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Emphysema help please I’m 25

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I was diagnosed with bronciactsis when 22 then I collapsed at the hospital just because was attacked then apparently they drained my lungs while they put me in a coma I wake up tell me I have emphysema and my hey said police said to me lucky you was attckednotherwise I would of died can anyone give tips information and life expectancy as have little children

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Hi you are very young to be diagnosed with bronchi and emphysema I must say. I can't comment on bronch as I don't have this but there are some on here who do and I am sure they will be in to talk to you about it.

As far as emphysema goes much depends on what stage you are at. Did they tell you this? It comes under FEV1 (lung function). If this is caught in the early stages then by leading a healthy lifestyle and definitely no smoking you can hold the progression steady for many years and have a normal lifespan. I don't know about the combination of the two of them but everyone is different so no one can or will give you a set time period.

As you are so young have you been given a simple blood test to see if you have a genetic link to emphysema. This is fairly rare but should be tested if you are under 35 or so.

Meanwhile stay with us here as we are the ones who live with lung disease and between us all we have a wealth of knowledge. x

I got severe anxiety and it’s destroying my life flash back not. No how got to hospital who attacked me could that be any thing due the problems I had

And how would I find these levels out so I kno what stage I’m at or couldnbe on my discharge summary

Literally can out of hospital this week still all over the place I’m very scared and nervous anxiety is through the roof just want go plan could I ask my doctor what stage I am or should it saying on discharge summary thanking you for replying this is destroying my mind atm x

I am not surprised as this must have come as a big shock to you and all of us have been there too. To be honest I would rather have emphysema than bronchi unless I was severe. Emphysema is a progressive disease but doesn't usually progress quickly if you lead a healthy lifestyle etc. I was diagnosed 10 years ago as mild and am still mild.

It might be on your discharge papers I don't know but often they only tell you if you ask them so why not ring up tomorrow and find out? Ask them to explain the figures too.

There are generally accepted 4 stages - stage 1 mild. If your lung function is 80% or over it is considered a variation of the norm. Moderate is around 50-70%, severe is 30-49% and very severe less than 30%. To make it more complicated some medics or difference countries use slightly different figures but mine are more or less correct.

Oh I should explain that the percentages are based on the norm for your age, sex, and height and not necessarily out of 100%. My lung function is around the mid 70's but my group might be 90% eg out of 100% so I am 75% of the 90% figure. I never expect to get near the severe stage!

Unless you are finding it very difficult to live a normal life then I wouldn't think you are severe or anything and don't forget you are the same person you were before your diagnosis. Most on here will tell you not to get hung up on the numbers as it's how you feel which is most important. x

Than you so much and I will definitely ring them tomorrow as I want to everything and anything anything I can do to prolong what I have just shirt of breath when walking a lot in morning when I wake sound like 85 year old but I was fine before hospital always had chest infections just learn to deal with most morning I’m sick I’m sure that how I try releasing the mucous always no running and coughing up stuff

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O2Trees in reply to hypercat54

Hi Bev, I'm a bit confused as you describe yourself with lung function in mid 70s as mild, but 79%-50% is moderate, 80% and above being mild, so Im wondering which scale you are taking your information from? Thanks, :)

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hypercat54 in reply to O2Trees

The one my nurse uses. According to her 70-79% is mild and anything over is normal. x

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O2Trees in reply to hypercat54

Interesting - goes against every other one Ive ever seen. Id be interested to know which scale she is using. Some nurses in my experience don't know their stuff. On the other hand, you are as you are, so from your point of view I guess it doesnt matter. I think we need to give an accurate account to new members who are enquiring. :)

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O2Trees in reply to O2Trees

Just checked several online, including the GOLD index which is the one most widely used - which says 80% or over is mild. I tried to put a link on for you, but my system is playing up.

But in general, it seems some people like as much detail as possible, and others prefer not too much as it makes them anxious - hence as we often say to people, it's how you feel that's important. :)

Hello Jacob Woodford

I'm foxy79 I have copd respiratory type 2 asthma broncechtisis emphysema respiratory type 2 asthma I'm on bibep machine nublizer 24 oxygen and colomycine and lots of tablets I'm 37 years old know it all started with asthma 10 years ago I'm doing well and can say anyone else can do it as well if they maintain it probably it's very hard but can be done I haven't been in hospital in 2 years last admission was 4-12-16 if you can tell me bit more about yourself and why you were in hospital etc I can tell you that might be helpful Jacob as illness doesn't seems what age colour or gender when it arrives I'm sorry for your health but it's best to accept it and deal with it and move on take care

Hi, Jacob, and welcome to the site. I'm so sorry to read what you have gone through. Ending up in hospital because you were attacked must have been a real shock, and to find out you have emphysema and bronch on top! Part of you will be grieving for what you feel you've lost, so do allow yourself to go through that grieving process. Keep in touch with your GP, and wishing you luck when you ask for more info about your condition today.

My moderate emphysema was discovered by a lucky accident, though a much less traumatic one than yours. I felt I was quite healthy when I took a cable car to the top of Mount Teide in Tenerife. When I got out I was struggling to breathe, but it all cleared up again when I took the cable car back down. My GP took about a year to diagnose a lung condition because he got my heart checked out first. I am now so glad I took that cable car, because I wouldn't have known I have this health problem so would have got much worse without the correct treatment.

All the best, M.

Hi make an appointment to see your gp ask to be referd to a lung consultant. explane how anxious you are feeling. Im sure some of the anxiety is because of the physical attack and the lack of memory of it. This must be addressed as it is a big part of your recovery. Breathing tests will determine how bad your lungs are and once you have that nolage you can start on the right medication. As you recover from this awful incident im sure your breathing will start to improve it dose take a bit of time to recover from thies things boath physically and mentaly. Avoid smoke including bbq's (stay up wind) eat a healthy diet lots of lean protein and exercise. I have both empacemia and bronch, i was diagnosed as severe about 25 years ago i am 52 and still severe. Good luck with your recovery

Phones drs today no call back available or even see me I’m meant to be flying tonight do you think il be ok and should I get travel insurance because my kids and mrs 9 pound mine 175

Oh dear Jacobwoodford , welcome to our wonderful group so sorry to read of your awful ordeal , hopefully you can see a good doctor who can help you.

Regarding health insurance, definitely please get travel and health insurance,I have always got travel and health insurance it's so important, personally I would prefer to check with my doctor or nurse before I travel anywhere.

Please take care and enjoy your holiday 😀.

Loads of people are getting Emphysema at the moment, a lot of it is due to air pollution. It won’t help if you are a smoker.

Government are aware of the dangers of our air pollution, but unfortunately they are taking their time to resolve it.

Emphysema just means aging of the lungs. Have they told you your lung age.

Mine was 79 years at the age of 44.

I was lucky because I never smoked.

I have manage to get my lung down to 62 years now.

So if you stay active, change your diet you could go on to live till you are in your 90’s. But the fact is no one knows when their time is up.

Thanks for letting me no soon as back from holiday I’m going to ask all the questions

Hi Jacob, I have had bronchiectasis for 12 years or so, I may also have copd I agree with every thing you have been told by our "family". On top of a good diet and as much exercise as your body will tolerate a real commitment not to be beaten by your condition is crucial.

Don't worry just be stubborn! I am 87 and I am far too busy to give up for a while yet!!

Have a good holiday.

Thank you and I like far to busy to give up I already felt like I gave up you lot give me inspiration

I was 48 when diagnosed with copd you learn to adapt you will ne taught breathing exercises which help and walks if you can in the fresh. Dont give up listen to your consultant he will ne anle to answer all your questions

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