My sight seems to have improved?

My sight seems to have improved?

This is really weird,I,m 58years old and over the last few weeks have noticed my sight improving.I,ve been wearing varyfocals for about five years now( about a grand for two pairs).I can now see as well if not better without them even reading.I know a little about sight as my first full time job ,a while back,was in an opticians.I,ve never heard of somebody of my age getting better eyesight.I,ve stopped using my nebuliser and cut down my steroids to 4mg,lowest this year,could that be the reason?Once again my health has me baft! D.

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  • The same thing happened to my Mum - she wore glasses all her life but the last few years she saw better without them......strrrrange! :) May it continue for you :)

  • Wow, well whatever the reason I so happy for u, nice to read a getting better story. Take care of ur new health lol x Sonia x

  • " Hello!! Sonia! just noticed you on Farmers amazing news,was wondering how your doing as last time I saw you online you was suffering awful headaches, hoping that you too are feeling so much better as seems to be the case for a lot of us right now.:) have a lovely week...Megan "

  • Hi meg, I've had a crappy week with headaches, sob, got me down abit, bouncing back slowly, got my oxygen assessment Thursday hopefully one way or another they can sort the headaches out, fingers crossed, I even put my Xmas tree up today try and lighten the mood, anyway thanks for asking and how's u doing, seen ur response too and glad ur feeling good at the mo, long may it continue for u. Take care x Sonia x

  • " Hey!! FarmerD.... What! fantastic news to read.. WOW!! it must be the time for us all to start feeling so much better, I am a little to scared to shout it out too load. But like you, I too am feeling fine, and knowing that on hearing about your eye sight returning, is awesome, whatever it is we are doing FarmerD...lets keep it up. Yes, well done you. Have a lovely evening. Megan "

  • hi farmer,, very strange indeed!! ive never heard of that .

    however all to the good,, all the very best,, jimmy :)

  • Thanks Jimmy,hope you too are well,regards D.

  • thanks for the kind thoughts farmer,, jimmy :)

  • Thank you ladies ,I,m sending out healing vibes just in case it might be catching,wellbeing to all of you!Regards D.

  • Same happened to my mother in law many moons ago. I am still waiting!!!!

  • Thanks Pergola,maybe it,s not so strange then.Happy days! D.

  • Last time I went to the optician they checked my eyes twice because I needed new varifocals as my sight had improved......I thought maybe it was because I am oxygen. The oxygen is to protect the organs and the eyes are an organ! Keep smiling.

    Carole x

  • My hubby"s eyesight suddenly improved.

    The optitian said it was due to the change of his medications. ..

    Which one am uncertain, but it was something to do with the heart.

    Now sad to say he,s developing a cataract

  • Interesting FarmerD I went to the optician on Friday and he said my eyesight had improved slightly. He said this sometimes happens as we get older, also said that if I live to be 190 I will have perfect eyesight!! (I am 62) Can't wait!

  • Hi, I think long sight can improve with age, but also I find nebulised Combivent affects my eyesight both long and short term. I was advised to keep my eyes shut when I was using my nebuliser which can help.

  • Strange because I have had the same this last year or so. My eyes started to improve and are continuing to do so. I used to wear them for driving but don't need them driving anymore. Even my reading sight is improving. It could be that I use oxygen for mobility now and that is protecting my eyes. I just thought is was weird but it seems i am not alone in this..

  • How peculiar! I have googled it but can't find anything. Can you get a refund on your glasses? :) x

  • Hi Farmer D that's fantastic news parts of our body improving wish our lungs would that would be great.

    My daughter had that laser eye surgery about 3 years ago she was 27 she said the difference was amazing she would recommend it.

    Take care by the way fantastic looking cat

  • Hi Ona,I get so much spam from those laser eye people it puts me off,I'd probably have to have it done every year so I.ll stick to the specs,Regards D. Ps. That,s Dizzle, he,s twice that size now,must catch a new pic of him.

  • same with me.The older I get the better they get. x

  • Hello cough ,not sure whether to see optician or not,can,t afford new specs at the mo.

  • Hi Farmer,it depends on how bad your eyes are also how long since yoi had them tested.Its worth checking with the NHS if you qualify for free glasses.Hope you get on allright with,let us know,good luck mags

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