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Hi, (new) Has anyone been on Nebulised Antibiotic Colomycin? Been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis,

Had iv Tazocin and Gentamicin for 10 days in hosp, still have colonised! pseudomas..on oxygen, started with copd 2008 gradually getting more breathless/useless! co2 retainer did have resp failure.

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Norris I have been nebulising colomycin for about 8 years and never had a problem with it. I think it is difficult to get rif of the dreaded pseudo. Tazocin is a good antibiotic. Sorry you are feeling so bad I hope you begin to feel better soon. M x

Thanks. Glad to have some info from a user of same meds. Take care:-) Norris

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I can't offer you any real advise I am sorry but would advise you ring the blf helpline press on red balloon for number. It sounds very miserable I hope you start to feel better soon, take care TAD xx

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Hi flibberti. I'm going to resp clinic to see if neb colomycin is suitable for me to use, I'm just bit wary about being in room on my own by open widow to take it..been reading up on web. Been told by consultant I'll need to go for iv antibiotic twice a year. Had so much infection not had flu jab yet, so blooming paranoid about going hosp. Thanks for your reply, xx

Just been looking on link thanks. Will let you know how I got on on Friday. Take Care. X

Hi Norris

Hope the colomycin works well for you. I know many peeps, including a couple of our friends above who col works well for and find great benefit from it.

I was assessed for it and was fine but unfortunately I became extremely sob and being the awkward sod I am and hating a and e I waited too long to do as I was told if this happened and dial 999. My gp did this for me. Now I have to say I am not the norm and my consultant does say I am his worst patient with regard to allergies and intolerances to various drugs which makes me difficult to treat. (Well I think that's why he thinks I'm his worst patient!!!!!) I cannot tolerate Azithromycin either. Sad because I think my infections would be greatly reduced with both these drugs.

I used the ordinary hospital Phillips nebuliser as I was initially given 2 weeks supply of drugs. I didn't open a window as I live alone, and you should be given a filter which fits onto your machine. I would guess you will be given an ineb once it is established this is a permanent drug for you.

Good luck with the col Norris and I hope it proves very beneficial for you.

love cx

Hm, you sound a bit like me, I'm not able to tolorate some antib, had few exacerbation been told to ring GP or 999 earlier than I tend to do. I'm very SOB already!! Wait and see what happens to-morrow. :-0

Good luck norris. You have to give it a go and you never know it might be just the job to help keep those pests in check.

love cx

Thanks for the good luck!!The neb colomicin didn't work ..couldn't breath after been on it for a few mins, everyone panic especially me thought my time was up, had to stay in hosp overnight, slept for 15hrs after coming home still very tired, don,t really know what they'll suggest now, disappointed the colom didn't work. Hey ho! try and count blessings.:-)

Oh norris I am so sorry not only that it didn't work for you but that you experienced the horrific side effect. You really can't explain the sob can you - it is so different from any sob I have ever experienced - it's like everything is shutting down. At least you were in good hands and they looked after you well. Reinforced to me how silly I was that night but I was honestly past being scared, more resigned.

Well that is so disappointing for you hun but I hope your consultant has something else up his/her sleeve which will suit you better and be of help.

With love


Hi Norris... I have Bronchiectasis colonised with Pseudomonas .. cant shift the pseudo .. My first hospital admission with it was given Tazocin ... I felt so healthy .. Next time was sent home nurses to administer IV..

3rd time was trained how to administer the IV myself after the fitting of a line and cannula... by a specialist hospital.. I have nebulised Colomycin twice a day and Uniphyllin and Montelukast .. have tried others but i have a very delicate gut.. the worst ever given was Ciprofloxacin .. awful toxic stuff.. When my breathing gets much worse I take steroids but only if needed .. I find the heat makesme breathless and so does the cold .. Im also taking inhalers Ventolin and Seretide for Asthma ..

Its all about finding out what meds suit you and dont panic about the Pseudomonas ..

GOOD LUCK and know you are not alone in your journey ... google Bronchiectasis and look for a few support groups with lots of fellow sufferers ... it helps to read others stories and share yours knowing its not as rare as we fear ... on these groups people chat on a daily basis so theres always someone to talk to 😊

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