Life can sometimes be a pain in the rear end (Literally)

Just over a week ago, the abscess that was removed almost 12 months ago from my rear end oucha!!!! decided to make a come back so Doc put me on a week of antibiotics. On the 6th night of taking them the phone rings at 2 oclock in the morning and at once I knew it was the transplant team. They say they have a lung that may be suitable for me and to make my way up to the hospital while they do more tests. I new that the abscess was going to be a problem as I was took off the transplant list when it first appeared so I had to tell them about it. The transplant co-ordinator left the phone and discussed it with the surgeon who decided to play safe and say it was a no go. She returned and very gently gave the bad news to me so its back to getting the abscess situation sorted out before I can return to the list once more.

Its a roller coaster ride like no other being on the transplant list Healthunlockeders but luckily I'm strong and can cope quite well with what comes my way.

On a brighter note, hopefully someone out there got the lung and is doing well :) and not to forget there has to be somebody out there grieving the loss of a loved one. :(


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Hi Tony, oh what a bumma (excuse the pun), you must be so disappointed to say the least, as this would surely have been life changing for you. I don't know how often the opportunity comes up to get a replacement lung, fingers crossed it won't be too long and that you have managed to get the abcess sorted. Yes, we must not forget those who have lost their fight, but, have given generously, a part of their body to help others survive; my thoughts are with their families too. June

Oh dear Tony not good. I hope another lung comes up for you soon, even though it's awful someone has to die first. I am full of admiration for those who can donate their loved ones organs. I would go on the transplant list in case of my death but think I am too old now. Apart from that I plan to live to at least 96 so my organs will be worn out by then. Probably getting there now.

You have my sympathy with the abcess. I suffer from a disease called Hidrandenitis Suppouritiva which causes boils and abcesses. I had to have one drained in hospital once under a general anaesthetic it was that big and I was in there 3 days. Others I have taken ab's for and have some that recur incised so they can't come back. They are very painful.

Keep strong and hopeful Tony. Hugs xx

Oh Tony, I don't know what to say, you must be feeling so bad. I am so, so sorry that this happened.

So sorry Tony - pain in the a***e, quite literally. I feel like flibberti, want to scream for you, but you are so clear and determined to cope . . . and you will, but it still feels unfair. How typically generous of you to be pleased for the person who got the lung, and aware of the sadness for those who lost a loved one. Thinking of you with huge admiration, and sending love. Your time WILL come xx :)

Hi tony, my husband has suffered years with pilosinuses ( think that's the posh word for it ) abscesses to rear end to me lol, and I to have had one in a very uncomfortable place for a lady :( , BUT, I always believe things happen for a reason and although awful it happened this way, maybe this one just weren't for u this time, and the next one will be, and to show compassion to the family and the new recipient shows what a gentleman u are. Stay strong and take care xx sonia xx

That's a great reply Sonia x

That is just awful Tony. I'm so sorry I couldn't begin to grasp how you felt during that phone call. I imagine suitable donor lungs wouldn't come up very often so strong personality or not it would be devastating. Suz x

So soooo sorry Tony, I suppose in cases like this we use the term.."It just wasn't meant to be". Maybe the other person who received the lung was more needy. I wish you better luck next time and meanwhile I hope that nasty abcess clears up soon. xxx

Oh Tony, So sorry it didn't work out for you this time


I thought I was unlucky. You must be gutted! hope you get it all sorted and a new lung soon!

Be well

You are just fab - you have the most caring, generous and accepting nature. I love to see your posts of your endurance and tenacity. Even in, what must be a very disappointing time, you remain strong and positive and aware of others grief. May the gods bless you and the angels protect you. The only thing I could say - it wasn't meant to be! Take good care my friend, TAD xxx

All I can say Tony is that I am so sorry, can't imagine for one moment how you must feel.

What a generous sole you are in the midst of all this heartache.

Don't let this stop what you were doing, working hard to keep as fit as possible for the next time, and I hope that will be very soon.

Take care

polly xx

Best of Luck Mate and hang on there, I know you will. Good things always come and I hope it will be soon.

It's bloody steamy here in Australia, where I am living now in the Mid North Coast of NSW, it has rained for part of the day nearly every day for the last 10 weeks, Temp not much variation 27 to 30 Celsius, great with air/con.

Ciao, Tony

Bad news Tony but here's to the next time. No more nasty backside problems either. Bless you. xxxx

Sorry to hear this Tony, but what a gentleman you are! I wish you all the very best and hope it will be your turn for a new lung soon. Lots of lovexxx

oh bl%^&* He** Lad - I am so sorry to hear that :(

Tony, I do hope you can get this transplant soon.

It's no joke really. I really feel for you.

Im sorry too Tony, echo all that's been said. xx

Sorry to hear that mate ..... ho-hum.

I was the alloted driver for my oldest/closest mate who was on the transplant list for years (lived up near you at Much Marcle).

After the umpteenth false alarm & wheelspin trip to Birmingham, I think he described it perfectly ...... "this transplant malarky is a right bleedin' game of Snakes & Ladders"

What more can I say ......

Oh drear Tony so close yet so far away I'm so sorry and having an abscesses is not nice I saw far to many in my job. How long have you been on the transplant list ? I'm sure you will get another call soon just hang on and keep doing what your doing to keep fit take care mate.

Hi Tony ,bad luck my friend.With your attitude I,m sure it won,t be long before you get the lung you need and deserve,best of luck, D.

I like everybody else am so very sorry that this has happened to you...such AWFUL bad luck and bad timing

I am sure you will get your transplant soon Tony...

But its very upsetting all the same

Stay strong...

Love Sohara

so sorry to hear that tony, but with your attitude, it will surely come round again, best of luck, regards jimmy

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