I am on atrovent ,seretide salbutamol ,Eklira Genuair and uniphyllin, last week I had a phone call from my practice nurse , she told me my doctor ( a very good one)has told me to stop with the atrovent as I have been on the Eklira

Genuair fo nearly a year now so I shouldn`t need the atrovent as they are a similar drug,but I am really s o b now so I have rang the surgery to explain my problem, do I restart the atrovent or not ?they are going to ring me back later in the day. has any one else had this experience?

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maybe you need more of just one of them?

he rang back ,start taking the atrovent again until the new year ,then go see him

How do you find taking Uniphyllin? I couldn't cope with the insomnia side effect.

been taking it for a few years ,no problems yet. blood test for what ever side effects once a year

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