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Many thanks to everyone in this Forum for posts. As someone who lives alone, and whose friends either died or moved abroad, I find this site very good, helps loneliness. The humour and helpful information is very good. I’m also on PCD forum, which I joined 3 years ago, not so useful, and think HU management included me in Lung conditions about 9 months ago, very pleased they did. My best wishes to everyone, please keep posts coming. xx

31 Replies
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Hi! I'm from Birmingham too! Fortunately no bomb shelters for me but my mom remembers them. This is such a supportive group.

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It's a great forum with wonderful members. The support and variety of subjects has often helped to get me through the day.

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I’m pleased you’re on the forum Jean and glad it’s helping you feel a bit less lonely. I can’t imagine not being on here with all the lovely members and friends I’ve made. Xxx💕💕💕💕💕

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Hi from Nottinghamshire and I know how lonley life can be. We always post but please feel free to join on. Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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Hi to you. I'm a fellow Brummie, although I live in Scotland now, but I go home a lot and visit family. Still follow Aston villa. Like yourself I did exam and went to grammar school in Birmingham. Hope you enjoy contacts you will get on this site. Helpful advice and humour, poems and photos people share. All good wishes to you.

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I would certainly second that, Jean! I was originally on the BHF and AF Association forums and still am but came over here a little while back when my childhood asthma started making a comeback. Bizarre though it sounds, I’m so glad it has otherwise I would never have met such a lovely group of warm, friendly and supportive people, added to that the humour, which is the icing on the cake😊 So a big thank you to everyone from me, too, TC x

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This forum is a place where we are accepted as we are. It's a bench in the park where we nod 'hello' s to others. It's an outside cafe to share a coffee. It's memory lane and a time machine. And above all, it's a support group where each of us contribute with our own experiences in life. And it's a place where I enjoy sharing stories in my role as a hospital volunteer. Looking forward to more posts from you!

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Morrison10 in reply to Greenthorn

Morning, thanks. Hope you saw my picture garden fox, do you get foxes?

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Greenthorn in reply to Morrison10

Whoops, I think I did Jean! I will check. From memory I was searching the photo without identifying the fox! Yes we do have foxes here in London. They think they own the pavements. 😀

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Morrison10 in reply to Greenthorn

Fox in picture at back, in between line props. My lawn gets lot of fox poo, have to clear it up, not what you want on pavements!

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Walkwalkwalk in reply to Greenthorn

What a lovely way of describing this group Grace

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Greenthorn in reply to Walkwalkwalk

Thanks Grace!

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Morrison10 in reply to Greenthorn

That’s such good description, many thanks, I look forward to your posts!

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Greenthorn in reply to Morrison10

Jean, so many stories. Stories about hearing aids, dental receptionists, all sorts. I'm even attending a 6 week Bereavement course, 'The Bereavement Journey' run by a local church. But I have to prioritise the hosiery visits as a volunteer. I have to pay tribute to their courage, their humour and of course the occasional favourite song!

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Hi, I’m from Birmingham too, but moved here 44 years ago so post bomb shelters. I find this group very helpful with lung issues, but I agree, it does help with loneliness.

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Hello Jean. The feeling is very much neutral. xx ♥️

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Hi Morrison, Yes this site really helps with the loneliness as well as all the brilliant tips, and Dons poems always hit the spot. Take care xxx

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Good morning Morriston. I hope you are keeping as well as possible and have someone to do shopping for you and hope you're neighbours are helpful and friendly being as all your friends are no longer around and I have expect you have no family. Take care and hope you're day goes well. Brian

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Morrison10 in reply to Bingo88

Morning Brian, thanks for you response. I have two daughters, neither married or with partners or children, don’t live near to me. The older has severe MS, spends day in wheelchair, haven’t seen her since Xmas, and I’ve not been well enough to visit her. My younger daughter has health issues, badly broke her leg and ankle last autumn, has recently been able to come here and help me. My groceries are delivered. Have neighbours who help when need someone to do something I can’t manage, but most are similar age to me. I’m still classed as very vulnerable, but celebrating nearly 9 weeks without antibiotics, so think may be able to take car for short drive soon!

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Bingo88 in reply to Morrison10

That's good to hear love. Hope you carry on feeling better. Brian

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My cat is Morrison. He’s been out last few nights and days, just come in onto his chair and he’s snoring already! So I can hear I’ve got company whilst do postural drainage x

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Stratos20 in reply to Morrison10

I’m doing postural drainage too M. Second today. Probably another two as I have a cold. Bloody inconvenient but part of my life. Best wishes Diane x

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Morrison10 in reply to Stratos20

Hi Diane, I’m about to Nebulise first before postural drainage, takes hour plus sterilising mask etc, takes time but has to be done twice daily. Yes it’s inconvenient, drainage when worked in office not easy! Kind regards jean x

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Stratos20 in reply to Morrison10

I was given a nebuliser many years ago. I was working and it was pretty exhausting with all the prep and sterilisation, and having to get up extra early to do it. I persevered for months but found that actually it didn’t help to bring much more up than without. That’s why I gave it up. I do hope it helps you though xx

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Morrison10 in reply to Stratos20

Hi, it’s difficult to know how much effect it has, think it’s better sometimes than others. As I have PCD, my cilia, little hair like lining in lungs, don’t move as they should to get mucus out. Yes it takes lot of time, and as widow living alone, have to plan day, don’t get as much done as would like! Can’t imagine how would manage when working, hope not doing it not adversely affected you. Best wishes, Jean xx

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What a lovely post Jean. Yes this forum is great for all the reasons posted above. I’m glad you’re managing quite well at the moment. Fingers crossed for a long spell of no anti biotics. I hail from Redditch I was born at Bromsgrove hospital. I left Redditch in 1972 and moved up north I still have nephews who live in Redditch. Take care. X

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yes, some of the HU forums are just question and answer places without the community feel we have here.

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I love being part of this group and the diversity of its members makes it really interesting as well as being fun! We have 'experts in their field' who've lived with lung conditions for many years and those who are new to it all. Everyone is welcomed with open arms, it seems, and I love the way so many aspects of our personalities come out when people share their interests.

Having a lung condition can affect you in so many ways - depression being one of them - and anything that brightens the day for even a moment is a hugely worthwhile contribution.

Loneliness can hit us all at some time, especially if we can't get out like we used to, or if our friends and family are no longer with us. Here, there's always someone 'listening'. It doesn't matter what time of the day or night you come on, you can bet your life someone else will be there ready to answer a post, even if it's just with a 'like'.

It's great having new members join as each person brings something unique with them to add to the richness of the group.

Long may this group continue to thrive!

xx Moy

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It is such a friendly place to be. It's great you found us 🤗

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That is wonderful to read. A totally inspiring letter. Thankyou.

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