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Thank you

I would just like to thank everyone who kindly responded to my post... The doctor came out last night and gave me a steroid injection that helped a lot . I still don't feel well, but certainly better than I did. He told me to increase the seretide and ventolin and if things get any worse to ring the surgery straight away. Once again thank you all so much, you were a great comfort in the early hours of this morning. God bless Marie.

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I'm glad to hear that you called out the doctor and that he was able to give you some help. Hope you start to feel much better soon, lots of love TAD xx


Good news Marie and get well soon. Take care xxxx


so glad you called the doctor out but be careful how you go over the next few days, I dont want to make things worse or make you worry but landed up in intensive care last year with what i thought was just a chest infection and for the next 12 months i was very very poorly so if it doesn't get any better I would by pass the doctor and go to A&E.......glad you are feeling a little better xx


Hi Marie, pleased you had your GP out, sure he would have had you in hospital if he did'nt think you would improve at home, so try not to worry, and don't hesitate to call him/her back if no improvement soon. Take care. Love Sheila Xx

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Hi Marie, I am so glad that you feel better, But don't hesitate to take your doctor's advice to ring the surgery if things didn't improve. don't leave it. be treated before Christmas. I hope you will feel well for Christmas. keep warm! Mic


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