My secret to a long marriage!.......................KOTC

.........................My secret to a long marriage

At my local church they have weekly husbands' marriage seminars

At the session last week,the preacher asked me,as I was approaching my 50th wedding anniversary,to take a few minutes and share some insight into how I had managed to stay married to the same woman all these years

I told the assembled husbands,''Well I have tried to treat her nice,spend money on her ,but the best thing of all is I took her to Iceland for our 25th anniversary!''

The preacher responded'' You are an amazing inspiration to all the husbands here!

Please tell us what you are planning for your wife for your 50th anniversary?''

I stood there as proud as punch and said ''I AM GOING BACK TO PICK HER UP''



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Hahahahaah CLASSIC!

koala x

Nice one Eh?



Kep laughing


Is that true or is it something your dreamed up?

My 45 year marriage has survived because my true love (Peter) didn't live with me too often. He was in the Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm) and was away most of the time - which was nice.

After the RN he did the necessary to become a solicitor (he was away for that too - which was nice).

Since retiring, and coming home to live, he has come close to being stabbed lots of times!!!!

Separation is the ideal way to have a happy marriage.

Love and hugs



In ICELAND for twenty five years would be a bit extreme though wouldn't it? LOL


Yeah, those freezers are cold ..... :o x x x

How do you think them up

The only Iceland I know sells frozen chickens :) x x x

Country not the store!

Daydream believer

Good one!! xx

Ha Ha a good one again.

:D :D That's where I went wrong then

You muswt take a break!

Wicked! :D :D :D :D :D X

Very wicked

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Familiarity breeds contempt

both apt?...

Yep. They are

Keep them coming! Always enjoy your blogs.


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