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Which supplements to help improve chronic lung conditions

I am on a quest to find out which specific supplements will help our body to cope with COPD and Asthma and other lung conditions. I have been told the usual advice, avoid smoke, dust and damp etc; to prevent the condition from deteriorating. However I'm convinced that allieviating the body of the inflammation and improving ones general health must have a strong bearing on holding off the higher levels of the disease.

I have found some posts about breathing excercises and so that is also a must to keep at it but how about supplements?.

As far as I have researched we should start with Vit D (after having blood levels checked) then the general ones advised to everyone such as Omega 3 (or eat oily fish) and antioxidants.

There are many herbs, vitamins and minerals out there! Does anyone know which would be specific to improve our lungs and body inflammation??

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hi Riverfrog, I can only let you what I take as I'd not like to recommend anyone take anything.

For lung health: B12 & D3 both rec. to me at Pulmonary Rehab to take all year round

For inflamation: Devils Claw

For joints: Chondroitin, Glucosamine, Eskimo Oil (omega 3),

high cholesterol: plant sterols, co-enzyme Q10

For general: a good multivit

For dog: Flexijoints

A regular taker of extras me. I personally dont believe we get enough from a balanced diet because soils are depleted and anyway, I'd rather be safe than sorry. I dont drink or spend much on myself so this is my being good to myself.

I get all my bits from Healthspan they're good quality and post free. Their magazine is always a good read. You could always contact them for advice on supplements for lung health or call/email BLF: 03000 030 555

I'm looking forward to more responses, I'd love to know what everyone else takes. peeg


Thank you Peeg, Some good advice here, I will be on to Healthspan and seewhat they have to say. Interesting about the B12, is that recommened whether or not one is low on this?


I think some people in past posts have mentioned hemp oil and probiotic pills


Hi Riverfrog

As far as I know there are no absolutely proven lung specific remedies, I imagine getting as many as poss through a good diet is best, and any added minerals/vits etc can hardly do any harm.

If there were proven remedies then I imagine we would all be taking them and the big pharma companies would be 'modifying' them in some way so as to make a lot of money


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Hi riverfrog, before plumping for a specific supplement, I would look up the benefits of the varied ones first, taking into account your individual illnesses.There are many sites on line to find out what is good for what. Ginger is good for chest problems and arthritis. Garlic is an anti inflammatory i do believe but many people are allergic to it. Chili is another one but not everyone likes those foods.Vitamin C needs to be taken daily in small doses most of us get enough of it in a balanced diet.

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My herbalist recommends astragalus; elecampagne; liquorice; thyme; barberry; hawthorn; lobelia - some hep expectoration. Also I know of Co Q10, hemp oil, mullein, pleurisy root, lungwort, hyssop, horehound, garlic, astaxanthin ... some natural antibiotic effect like garlic, some anti-inflammatory.


Juliekkay, brilliant, I think that must be a comprehensive list of relevant herbs, do you know if it is possible to buy a concoction of at least some of these?


yes,,, Lung rejuvenator from blessed herbs; Cough and Mucus drops from organic pharmacy; Chest mixture from Potters ; Tibetan Lung support from ? ; and my wonderful herbalist :) would recommend a good herbalist ... works out cheaper and it is tailored to you . best wishes in your search :)


Thank you Knitter, Ripley, Sticth and katieoxo60, Wow! I'm overwelmed with the help you have given me here.

I certainly have to do some thinking and decide which to take.

I already eat a lot of Garlic so that a good thing.

The Brewer's Yeast idea sounds good, I had been wondering about getting "Zell Oxygen" which I think is much the same thing... and I really must eat more Ginger.

I am surprised that there is not something already put together and recommened by the doctors for lung problems because this is quite a lot of info to try and find out for ourselves.


In France homeopathy is the norm and works along side conventional meds. Might be an idea to look on French sites to see what they do?

A qualified Medical Herbalist would make a concoction to suit you personally as will a qualified Chinese Herbalist but, & it's a BIG BUT some herbs might interact with the conventional medication you take. Really good hebalist would know this, however, there are many charlatans out there

If I could afford it I'd definitely have Acupuncture on a regular basis.

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Thank you juliekkay and Peeg, Sounds like I need to find myself a good herbalist. I did find a homepath when seeking out a way to strengthen my bones but I was not keen on the medecines as they contain so much sugar and I'm not convinced of the tiny amount of medicinal compound in each pill.

Herbalist sounds like the way to go, thanks again.


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