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Asthma advice/sharing your symptoms/peace of mind please.

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Hello all,

Would appreciate your thoughts please.

First all nice to virtually meet all of you on here. I hope overtime on this forum. To connect with some of you and help to support one another.

So it appears I have some form of mild asthmatic/respiratory issue.

I'd just like to explain what's happened lately and ask for some positive feedback.

So I'm 99% sure this all stems from my rather damp bedroom. Which I'm now not sleeping in anymore. In the summer sleeping up there, I was fine. I got rid of all the mould last autumn, when I moved in. But the walls when the weather turns, are still quite wet.

About 4-6 weeks ago so I guess when it's getting damp. 2 or 3 times I had a bit of blood in my phelgm. Each time in the morning, after getting up. And clearing my throat. At the time sleeping in my damp bedroom.

I then started sleeping downstairs. And things got better. There's no cough. Yes I cough a few times in the day. But I think everyone does. I mean nothing regular. No pain. Occasionally a mild twinge in my chest. On a scale of one to ten, it's a one or two.

I have spoken to 111 and explained all. They said no cause for concern. Also had a phone appointment and an an appointment in person with a doctor. She listened to my chest, front and back. In various places. Said it all sounds fine. Checked all my levels like oxygen, all good. I did a peak flow test. That was good. And she gave me an inhaler. That's made a big difference.

4-6 weeks on nothing is worse. Probably better. I had a spec of blood in my phelgm the other day. But it's very infrequent. Now I come to think of it I think over the years I've occasionally had a taste of blood/plasma in my phelgm. But nothing there.

I've researched all this a bit. And the above seems normal with asthma/respiratory issue.

And I've been sensible and sought medical advice.

Would just appreciate peoples similar experiences?

Thanks for reading.


14 Replies
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Welcome to this forum. It is very friendly, members are often very knowledgeable and everyone is hugely supportive.

I can’t really help with your siecifuc query but I am sure others will be able to.

All the best

K x

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Do you know why you have a damp bedroom? Is the gutter or roof leaking? Is the bedroom on a part of the house that always gets the rain, or north facing? Does the outsidewall need repointing, or is the building made of poured concrete with the air brick covered up?

Have you tried using a dehumidifier in the room?

Sorry for all these questions, but it seems a shame that you can't use what should be a perfectly good room to sleep in.

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MATTHEW421980 in reply to Ergendl

Yes that's a very good point and question.

It's a rented property. Which fortunately ai move out of quite soon hopefully. Just bought my first house.

The bedroom is up in the converted loft. So a very thin wall between the ceiling and the outside. With no insulation.

Thanks for your reply.


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Ergendl in reply to MATTHEW421980

Glad to hear you will soon be moving out into your own home. At least you know the problem will be over for you in a couple of months. All the best.

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Hi and welcome Mathew. It's good that you have sought medical advice and also that you may be moving to better accommodation soon. My primary diagnosis is emphysema but I have asthma overlap. I learned most of what I know from thus forum and the former British Lung Foundation now Asthma+Lung UK. They have a lot of useful information leaflets if you look at their home page which you may find helpful.Best wishes Carole

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H i good day i am ghoust rider with asma i find that after a shower let cool water run down back my back for a few mins it warms back a little then i try to clear throght all the best

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Welcome to the forum.

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welcome. I was born with rare condition PCD, on that forum as well as this. Find this gives me useful knowledge, as well as friends. Good luck to you with new house, hope it solves problem. I used to love gardening, can’t do much now. This forum gives us chance to reflect on earlier life, I sometimes remind myself what use to do. Best wishes. Jean

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A dehumidifier will dry out any also sleep with the door open and ventilater for part of day,to help with condensation

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Thanks for all your replies. It's appreciated.

But from what I've explained should I be concerned? I'm personally not.

I enjoy tennis. And play 4-5 times a week. So I would have thought if it was something more than mild asthma/respiratory issue. Then I'd probably be struggling to play that much. And be gardening full time?


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Hi Matthew.

Have you ever been tested for Aspergillosis. It’s caused by mould that is in the air. It can be worse if you live in a damp place with mould. It’s a simple blood test. It tests the IEG levels in your blood. I’ve got it and looking back at my history I can see it’s affected me a few times. It might be worth checking it out.

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Welcome and hope you find this forum helpful. I agree with Mavary. Have you seen a consultant? I'm asthmatic and never had blood in my phlegm. However , there are people with respiratory issues who do . It's best to have it thoroughly checked out.

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Moulds and fungi are caused by damp and are RUINOUS to our lungs. I have ABPA (Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis) caused by the mould aspergillus fumigatus and it’s very difficult to control. It’s not uncommon for asthmatics to develop this condition, even if like me they’ve never lived in a mouldy house.

It makes sense that you improved after moving bedroom, although the spores would still be in the air for a time & probably caused the bleeding. Personally I’d close the door & not go back in there, and move out asap!

It’s absolutely disgusting that landlords are allowed to get away with renting out damp properties!

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Thanks again all for the recent replies.

Got another phone appointment with a quack this Thursday. It was booked flipping ages ago. Before I actually managed to see a real doc in person!

So I'll get his opinion and explain what I have in my original post.

Like I said the inhaler has helped. And it appears by googling things. Although never a good idea to self diagnoise! That the small amounts of infrequent blood are exactly what a mild respiratory issue would cause.

Saw a friend the other day. Who I'd not seen for a while. He explained in quite a savage manner. That he's shat blood for years. But he's still here. The doc knows.

The point I'm making there. Which we can all take comfort in. Is there are many many many mild reasons for something like blood in whatever.

Put the heating on, on full. Up in that bedroom now and again.



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