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Thank you….

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……to everyone who has sent messages of condolence and support. I am very touched by it. Working through the Registar’s office, meeting with the undertaker, liaising with family and the minister and hoping not to miss anyone on the phone calls list is emotionally exhausting as so many of you know. This is all new to me but “Tell us Once” is a fantastic use of technology and a real help. Thanks again my friends.

10 Replies
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Yes, all this busyness must be super exhausting, but it’s good in a way isn’t it, as a distraction from grief. People often say that losing someone doesn’t really hit them until after the funeral. So that’s another reason to go on your holiday beforehand. If family & friends offer help with all the arrangements, say yes please! There’s so much to do x

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There is so much to do teenieleek so you really need your holiday. Look after yourself too and take care.

Love and hugs xxx❤️🤗

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Look after yourself. xx

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You have my deepest sympathy... 🙏🏻

Please take care of yourself and please do go on you holiday

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When someone dies, there is a huge amount to do, and my daughter, who’s partner died in 2021 when he was 31, has told me how the Tell us Once scheme helped her get through the minefield of ‘stuff’ that has to be done. It’s a good idea to go on your holiday before the funeral because you’ll still be running on adrenaline until the funeral, and then will be the time to grieve.

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Best wishes xx

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best wishes xx

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Thinking of you 💕xxx

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sorry but I seem to have lost your post. Condolences to you anyway. Xx

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I'm very sorry to read about your loss teenieleek. Please take care of yourself, these things are so exhausting. xx ❤️

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