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hi am I the only one to think this is the worst summer for exacerbation of COPD? normally I do not have any exacerbations at this time of year normally around Xmas but this year has ben very troublesome and woke up thisam puffy and wheezing luckily settling down now but if gets worse means a phone call to GP am to see if I need to start steroids and antibiotics yet again

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  • Hi Goldcrest

    I am on an 18 day steroid rescue pack at the moment. I have had it so long I had to check the expiry date. My problem was caused by a cold moving downwards though. I haven't had a proper exacerbation for nearly three years, touch wood. I hope yours soon clears up.

    Bobby xxx

  • Yes,I've struggled more than usual this summer, still am, can barely breath the last couple of days. Will be calling the community matron service if no improvement tomorrow. Have some emergency ab's and steroids but am never sure when it's the right time to take them! Trouble is it gets so much worse so very quickly sometimes, Libby x

  • maybe call her today ?... just in case you need your emergency supplies sooner

  • maybe call her today ?... just in case you need your emergency supplies sooner

  • I thought it was just me. I had felt fantastic since going back to work last October, after recovering from double pneumonia which I came down with last summer I might add, but as soon as the milder weather got here this year I'm off again pneumonia in June, just getting over that and another infection which I hope I caught early fingers crossed. I think I was much better in the winter, I also get very hot all the time.

    Hope everyone is better soon.


  • hope you feel better soon I am feeling better now rang gp who recommended to wait for acouple of days before starting antibiotics and steroids which I always have ready glad I took his advice as don't like taking too much medication , I know I was better last winter with just one exacerbation which I always get I think there is a lot of pollution in the air which doesn't help even though I live in a rural area just now try to avoid going out when it is very hot glad we have a big garden to relax in best wishes

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