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Big thank you (bottle update)

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I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that tried to track down those pesky but incredibly valuable (to us) water bottles in/with Sainsburys. We’ve been going through a bit of a time since last summer, it’s not been an easy spell, and my health continues to careen from one new problem to another, all of which have contributed to why I haven’t been around much over the last 4 or 5 months. To have so many of you reply and in many cases go completely out of your way in an effort to help my sorry behind was extremely humbling. I’d hesitate to say it completely restored my faith in humanity, because the misanthrope in me is pretty strong, but it didn’t miss by that much 😂

Sainsburys probably wondered what the hell was going on, but the good news is that, after numerous failed online orders from you lovely people right across the country, and fruitless jaunts by members to their local stores on the hunt, one member not only managed to locate 6 bottles, but also went out of her way to travel to get them, and they arrived here yesterday morning. I’m not going to publicise who it was here, or the details of the significant mission undertaken to collect them, just in case she’d rather I didn’t, but some of you will already know from the relevant replies on the original post. Safe to say, she has an incredible amount of gratitude from both of us.

I explained to Bod about the efforts of everyone here and she was genuinely touched - not a response to be sniffed at coming from a teenager, never mind an autistic one. So, thank you again, everyone. This board is frequented by a pretty incredible bunch of people, and no amount of unwelcome rebrands can change that.

18 Replies
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So pleased for you Charlie. The folks on this forum really are stars of the brightest quality.

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I'm glad they arrived.i was amazed too💟Sorry to hear of yr health problems Charlie yr a great support here but do remember we r here for you,too x

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So glad to hear about the success of the great bottle hunt . Sainsburys should be thanking you for the publicity!

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Yes three cheers and hip hip hooray for that magic lady who shall be nameless even though most of us know her name Lol


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Good news Charlie. Sadly I didn’t get to sainsburys on Friday as feeling unwell. What a star to travel to get you some. X

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That's great news Charlie it just goes to show how much the people on here care. We have a lovely community family here which we all are proud of. So pleased someone could help. Hope you all have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌹

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I’m so very pleased to know that 6 bottles were tracked down by a wonderful forum member. Well done. Wishing you and Bod well always. Take care.

Carole xxxx

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I agree, a good hearted bunch of people here.You've also been very helpful to many many members with your knowledge of lung disease and medicines as well as coping with all you do personally as a dad with health issues of your own. I dont know how you do it

Bravo to the special lady member 👏

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So pleased for you both.I didn’t respond because I looked on our Sainsbury site and there were none. I wouldn’t have been able to get around to do more.

People are so wonderfully generous.

What an amazing group.

Lots of love to you both

Kate xxx

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I'm so glad someone amazing has managed to track down the bottles. Any response from a teenager is noteworthy! Take care.

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This is such wonderful news. Many tried (which shows how much you and E are loved and respected on here, but definitely👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 To our wonderful member who did this for you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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Oh chalie that's such a relief to have some bottles, I was going back today and see if the sainsburys had opened the car park .what a lovely kind person to get them for you.x keep your spirits up

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Well done to that lady for resolving the problem. Hoping Bod will be a little more careful with her water bottles now. Perhaps a crocheted water bottle belt bag to help her keep it with her all the time?

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Great to have thanks from any teenager as you say Charlie and very welcome. There may be the odd little bottle floating on a Sainsburys shelf somewhere folks, so keep your eyes peeled x

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That's good to hear Charlie. Top marks for the very generous and caring lady who went out of her way to get the bottles for you xxx😊

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Glad you got your bottles, Charlie, thanks to kind lady. Our Sainsbury's did not have them, though they had several expensive black opaque steel bottles. (No good for a teenager.) If you need more I can try delivery service from Haverhill, Suffolk. xxx

HungryHufflepuff profile image

The kindness and friendship of this community really is something special. I’m glad the bottles were found for you 😊

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So pleased you now have a decent stock of bottles. I know you are coping so well with all the health problems you both have: you really are an inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work Charlie. We’re here for you 😘

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