Too sick for GP now lol!

Went to see GP today,asking about being too ill for valves but not for transplant." We,ve not heard from the BROMPTON yet" says she.Asked about the steroids " You,re on maximum meds and with transplant on the cards you,re more ill than we,re use to so I can,t suggest anything until I hear from your consultants." So now it seems I,m too ill for the doctor lol.Get that vitamin A over here right now!lol.I reckon it,s this particularly cold weather that,s stuffing us all up .Being on Azithromycin even if I get an infection I won,t know ,so how does that work?I think I,ll use this as my Dr,s surgery from now on,get far better advice and a lot more sense from my friends here.Hope you all feel better soon,keep warm until the sunshine reappears.Stay happy!!! D. :D

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  • Beggers belief doesn't it xxx

  • Hi FarmerD I had mean GP today just fob me off ..

    Are GOOD AZI Antibiotics ya be runing round in no time ...

    Yer am going foot people myself and if it is my psoriasis giving me these symtoms al be having it out with my GP

    Anyway nice to see ya sorry about wrong ones ya meet sure yall

    Meet right one

  • Hi Denis,I,ve been lucky with my doctors so far,although the surgery managed to lose a referral letter from my optician.Don,t know if standards are just going down or maybe I,ve just spent my luck( I keep rubbing Dizzle{cat} just in case lol) There,s only one person we can really rely on and that,s ourselves,keep smiling! D. :D

  • Hi FarmerD defo agree there give ya cat rub for me .. could do with lucky break myself

    Relying in Gp's dont seem to be doing it for me

    Wishing you well fella

  • Hi Flibberti,it was not the consultant I saw last time whom was far more attentive,the original appointment had been changed maybe due to thier discussions.To be fair to the GP she is chasing up my referrals.I do have another GP I can see so will see him next time( just wanted a moan really lol) D. :D

  • How completely unhelpful - it might be worth a call to the helpline the nurses might be able to advise you on what treatment you should be receiving ......You can call the helpline on 03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. The best of luck TAD xxx

  • Thanks Tad,D.

  • I'm not surprised you feel like having a moan. You certainly seem to be having a rough time lately. My GP seems to think that since he referred me to a consultant, I'm no longer his problem. Like you, waiting for info to be rec'd by GP but not hopeful it will make any difference. Sounds like the azith will keep you infection free at least. Wishing you better times ahead.

  • Its hard to believe they are on £100.000 plus per year

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