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Wondering as a newbie

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On reading other posts I'm wondering if the mucus I feel is stuck at the top of my throat yet doesn't cough up is natural with a lung condition.

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Hi Mizb22, yes clearing mucus from the throat is a problem. There is a breathing exercise program you can get on your mobile phone called "Autogenic Drainage" you can download it for Free from playstore. Very simple 20 controlled breaths and a final huff cough to move the mucus.

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Welcome to this forum. It is very friendly, informative, funny and supportive. I have just looked at your profile. I am intrigued by your history. In particular the diagnosis of emphysema. I was wrongly diagnosed with emphysema at the beginning of my crazy saga. I too had PEs, that did not resolve and caused small airways disease. Still a puzzle for doctors. I should like to know a little more about how your diagnosis was made.

Just being a nosy bugger…

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MizB22 in reply to Katinka46

In 2018 I was told I had mild scarring from the embolism. After the covid episode and getting 8 clots more damage has been done. I was only told about Emphysema this month.

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Ask your doctor to prescribe Carbosisteine, it thins the mucus , therefore relieving the problem. 💕👍Sheila.

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captainchaos1 in reply to garshe

Good morning Sheila, glad to see your name again, hope you and your bunny enjoyed Easter. hope you're still wearing the heels and shiny tights, i'm sure it keeps you feeling young. Maybe get the stockings out of retirement? Hope you and hubby are both wekk. John x

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garshe in reply to captainchaos1

Off to hospital today for oxygen assessment. I am already saying it's going to be fine and wont be put back on oxygen. First topic on my vision board to concentrate on. Been up since 6.30am getting ready . Will let you know. Yes the ankle boots with heels are on ready for the long walk down the corridor to exam room. Have to keep it slow and not rush and talk too much. The latter very difficult lol 🙊 will keep you informed on the result. Feeling positive and bought a new outfit xx Sheila ......feeling summery today ,but always have the scarf xx💕💕⚘

All ready x
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captainchaos1 in reply to garshe

Dearest Sheila, gorgeous outfit, you'll be the belle of the ball. My thoughts are with you, I can already imagine the click clack of your heels walking SLOWLY down that long corridor. Yes, take it slow and gently and I expect that there will be no oxygen necessity for you. Good luck, type slowly so you're not speaking too fast. Good luck, go with kisses . xxxxxxxxxxxx Johnre

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Fredelsa in reply to garshe

I agree, excellent stuff Carbocisteine is my new best friend, brilliant!

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garshe in reply to Fredelsa

It is a great medication xxSheila 💕⚘

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Ravey in reply to Fredelsa

Hope you don't mind me asking but how long does it take to start working? I'm on my second box ..gone from 3 a day to 6 and it's still happening..the throat mucus.

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garshe in reply to Ravey

I also take honey as well as the Carbocisteine. I am prescribed 2 x4 times a day but dont usually take that many . Both work well for me. Good luck. 👍💕

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sandraseptember17 in reply to garshe

Worked for me

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If in doubt treat yourself to something new!😀My daughter took me to a garden centre yesterday. I saw a scarecrow which really made me smile,he's now in my back garden.!


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garshe in reply to Aingeful

That's my idea of cheering myself up. Let's see him Sheila. Xx💕💕💕💕

Aingeful profile image
Aingeful in reply to garshe

I'll take a picture tomorrow :-)

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garshe in reply to Aingeful

Looking forward to photo xx💕💕👍

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Welcome to the site so pleased to meet youThis is a problem with lung disease, try a flutter valve you should be able to get one on prescription ftom either your GP or respritory nurse

I hope this helps have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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Ravey in reply to Damon1864

Thankyou I haven't heard of one before..I shall enquire though 😀

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Hi, I’ve been on a medication for years now called carbocisteine. I’m prescribed 2x3 daily but only take 2x2 daily. It thins out your mucus so it’s easier to bring off your chest. Ask your doctor.

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