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Havin fun with a microscope LIKE really

Anyway a was looking at my mucus a coughed up and there was large and small blood cells in my mucus ... Anyone know out about if a should be taking iron ... As a don't fancy anisocytosis and issue is why no one as told me about this given all my blood test and what part as asbestos fibrils or hydrated magnesium silicate played in this

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Sorry Daz, i have no expertise in this but i am pleased you are having fun with the microscope.




Cheers am thinking a should not bother as things just get better ... A thought red blood cells should be all the same size have seen the anti body cells and do look like road kill ... Like are cells in mucus same as your blood cells might be one for BLF

Cheers all the best :)


hi daz ,best way take wat u have and see ur consultant asap .there technology will tell u 1 way or the other,take care


Cheers will do



I really think you are driving yourself dizzy by looking at your sputum.

Pathology Labs are the places that examine sputum etc and the microscopes that they use are much more powerful than anything you could buy.

We all breathe all sorts of things into our lungs - dust etc etc. so I dare say that if we all looked hard enough we would find something in our sputum - that chances are it's nothing sinister.

But the only way you would find out for sure is by ahving it tested in a lab.



Cheers think your right ... Do get feeling my GP Lung Specialist are holding out on me tho.

Like my lung doc says am suffering from hyperventilation syndrome and he said I have trivial bronchiectasis and trivial emphysemaatous bullae am no expert but a lung full of holes cyst in centre and edge's are not what I would class as trivial


Hi Daz, maybe we could send you samples and you could put them under your microscope and do a report. There would be no need to send the samples back.

Lib x


That is just to much really ... Grossing me out :p


Cheers :)


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