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Table tennis consultant and Gp

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My husband has Aspergillosis , COPD , leaky heart valve , ongoing conditions for 17 years . Starting last November he developed a really distressing cough , not Covid and not an infection , not the Aspergillosis cough , he cannot take anti fungal drugs and is life limiting so was referred to a hospice a couple of years ago and was a day patient , but hospices have changed and no longer have day care centres . So he has been left between consultant and Gp , who are currently playing ping pong between them . He is currently on cough suppressant , and the Gp has phoned and suggested that, due to a letter to him from the consultant . If that doesn’t work , he wants us to re contact the consultant . It would be lovely if there was someone in between the two of them , but there is not that person . I will be having words after this couple of weeks on suppressant if it doesn’t work as it’s gone on long enough between the two of them and we are both worn out . I suggested a Ct scan to the consultant , but he said there is no point as his lungs are really damaged and that is the situation , so as carer I carry the load . As face to face seems to have disappeared , it causes this type of ping pong !

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I really feel for you Daisy as being a carer is hard. You feel so helpless don’t you. Does your husband have a productive cough? If yes he should not be on a cough suppressant. Please keep on at the GP and consultant as somebody needs to be doing something. Let us know how things go. Wishing you well. Xxxx💜

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No it’s unproductive , I questioned interactions as I keep an eye on those , but the Gp assures me it’s ok with his other medications . Thank you xx

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It might be worth reinstating that link to the Hospice as they can offer much more than day care or end of life care. E.g. Help with medicines, contacts with other agencies, advocates etc.

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Daisy55 in reply to Karenanne61

Thank you , I will definitely keep that in mind , I have their direct call number xx

So sorry. That is a dire situation. Miserable. I had a f-to-f with my consultant a month ago (the first for for over two and half years) and he said he would see me in six months. But I can email him. I do hope things resolve for you both.K xx

What a situation to be in Daisy55 . It seems when we have this type of problem you are left to your own devices. I had a productive cough for over two years and was worn out with it, mine was down to infected sinus's but still couldnt find a treatment to help . I do hope you find some help soon x

My sympathies for you and your husband, horrible situation and don’t think you’re getting help that you should be. Very best wishes that better help is forthcoming very soon.

You and your husband are getting a raw deal. So sorry: no wonder you're exhausted. Hope you can find some way out of this situation. xxx

I do hope that you manage to contact the consultant and get some meaningful help. I feel for you both. As suggested, it may be worth contacting the hospice too. xx

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