so sticky to skin or wet... it feels like those sticky monsters toys kids play with that stick on things, I can pass it to other fingers without it dissolving, it always has one little bubble inside, it's kind of hard to press it and dissolve it, its very gel/jelly like but resistant to dissolving... I wish I could find out what this is!! my coughing annoys my girlfriend a lot and its very uncomfortable for me too...

transparend ball of mucous

I’m allergic to cats and I’ve rescued one a 1.5 month ago. After a couple of days I started dry coughing and felt metallic smell from lungs. After 5 days, my bf and me got Indian covid symptoms. After the major illness was gone, the sore throat and coughing gel balls stayed.

So, i was on my period + cat + Covid, which all caused this. I hope that changing flat and staying away from cat for a while would help. Feels like my throat is damaged and it doesn’t regenerate

Phlegm balls

I have the same thing. It is Ascariasis, round intestinal worm. What im doing to clean my body of ALL parasites (adults and eggs):

Take Castor oil 30-50ml, warm it up just a little bit and add 50ml of fresh squeezed orange juice. Heat will help it mix. Then chase it with 50ml fresh squeezed orange juice. Do that couple times before bed every other day.

After day two of second Castor oil intake, take 2 tablespoons (freshly grounded everyday) of flaxseed and 1 teaspoon of the clove also freshly grounded separately on an empty stomach in the morning. Do that for 3 days and 3 days off, for one month. Amd you will be free of any parasites in your body.

How did you find out it was Ascariasis?

Hi I'm new here and I have the clear sticky jelly like balls as well. I was diagnosed in 2018 with COPD by a lung specialist with a CT scan and lung compassity testing. I had a bad flare up that caused me to call 911 and I was hospitalized for a week, that's when I found all that out. It's under control at the moment and I haven't had a flare up that bad since. Although it took me a long time to just recover from it (almost a year). But I still cough up those jelly like balls. It's from having some kind of chronic lung condition or disease.

Im so glad i found this, i have been having this issue for about a year, maybe a little over. Im a chronic cannabis smoker, preferably dans. And ever since it started in bath searching but never found anything. This is exactly what ive been dealing with, just like the photos too. I wonder if we are the first to develop this 👀 A little scary to think about. I hope we find answers

I’m wondering Same thing this is kinda odd. I have exact problem. My mucus/phlegm is never consistent. Sometimes it’s really thick and sticky, sometimes it’s little balls, sometimes I feel it in my nose and throat and will blowMy nose really hard it coughing doesn’t get it out and that seems to do the trick. Mornings are horrible and when smoking cannabis I start coughing as usual and spitting at the same time.

I’m so stuck and lost as to wondering if it’s the smoking or not because this all started about 6 months ago and I have been smoking since I was 16-17 so that’s a decade ago now so the only way smoking can cause this is if these new med clinics that dispute this legalized good stuff is now tampering with the “natural” stuff we smoke. Cause this seriously never happen ended before and we all seem to be writing within months of one another so I think it’s something deeper and that’s why doctors have no direct answer for us except to blame it on smoking of course.

I have gone through the most traumatic experience dealing with the exact same thing. And I believe that it is connected to mold spores in the air. My place was tested and the air spores in my room came back at 1,500,000 per cubic meter. I have also been coughing up blood and feel like the mucus is stuck in between my throat and nose. I would wake up at night with no ability to breathe to the point that my body would make me gag because it was suffocating from the mucus and the tight chest.

I urge you all to get a legitimate mold specialist to check where you live because it may be causing you to be sick. There was mold inside my bed frame and I became extremely sick and lost like 8lbs in 2 months which is a lot for a girl that is 5’1 and then 100lbs. Now fighting to keep at 94 or higher. The mold exposure absolutely destroyed my body and I have health issues that I will live with forever because of it.

Please take care of yourselves and look into the places you’re living. If you see water damage, be concerned and ask for it to be looked into. It could be what is making you sick. And it gets really bad really fast if you’re in a bad building.

OK so I joined this forum just to post this image, as I have had this symptom since I had covid, which is when It first started and It got quite bad during the course of the infection.

But hasn't quite gone away, some times I cough them up

some times I blow them out my noise.

Anybody get the the bottom of this yet?

phlegm balls

I have been searching and searching for over a year now to try and find what's wrong with me.

i have Heavy Exercise Induced Asthma since i was a kid as well as very minor allergies and never had these issues i have now until about a year ago. maybe a but longer.

My wife, myself and my son were all pretty ill in oct/nov of 2019 right before covid became a big thing.

constantly having post nasal drip WAY more than i did years previously having the mucous be very thick and clear with the odd white in it and felt almost hard and rubbery like if you crack an egg and you see the white twisted piece in the egg (usually will turn into the umbilical cord if fertilized) and how strong and rubber that feels... almost IDENTICAL to that and sometimes it smells or tastes extremely salty almost like ocean salt / water.

after i had one small cold for 4 days about 4 months ago now i constantly every day feel some kind of shortness of breath along with trying to yawn upwards of 50 to 100 times in a day and just feeling a tightness in my chest along with a kind of bloating in my upper abdomen. super annoying and makes everyday a struggle.

its so weird cause if i am fully distracted aka Working, playing video games and or watching TV or even doing chores or errands/driving sometimes i wont notice if im even struggling or if i am at all, but once i acknowledge it and think about it, it takes over and i feel i need to try and take a deep breath, but cannot half the time. it makes life difficult to enjoy.

i have seen my doctor and will again the 23rd of june here for an update to see if the Acid Blocker he put me on as well as a nasal spray steriod has helped any. which it has not. the nasal spray actually makes my PND worse and i swear makes the mucous thicker and harder to get out. some days i have are really good and have almost zero issues but those are extremely rare.

now i will be referred to an ENT to look further into the issue and maybe whats wrong.

im relieved to see im really not the only one here with this same issue but i dont hear of many having breathing issues heavily like i do, makes me think of COPD or some kind of Interstitial Lung Disease but im only 32 and never had any issues except after that cold a cpl months back.

im super fatigued a lot and just want my old self back.... its so hard to deal with 😦

hope to see more on this thread soon as only 30 something replies in 5 years is really not a lot and makes me think this is not very common and could be something serious underlying. i have a new kid on the way in Nov. and i just dont want to be going down a dark road that leads to nowhere and me getting worse 😦

hope to hear from some of you as well as i.hope we can really narrow this down!

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