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Too many antibiotics?...anyone using probiotics?

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Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone uses a probiotic after antibiotics, I have have at least 12 courses of antibiotics this year, I am wondering if they have stripped my gut of the good bacteria that we all need to keep us healthy, my health is terrible just now, constant infections, I am thinking about trying probiotics just to see if they help at all, not really sure which probiotic to try though, anyone any idea's for me...thanks

41 Replies
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You probably need some steroids from your GP.

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mymouse in reply to jillygirl

Thanks but I have had a lot of steroids as well this year...

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I'm taking them as on frequent extended courses as well as prophylactic, too.

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Yes definitely I take probiotics or LIVE yoghurt when I take antibiotics. 100% antibiotics destroy all bacteria including the good bacteria we all need inside to keep healthy. I don’t wait until antibiotics are finished to eat yoghurt (I eat good yogurt anyway) but just eat it. You can purchase specific probiotic drinks but they tend to be quite expensive and as i already eat yoghurt am not convinced I would benefit BUT in your situation i certainly don’t think getting some drinks would harm and could well help you.

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mymouse in reply to Bevvy

Thanks, there is the argument that hardly any if any of the bacteria from a yoghurt actually survive the stomach acid, I am thinking of using the probiotic capsuals but there are so many different formulas out there it's knowing which to use without tipping the gut balance the wrong way, I am taking all answers seriously though and I thank you..

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Bevvy in reply to mymouse

Maybe but following that argument it could be argued that stomach acid destroys vitamins and minerals that we all need from food so…….. 🤷‍♀️. I just know it seems to work and help me. Hope you able to source something that helps make you feel better.

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eleanordigby in reply to Bevvy

great advice but the only thing I would say is products like actimel are full of sugar which can cause candidiasis so I avoid those

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If you can tolerate it kefir and kombucha are good. You will get good advice on the HU IBS site re reputable makes. Cx

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mymouse in reply to cofdrop-UK

Very interesting, thank you...

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Yup, I have some tips! Apologies to everyone if I’m monopolising the forum. I’ve got a lot of time on my hands.

So, there’s a lot of talk now about protecting our gut flora and as I take antibiotics all the time, and regularly go into hospital for IVs, I’m really keen to avoid a nasty bacteria like c.diff or pseudomonal colitis. I did some research on fb a while back and a dietitian recommended both prebiotics and probiotics, daily. Since then I’ve had no stomach upsets. Also I used to get regular vaginal thrush but since starting on these I haven’t had a single episode! Which is pretty impressive! The brands mentioned were Bimuno as a pre and Optibac Everyday for the pro so I’ve stuck with those, though on my limited income they’re not cheap. But then again I’ve saved a fortune on Canesten pessaries 🤣

Finally, I eat either Rachel’s or Yeo Valley live organic yogurt every day, natural flavour.

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mymouse in reply to eleanordigby

Thank you, I shall be looking at these supplements

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I take prophylactic antibiotics Mon, wed & Fri November to April. I start my probiotic ProPro20 (that's 20 Billion of I think 5 different strains) in mid October & end in June. They certainly help keep my sensitive gut on an even keel. I get all my vitamins and supplements from Healthspan through the Letterbox.

30 odd years ago everyteverytime my lovely gp prescribed abs he also prescribed acidophilus as routine. In the more recent past if I had a couple of weeks on a strong antibiotic I'd also take a probiotic during and for 3 months afterwards.

As prebiotic I used to take Bimuno, but it was more of a faff to dissolve in water so its still in the cupboard. I dont rate those sweet drinks though, I read somewhere that you'd need to drink several a day to get sufficient biotic.

It's worth googling which foods are pre & probiotic besides live yogurt too.

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eleanordigby in reply to peege

Hi peege, I dissolve it in a cup of fruit tea, or sprinkle it on my overnight oats, which I make with live yog

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I take them as tablets

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I always take a probiotic when i am on antibiotics and have Kefir on a regular basis usually a couple of hours after Omerprazole thinking this would help stop the stomach acid killing the probiotic/kefir drink. I sometimes have sauerkraut too and make it if I can be bothered x

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I used to have 10 infection

S a year.

When I was diagnosed with Non Specific Interstitial Pneumonia,I was prescribed prophylactic antibiotics.these are supposed to prevent me from getting I’ll.

I don’t know how they work,but I only had 1 infection last year and 1 recently this winter.

I take Azithromycin Monday Wednesday and Friday

On Tuesday Thursday and Saturday I take co- trixamole.

I’m still unwell,on anti fibrotics,on steroids,which I don’t think I’ll ever get off.

On a positive,it’s good not to be dragged down by constant infections.

I do eat yogurt,I don’t know if it makes any difference.

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I must be on course number 5 now for a chest infection that recurs. Inbetween each dose i load the probiotics. Some content on net says you can take them concurrently as long as if its a diff time of the day but I need to get the full load from the anti biotic and dont want to compromise it in any way so dont.

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slram in reply to Dominos7

THAT is very bad advice, please learn and read before stating things like that!!!!!!!!

in reply to slram

Most medics in the UK won’t actually endorse probiotics: the official line is that they can’t comment as they’re effectively unproven for the purposes of the NHS. I’m personally a fan of probiotics having used them with my daughter out of desperation, but peer reviewed papers in the last 3 years have concluded that they may not always be beneficial with antibiotic use. One study in 2019 found that patients that took a probiotic for 4 weeks in association with antibiotic use took 6 months for their gut microbiome to return to normal, whereas the control group (who took no probiotic) had their flora return to normal within 3 weeks. Research also indicates that you should take probiotics several hours after your antibiotic to avoid interaction, so whilst probiotics aren’t believed to negatively impact on antibiotics, they do have an effect on each other.

We all have to do what we believe is right for us as individuals, so given that science has not conclusively determined the usefulness or efficacy of probiotics as yet, or how best to take them, and not just in relation to antibiotic use, your comment does seem unhelpfully harsh and aggressive.

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slram in reply to

Wow, I didn't mean to sound like that, but you are 100% correct. Doctors in the USA are FINALLY telling people to take probiotics, like you said, a few hours after taking the antis. About time. Doctors have difficulty with natural ways, unfortunately.

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Bevvy in reply to slram

sorry don’t understand why you have replied so harshly to Dominos7. They are just stating what they do, not giving any “advice”. We all come here asking for advice, opinions or information, but know what works for one person won’t necessarily work for someone else. Personally I have never heard of “loading” probiotics and if I did want to consider this would investigate myself.

If you strongly feel some information isn’t helpful then please explain rather than stating something is “bad advice”

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slram in reply to Bevvy

Sorry it appeared to be harsh, just stating facts!

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Superzob in reply to slram

I disagree. I have read and accept that taking probiotics at least 2 hours (and preferably 4) before or after A/Bs reduces the chance of the bacteria being killed. This is because stomach contents usually empty in about 2 hours and an A/B designed for a lung infection should be largely absorbed by the gut (otherwise it wouldn’t be much use!).

With regard to the best type to take, I suspect that a gastro-resistant capsule form would be most effective, but many bacteria are quite resistant to stomach acid (otherwise you couldn’t get food poisoning). Whatever probiotic is chosen, it will certainly help recolonise the gut with good bacteria and help displace the A/B resistant ones

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Any decent doctor will tell you to use probiotics if you're ona na antibiotic. The antibiotics destroy the good flora in your gut.

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mymouse in reply to slram

Ha, that's one of the big problems isn't it, finding a decent doctor, did have one at the surgery that I use but then he left.

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slram in reply to mymouse

Very hard to find a doctor you like that actually cares about you! Sad.

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I used to get loads of chest infections, 18 in 2017, similar number the previous year. In 2018 we eradicated black mould which was hiding on our bathroom floor boards, and since then, other than a bout of pneumonia and pleurisy in Nov 2019, no chest infections at all. Worth checking. Black mould will be where you might have a water leak, so kitchen, bathroom or anywhere under a leaky roof. One can buy a mould finder device. Look on-line.

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mymouse in reply to Lutontown

I have been living in a house with the damp problems and yes black mould, I haven't stayed there for the last 4 months now and about to give the place up, no mould problems where I am living now, GP doesn't seem interested in the mould problem, I know that mould can be very invasive and cause such things as Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, well according to some research, MCAS can cause all sorts of nasty little problems, just can't seem to get well at all anymore, thanks for your interesting reply...

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Lutontown in reply to mymouse

How do you know there is no mould where you live now? We didn't know about the mould in our bathroom until we had the bath taken out to have a walk- in shower fitted. The floor tiles came up as well, and I'd say 70% of the chipboard floor was covered in black mould. It was due to the bath drain leaking. So, the floor had to be replaced as well. Leaks in the roof often the resulting mould show their selves on the walls, but kitchen and bathroom leaks can be hidden away out of sight. In the news this week there's been a sad tale of a little lad dying they say due to mould in his home.

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mymouse in reply to Lutontown

Because I live with my niece and her family now, she has an obsession about such things as mould, won't tolerate such things as she also has her own breathing problems (Asthma) which she has had since she was very young...

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slram in reply to mymouse

Good thing! Mold is one of the worst, most dangerous things affecting our health.

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No I don't. I'm now on Azithromycin mon/wed/fri for life for my bronchiectasis and have not (touch wood) had a chest infection in 2 years. I used to get 5+ really fruity ones every year needing AB's and steroids.

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Hi, I take Azithromycin 500mg three times a week as a prophylactic and used to have really bad abdominal problems. I also have IBS which makes it worse. Can’t eat yoghurt as get both a gut and chest problem with dairy. Did some research and found that acidophilus is about the only live bacteria to survive antibiotics. Have been taking it as a supplement capsule, High Strength Live Friendly Bacteria from Holland & Barrett, but you can probably get it elsewhere. This combined with taking my Azithromycin just before bed has helped a great deal. We are all different and our reactions can be too. Hope you find something to help make you feel better.

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Hi, I take "boots good gut live friendly bacteria" capsules. I have one a day and they seem to settle my tum 🙂xxx

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Hi! Like you I get quite a few infections and had quite a few antibiotics for both Aspergillosis and Urine infections. I was advised to have pro biotics. I have an Activia yogurt every day I’ve been on that for years and after having i think it was seven urine infections I went a high dose of Live Friendly Bacteria from Holland and Barrett. I can’t remember how high the first ones were but I’m now on 3 billion I presume friendly bacteria. I think the main reason I was having so many infections was my Vitamin D was low. I’m sill on the friendly bacteria and will remain on it if it only helps a bit.

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Hi, I have been taking antibiotics prescribed by my gastroenterologist to try and clear bad bacteria in my gut, I believe this has developed through medication lots of antibiotics. I have to take these low strength antibiotics for 3 weeks and then a very high strength dose of friendly bacteria, 450 Billion live bacteria, yes 450 Billion, for 3 weeks and then a break with nothing for 3 weeks, if I get improvements then I can repeated if required or I can elongate the antibiotics to 6 weeks then probiotics for 3 weeks and then nothing and see how I get on, the process can be repeated as and when. The antibiotics are only supplied by the hospital pharmacy. These specified probiotics called VSL#3 are high strength probiotics and used to be prescribe by the NHS but sadly this is no longer the case so I have had to fund them myself at £49.99 for a box of 30 sachets, they are required to be stored in the fridge. I take one sachet a day but I read others take more... anyway here is the link

Kefir, home made, Kimchi again not the processed product you buy in supermarkets, same goes for Sauerkraut, Tempeh fermented soy beans but again all home made or organically produced are the best ways of getting friendly probiotics back into your body, the juice from Kimchi is supposed to contain more of the friendly bacteria than the Kimchi itself. Organic probiotics like shop bought yogurt has tiny amounts of probiotics in them and these are only a specific small range of probiotics. When the body is in demand of friendly probiotics requires high volume frequent its best to look at many other sources of probiotics. Other things noted are Kombucha, Miso seasoning, Fermented dairy drinks like Buttermilk, again not processed, the good bacteria survive the aging processes of some cheeses such as Gouda, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Cottage Cheese. Even pickles made in a traditional method and not those that go through the heating process when being manufactured killing anything that resembled friendly bacteria. All of these foods and drinks help provide you with natural friendly bacteria (probiotics) to help out our bodies when they have been affected by medications etc.

And do not forget Prebiotics which are the types of fiber that pass through our body undigested and these promote the growth and activity of friendly gut bacteria. Some of these are Lentils, Chickpeas, Bananas, Onions, Asparagus, Oats, Garlic, Nuts, Leeks etc.

I take immune suppressants and at one time I was very concerned about eating probiotic foods and supplements but I was advised not to be concerned and to continue.

I hope you find something helpful to provide your body with some friendly bacteria to your gut.

p.s I meant to say I spoke to Boots pharmacists who went away to check if the company supplied a very high strength probiotic by prescription or over the counter, they called me back and confirmed they had absolutely nothing in comparison that they could supply and the VSL#3 was the best solution which they did supply on prescription until changes within the NHS, they could order it in but it would cost me more than going to myself. I asked would other pharmacist be able to help me identify another product, the reply I received was I am afraid not.

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yes I’d recommend biokult from boots as they have 14 different strains in them I get boosted range after antibiotics but take them every day .

I’ve researched and used other brands but these are undoubtedly the best .

I use the S. boulardii alongside Migrea . One of each with my morning vitamins

I shop cleverly with the boots advantage card I.e. only buy on 3 for 2 plus in bulk to get extra points .

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My naturopath friend suggested I take OPTIBAC after 2 nasty bacterial chest infections and having taken lots of antibiotics, she said it was an excellent one. I think EleanorDigby mentioned the same one.

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I have always taken Yakult over the years and when I'm on antibiotics and after antibiotics I tend to take live yoghurt, Morrisons do a really good brand with small pots in banana and mandarin flavours which I love and isn't overly expensive either.

I also take capsules which I bought online from Victoria Health, their own brand.

So grim taking antibiotics for so long, I'm not on my fourth set in four months plus IV anbx, it definitely has horrible side effects on tummy.

Hope that helps and that you feel better soon 💐

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I am now taking CoQ10 multi for my Immune support .only just started but advised this is the best as goes to the Gut where the Immune System is. I will let you know how I get on. Good luck xxSheila 💕⚘ purchased online from Cytoplan. Read about it as it explains everything xx I take Azithromycin 3 times a week doesnt stop infections for me.

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my problem after taking abs is then I always get a fungal infection so automatically take an anti fungal tablet ( that I buy from chemist) after abs have finished.

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