Lumigan/Bimatoprost any info please!

Evening folks,hope you are all feeling good looking forward to better weather.i,ve been put on Lumigan for high pressure in my eyes,been using it now 12 days and not seeing any improvement.All I get on Google is"my lashes took three months to get longer" as according to my optician there is a black market in this stuff for longer ,thicker eyelashes which I could,nt give a monkeys about.But I am worried about my sight.How long before this stuff works and has it affected your breathing?I have just had my steroids bumped up AGAiN,back 30mg.Now this could be either down to the Lumigan,an infection or the plumbers currently converting my bathroom.Doctor not even sure so he put me back on Doxycycline and upped the Prednisolone.I can,t even go to the loo without having an exacerbation and needing my nebuliser to get back out again.If it was,nt for my friend Morpheus I,d have lost the plot altogether.Ok enjoyed that little rant,sorry to moan.Oh I got my lovely car but can,t get outside to play in it at the moment.So when I,m better I shall be taking pictures and drooling all over it Wheeeeeeee!

D. 👻

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  • Hope you get better soon farmer and get out and about in your new car and weather is nice for you so please take care of yourself and take it easy

  • Thanks Jimmy you take care too my friend,cheers! D. Brrmmm brrmmm ✊

  • Get well very soon FarmerD. I was actually thinking of you this afternoon so glad to see you on here. Good luck to you and you will soon be out and about again. xxxx

  • Thank you Sassy,take care.D.

  • You have been having a hard time lately. I don't know anything about those meds but hope tour eyes improve soon. Delighted to hear you've got the car though, at least one good thing. Hurry on and get well enough to drive, we look forward to to the storys and pictures.

  • Thanks Argana ,I,ve already driven to the Royal Free,where I had my cancer treatment years ago and also to the North Mid who referred me to the BROMPTON.I don,t think I,ll attempt driving to the BROMPTON as it knackers me just watching the cab driver getting there lol.Regards D. 👀

  • Get well soon Farmer, sending you my best wishes

  • Wye eye Bikergrove,thanks!

  • Hi FarmerD, I have high eye pressure and was told to keep my eyes shut when I was using my nebuliser to help prevent the medication getting into my eyes. My mother has glaucoma and one lot of eye drops she was given made her breathless, I would check the side effects and see if there is an alternative, could you ring the BLF and your practioner before the Easter break.

    Both my mother and a friend I was speaking to yesterday have had grommets fitted to relieve the pressure.

    Take care, try and get help today so you can enjoy your car.

  • Thanks Knitter. D.

  • Hi Farmer D,

    Have glaucoma and been on Bimaprost/Lumigan for 20 years, I am stage 4 very severe Emphysema and on oxygen 24/7. When you enquire with the medics I think you will find that lumigan is unlikely to have caused you problems and as far as I know there are no contraindications with breathing. The drug works very well with eye problems but is slow acting it works for me and keeps my glaucoma from going worse. Do check with the medics but I think your flare up may be a coincidence. I read recently that some common COPD drugs can cause eye problems and glaucoma!

    Best Regards.


  • Thankyou Robert.D.

  • I was prescribed LUMIGAN 5 years ago as I have glaucoma & these drops are amazing. They brought my eye pressure down & stopped the pain in my eyes. Give it time with all medication it takes time before you will feel any effects.

  • Thanks Christine,it,s the blurred vision that worries me but that might be the cataracts .Going to phone optician and ask his advice.Regards D.

  • Hi FarmerD

    I was on Lumigan for over a year to help reduce pressure associated with Glaucoma, but it was one of 4 different eye drops I was taking. I don't know what your optometrist has told you to expect, but once the retina is damaged through prolonged high pressure, even if the pressure is subsequently reduced, it will not be likely to improve the sight, just prevent further damage being caused. It is unusual to have just one eye drop for Glaucoma treatment. The initial 4 drops I was prescribed did not reduce my pressures, and I am now on five different and stronger drops plus a tablet Acetazolamide. The Lumigan has been replaced with Travatan, and I'm also on Brimonidine, Pilocarpine, Iopidine and Azarga. The latter one contains a beta blocker and has loads of contra-indications with COPD. Make sure you ask the eye doctor for a reading of your pressures as you need to know how things are going. I have a check-up every 3 months. My pressure in my right eye got as high as 29 and the consultant wanted to perform a trabulectomy which involves cutting out a thin wedge to insert an artificial drain hole but having read up on it I really did not fancy it, as unlike the cataract operation which is straightforward and highly successful, there are potentially some nasty outcomes with this operation. Overall the success rate is around 75% but the fact the consultant told me the success rate of the operation at my Hospital, Queens Hospital, Burton was "Not in the public domain" was not exactly reassuring.

    Sounds like you need to ask some searching questions at your next check-up to understand your options. Very best of luck with this, and if you have any further questions, then fire away.

  • Thanks Warwickstag,I,m still at the ocular hypertension stage I think and not yet developed glaucoma .Because I just got my new car I might just be a bit paranoid .It,s the blurred vision that worries me,which may be more to do with the cataracts.I am however realising that my GP is not as knowledgable as I,d credited him.I.P. In each eye is 26 disc ratio 0.3. As my breathing was quite bad at the consultation he was a bit concerned about the cataract op.I would appreciate any further input you may have.Regards,David.

  • Cataract op is a piece of cake, and delivers stunning results. I've now got the best distance vision in my whole life, without the need to wear glasses. It takes no more than 30 mins, and you're conscious throughout, and they even piped oxygen under the gowns to keep me well saturated. GP's are not the people to deal with eye problems, but your local hospital may well have a specialist department dealing with eye related problems. I was initially referred after poking myself in the eye with my fishing pole, and they soon detected, and sorted out the cataracts.

  • FarmerD I wish I knew about the drug Lumigan, but I don't. Can you ask the helpline - but of course, this is Easter, so everything is closed. I should think a drug should act almost immediately, Farmer. You could ask 111 for some advice. or on Saturday, phone the chemist, he should know about when this will kick in. Regards, Mic

  • Thanks Mic,it seems it,s quite difficult getting a definitive answer to this as the loons who want long eyelashes have muddied the waters somewhat.Going to phone my optician tomorrow.Cheers D. 👀

  • I like the eyes, where did you find them? Best of luck with your quest. Mic

  • In the emotes on my IPad. 👀 👍

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