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The morning sunshine Saturday 07.05.22

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We lost a little walking buddy this week very sadly.

He became quite unwell the last 10 mins of our group walk Friday morning.. we practically threw the other dogs in the van absolutely filthy but we didn't care our priority was out little friend...

Phoned his mum on route to say call the vets ASAP as I thought it was a stroke ...

He was taken to the vets within 45 mins of him becoming unwell turned out he had an undiagnosed mass on his liver which popped and he was bleeding internally... they took him to theatre to operate but his little heart stopped and they couldn't get him back ...

To say we are devastated is an understatement we had been walking him 3 times a week for 6 years and although there's nothing anyone could have done I'm finding peace in the fact that he was having a last run round with us and his friends...

He was a lovable rogue that chased everyone on the group walk just for the hell of it .. they would enjoy the thrill of it ..

If he went after a squirrel or a rabbit he would come back when he was ready but was very sorry he had done it .

His presence will be very much missed and I can't bear to think how his owner feels if we are feeling like how we are ... we have spoken and she's of the same mind she's happy he was on a last run out... she got to say goodbye to him at the vets and that's a real comfort to us ...

To think he was running around at 10 am and by 11 45 had crossed that rainbow 🌈

80 Replies

Oh how sad Blackbird but he got to enjoy himself before crossing the rainbow. Sounded like such a character. RIP little friend and commiserations to his owners.Beautiful photo once again. XxxπŸ’”β£οΈ

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Blackbird9 in reply to sassy59

Thankyou Carol that's lovley 🧑

That’s so sad but at least he hopefully didn’t suffer much, poor owner and you. Thanks for lovely photo, looks like moor, Dartmoor. Jean xxx

Thankyou Jean not Dartmoor ...New Forest but they are so very similar πŸ’™

Thanks, like New Forest, many years since visited, lovely memories, Jeanxxx

Oh BB, my dear friend, I am so sorry. Knowing the animal lover you are you will be feeling very low at the moment. You have summed the situation up very well as its just as well we cannot see into the future. For what it's worth, your little buddy has obviously enjoyed a very happy life with daily walks with his doggie and human friends. How fitting that his last walk was with those very friends. Yes, he's gone over the rainbow now but when our own time comes wouldn't we all like to go quickly, doing the things we love most and importantly, with the people who love and really care about us. He was one lucky little fellow.

My thoughts are with you BB. Sending love and a warm hug.


RR that so very kind of and words are much appreciated.. thankyou so much πŸ’“

The mass seemingly wasn't giving him any trouble or stopping him from enjoying his life and he was with his friends when he was taken ill. Of course you and his doggie pals will miss him but you gave him such good times, adventures and fun while he was here and gave his mistress the chance to say goodbye at the end.

Fabulous photo as always Blackbird, wonderful muted colours and looks very much like a painting. Love to you xx

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Blackbird9 in reply to CDPO16

He had a slight limp the last week on the same side directly below that was the mass . The vet had said arthritis and gave him meds he was 12 so arthritis is a possibility..

Dogs are very clever at masking pain but on that walk it was pretty evident the last 10 mins he was in pain he wouldn't let us touch him and that would have been highly unusual for him he loved a good old belly rub ..we couldn't lift him into the van crate so had to lift the crate down for him to walk into 🧑

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CDPO16 in reply to Blackbird9

He really couldn't have been in better hands than to be with you when all this happened Blackbird πŸ€— xx

Very sad. So difficult to lose a beloved pet and friend.

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Blackbird9 in reply to Dedalus

I feel better today but was broken at the time so hard πŸ’™

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Dedalus in reply to Blackbird9

Bless you. Must have been so difficult for everyone. Glad you're feeling a bit better today πŸ’—

So horrid, for those left behind, but I would like something that quick and doing what I loved, I wonder if I can replace, chasing squirrels with eating chocolate?

That made me laugh thankyou πŸ˜‚

That’s so sad.the positives must be that he was doing what he loved,out walking with his friends.He couldn’t have had swifter treatment,thanks to your prompt action.

It’s a really sad time for you and his owner.there must be some consolation that his suffering was kind to yourself.xx

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Blackbird9 in reply to Oshgosh

Ahh that's very kind thankyou so much πŸ’–

A lovely picture though I'm sorry to hear about your little friend πŸ•

Very sad for us he will always be with us 🧑

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Such a shame bless him but he got his final and happy run around with his friends before he crossed the rainbow. Heartfelt condolences to his owners and of course you. Try to have a lovely day lovely photo, take care😊 Bernadette and Jack πŸ• xxxxxx 🌻🌻πŸ˜₯

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Blackbird9 in reply to Damon1864

Thank you Bernadette and Jack... we are just relaxing today and messing about in the garden ...take care both 🧑

That's so sad I'm very sorry to hear that 😒. Lovely photo though πŸ™‚

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Blackbird9 in reply to Jane2005

Thankyou Jane ❀️

Super photo of the two horses BB. The way you describe your doggie friend kind of celebrates his last day. There are lots of positives. I loved reading all the replies but still feeling sad for the group!

Hi Greenthorn thanks for the kind comment I think the group will miss him very much there was one or two more close to him than some others. just real good friends and they will feel the impact I'm sure ... when he became unwell on Friday he let out such a cry that they ran across to see what the fuss was .. they were dancing round him and Stan licked his face very fondly ...

dogs are so sensitive to feelings they must have known he was sick and I had a few messages from the other owners not only to express sympathy but to say their dogs who had been with us were being very quiet πŸ’”

That's lovely to hear. I can see my friends dancing around me when it's my time!

That must have been very tough indeed BB, I really feel for you and the owner too. I'm sure this has brought up memories and emotions for many of us who've lost beloved pets. Just lovely that he spent his last adventure with you, all his pals and that his owner was with him to the end. Thinking of you ❀

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Blackbird9 in reply to peege

I'm hoping it hasn't upset anyone that's the last thing I would want ...Thankyou so much for your kind words it's been lovely to have support and the whole thing had me a bit broken...

The owner is absolutely devastated but happy that he was out on a walk when it happened so keeping that as positive πŸ§‘πŸ’™

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Jaybird19 in reply to Blackbird9

the little dog died happy doing what he loved . It i is always worse for those left behind dogs are very sensitive to your mood and you were very upset So this affected them .

they will be ok next time you go /

loved that photo. golden light

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Blackbird9 in reply to Jaybird19

Mood was very low from the dogs Saturday we got through the worst walk ever in my imagination...Mondays a new day again πŸ’™

So sorry to read your sad news. The photo is lovely. xxx

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Blackbird9 in reply to Alberta56

Thankyou Alberta ❀️

I am so very sorry BB. How devastating. πŸ˜‘ But I am inclined to think it is a much better way to go than months of hospital appointments and operations. The little darling is okay now and galloping over that beautiful 🌈 bridge. You did what you could and he was never alone. Much love to you. xx β™₯️

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Blackbird9 in reply to Caspiana

Many thanks Cas ...Absolutely agree with regarding long awaited appointments and treatment...

Just a shock to the system for us all feeling better today so back up and at it again ...

I am going to avoid his favouritewalks for a while and have managed to put together an album of amazing pics for his owner which I will pop round to her house ..

We are in contact daily just as a form of support love to you and Chom πŸ’™πŸ§‘

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Caspiana in reply to Blackbird9


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Gladwyn in reply to Blackbird9

Such a lovely thing for you to do BB. I’m so sorry for the loss of one of your lovely dogs. It must be hard on you too. You obviously care so much for the dogs you look after. Best wishes 🌿πŸͺ΄πŸŽ‹πŸƒ

So sad... and you did your best to get him to a vet right away. He is now in heaven playing with all the dogs!! My sincere condolences to you and the dogs' family. Surely a lost of a faithful family member for them. Also ... feel sorry for the other dogs you walk as they know ... they grieve also. πŸ™πŸ»πŸΎ

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Blackbird9 in reply to Solily

Thank you so much for your kind words ... I grieve for his friend's to as they knew so well what was happening..

Stan licked his face at one point which is a blessing from Stan if you get a kiss they are very rare

His mum is absolutely devastated but she knows he was in his element on walks and that's the positive for her in all this as well as us πŸ§‘πŸ’™

Im sorry to hear of your loss.

Thankyou ❀️

That is so sad. Glad he was having fun right up to the end x❀️

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Blackbird9 in reply to Shirleyj

He certainly lived his life and loved his walks πŸ’™

Hi Bb, I’m so sorry to hear about your little friend but it sounds like he was having a wonderful time on his last walk with you and his doggy friends. I’m glad his mum was able to say goodbye to him, too. These times are always so very hard aren’t they but I’m sure you have lots of lovely memories to share with his mum.

Look after yourself and thank you for posting another lovely photo despite your sad news. TC x

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Blackbird9 in reply to Threecats

Ahhh thankyou that's very kind it's so appreciated πŸ’œ

So sorry to hear you have lost one of your doggy friends BB, at least he was with the group having fun and not at home alone. Dogs do have a 6th sense and know when something is wrong, so had the support of the group and a little kiss of Stan the man wow. Another good shot of the horses , thank you x

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Blackbird9 in reply to Izb1

Thankyou so much... I'm being positive today and posting it on here helped all the messages of support are amazing ..we will be lost without him ❀️

Condolences to you and your friends. I do hope that the Monday walk has been helpful to all of you. The dogs are displaying some sadness in their quietness but will be appreciative of your continuing care in the walks you do. I love the photo and the light is wonderful.


Hi Grace yes the walks definitely helped ... I had 5 walks booked today so not long finished... It's been a bonus there's plenty of sunshine 🌞

So sorry to hear this. I’m sitting with tears rolling down my cheeks as my daughters dog who we loved so much died in a similar sort of way a few years ago. What a scary time for you. Poor little man at least it was quick so he didn’t suffer for long but what a shock for you & his owners. He will be sadly missed by all. Sending πŸ€—

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Blackbird9 in reply to Otto11

Awww I'm so very sorry to hear your own loss .. its not my intention to upset anyone ... and thankyou for the hugs appreciated πŸ’œ

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Otto11 in reply to Blackbird9

Oh bless you. You didn’t upset me I’m just sensitive right now & it reminded me as it was the vets fault & should not have happened. The amount of anti inflammatories he prescribed caused liver failure & he died an awful death a few days later. Just brought it back. Just meant I understand how distressing it is for you all. Sending more πŸ€— x

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Blackbird9 in reply to Otto11

Oh that sounds awful poor baby πŸ’œ

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Otto11 in reply to Blackbird9

Thanks. It was x

So sad for you and for his mum, but hope you take comfort from the fact that it honestly sounds by far the best exit for a wee chap with such energy and personality? He’d have hated it if he’d had to spend time being unwell and incapacitated. Hope you’re all feeling much better now.

Thankyou ever so much feeling much better today after a few walks and the sunshine it's been lovely πŸ’™

Thank goodness he spent so many happy times walking and chasing around with you all, the illness didn't affect him till the very end. A good life, and loved and cared for. Sad for you and his owner who will miss him. Hope it is a comfort that you did your best for him right to the end and have given him so many happy times. Take care.

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Blackbird9 in reply to Lemon7

A big bonus is knowing it was quick for him but he was enjoying the walk as he always did ... he will always walk with us πŸ’™

So sad for you. X

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Blackbird9 in reply to Mavary

Ahhh thankyou I'm better today πŸ’œ

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Mavary in reply to Blackbird9

We never forget though. They will always be in our hearts.

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Blackbird9 in reply to Mavary

A big chunk of mine went with him that and his chuckie ball with his name on it . Those that have chuckie balls have their names on them .. Mum brought him home Saturday to lay him to rest under his tree in the garden and we asked for his chuckie ball to go with him so he can play over the bridge with it πŸ’œ

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Mavary in reply to Blackbird9

Aww! That is so lovely. When I lost my dogs the vet took them away for cremation then laid their ashes in a special animal garden of rest.

So so saddened to read this.How wonderful he was happy with the other dogs on his last walk and that his owner managed to get to the vets to see him.

Well done you for acting so quickly although the outcome was not as you would have wanted x

He was a rogue but loved the bones of him ... thankyou for your kind words πŸ’š

Such a lovely photo but such a sad ending to your walk πŸ’”πŸŒˆ

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Blackbird9 in reply to Stratos20

Very sad but he's happy running around over the bridge πŸ’šπŸ’™

So sorry to hear of the loss of a treasured pet and friend. Hugs to you, BB.

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Blackbird9 in reply to dunnellon

Thankyou so much Dunnellon they are appreciated πŸ’šπŸ’™

I am sorry for your loss.

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Blackbird9 in reply to winabago

Me to Winabago πŸ’œ

Just as with humans , when a beloved animal dies it is absolutely heartbreaking for those left behind but ,just as with humans, there are good ways to die and I don’t think your little friend could have wished for better - doing what he loved, with people who loved him when the tragedy struck and time with his family at the end . I hope you feel better soon and I love the photo xxx

I'm feeling better today thankyou ...He will be on my mind for the longest time and his presence will definitely be missed..

The positive response from it all that it was quick and his mum was with him at the vets πŸ’™

So very sorry 🐞

Thank-you so much πŸ’œ

A sad yet uplifting post. Lovely to think he was happy with friends a few hours before he passed away. Sending you hugs πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

Thankyou my lovley means a lot πŸ’“


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Blackbird9 in reply to Patk1


Big virtual ((((hugs)))). They don't let on something's not right, do they.

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Blackbird9 in reply to Ergendl

He masked it very well god knows how long the mass was growing thankyou so much πŸ’™

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