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My humiliating tumble

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I decided I’m going to paint my storage shed this morning. As I painted along I was breathing good. Feeling good. So good in fact I forgot I’m 65 & decided I could jump off the two foot side of the shed porch like a young girl. I jumped. I fell. I chose to do an athletes roll vs break multiple bones. I landed in my 30 year old hedge type landscaping. Scratched both arms, my palms, legs, sprained my right ring finger. Of course I was dressed in a large pocket T. Baggy shorts such as any rapper would be proud of. Picked myself up very ungracefully. Continued to paint. A couple hours later my left knee explodes in swelling. I need crutches. At this point I’m praying the neighbors do not have a video clip of me on tic tok. I’m in pain folks. Ice bag on knee. Waiting for morning to see my Dr.

63 Replies
teddyd profile image

Ouch. I did a similar thing a few years ago. My knee took the hit. Speedy recovery. My body knows it's old but my head doesn't x

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Maricopa in reply to teddyd

Nice to hear I’m not the only one doing silly things.

CDPO16 profile image

Hopefully no broken bones and whatever damage done heals quickly. Hope the paintwork looks good.

Maricopa profile image
Maricopa in reply to CDPO16

No broken bones but the knee is swollen on the left side. It hurts!

CDPO16 profile image
CDPO16 in reply to Maricopa

I can believe so, a sprain can be very painful. Hope that you are able to rest it.

Maricopa profile image
Maricopa in reply to CDPO16

on the recliner with an ice pack.

sassy59 profile image

Bless you dear Maricopa, hoping your knee and bruises recover well. Also, of course, your injured pride. I do feel for you.

Gentle hugs xxxxx❤️💜🤗

Maricopa profile image
Maricopa in reply to sassy59

The pride goes out the window everytime I move my leg. 😂

sassy59 profile image
sassy59 in reply to Maricopa

Wishing you well xxx💞

Blackbird9 profile image

Sounds painful hope you feel better soon .. no alcohol involvement i trust 😂

Maricopa profile image
Maricopa in reply to Blackbird9

Unfortunately no alcohol! I must wonder if I’d have fallen better with a drink or two under my belt. I did make it to the bathroom a few minutes ago. Very painful! Nothing broke. It hurts bad. I am so dumb. Lol. My adult son says, Mom stop pushing things. My daughter says, how many times have you told me don’t be a weekend warrior. In which I replied. I lost the battle. 😂😂🤣😅😂🤣

Blackbird9 profile image
Blackbird9 in reply to Maricopa

Hope you get sorted and no broken bones 🥰

Alberta56 profile image

I think we've all done it; I have at least. I don't like to admit I'm not 25 any more. Hope the injuries clear up soon and that you can get back to painting quickly. 🥰🥰🥰xxx

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Maricopa in reply to Alberta56


Biofreak profile image

Oh no! You've come a right cropper! Your sense of humour shines through though Maricopa just the same. We keep on trying to be 35 again but old father time keeps tripping us up. Seriously though, I hope you haven't done major damage. This from someone who thought she could change the curtains yesterday and ended up ringing my daughter to finish the job when I dropped the curtain rail on the dog. 🤪🐾

Maricopa profile image
Maricopa in reply to Biofreak

I’d laugh for crying. 😂😂🤣🤣

Biofreak profile image
Biofreak in reply to Maricopa

Don't worry my dog is not injured but she sulked all afternoon. Extra treats were required for forgiveness 🙄

Playing dead
Maricopa profile image
Maricopa in reply to Biofreak

Hmmm… the position looks familiar. 😂😂🤣🤣

Biofreak profile image
Biofreak in reply to Maricopa


garshe profile image

Hope you recover soom. I have learned not to take risks. Thank goodness nothing broken . Sending love and healing.xxSheila 💕⚘

Maricopa profile image
Maricopa in reply to garshe

Lesson learned!😉

Patk1 profile image

Oh no!! Hope u can rest and keep it elevated.i hope its not too painful.sorry,i had to laugh at the image u painted 😂😁

Id use frequent alternating heat and ice packs to help it settle x

Maricopa profile image
Maricopa in reply to Patk1

Rough night. It hurts. And press on with laughter. It was a fall worthy of it. 😂😂🤣

peege profile image

Gosh aren't we daft. I've many similar tales to tell with resultant aches and pains. My most public was face planting in a public park surrounded by picnicers at lunch time. Thought my nose was broken all because my dog leapt in front of me.

I hope your knee isn't too seriously injured and you'll get someone else to finish the shed!

Maricopa profile image
Maricopa in reply to peege

Oh no! It is something I’ll not do again!

Threecats profile image

Ouch! I’m sorry to hear that, Maricopa, sounds painful! I did similar when cutting the hedge last year - forgot I’m no longer a spring lamb , now a worn-out old goat 🙄😂 I hope your knee recovers soon.

Maricopa profile image
Maricopa in reply to Threecats

I’m hoping it settles down so the pain isn’t so intense.

leo60 profile image

Owwwwww! We know we shouldn't, but we do! I hope you mend soon and, possibly more importantly that there is no footage! 😘😘 xx

Maricopa profile image
Maricopa in reply to leo60

If there is footage it may go viral. 😂😂🤣🤣

leo60 profile image
leo60 in reply to Maricopa

Hahaha! I for one would love to see it 😂😂 Glad you can still laugh about it, but I bet you hurt 😧👎 xx

Maricopa profile image
Maricopa in reply to leo60

It is quite painful. I had to laugh. I know I looked hilarious.

Damon1864 profile image

I hope you are feeling ok and your knee isn't to painful. You be carefil please a f let us know what the GP says plrase . Please try to have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxxx 🌻🌻💖

Maricopa profile image
Maricopa in reply to Damon1864

It’s hurting. Swelled. I woke with chills. I feel a bit better after a pain pill.

Kitten-kat23 profile image

I truly hope you are better soon. Perhaps don’t try the gymnastics next time. Take care and stay safe. I hope you haven’t done too much damage to your knee.

Maricopa profile image
Maricopa in reply to Kitten-kat23

HAHAHAHA . I won’t be doing this again.

Morrison10 profile image

I know how you feel, are you cross with yourself for risking it. I still have to go up steps to do some jobs, know I shouldn’t really. Do hope you recover well and soon, best wishes, Jean x

Maricopa profile image
Maricopa in reply to Morrison10

I am annoyed with my foolish self. Haha…

Otto11 profile image

Ouch! Sounds painful. When will we learn ?Take it easy x

Maricopa profile image
Maricopa in reply to Otto11

I think I’ve learned. Ouch.

slram profile image

Awww, keep icing that knee.

Maricopa profile image
Maricopa in reply to slram

Yes. I’m icing it regularly. It’s so painful.

Maricopa profile image

I am annoyed with myself, yes! This set me back

helenlw7 profile image

So sorry you didn’t land elegantly when you jumped of your storage shed! I do hope no one saw you - how embarrassing! My head is just the same as yours - it thinks my body is in its 30s, not 66! I hope your dr doesn’t tell you off and remember how old you are.

Firefly25 profile image

Ouch! I completely empathise having hurt my knee in the summer, kneeling on it awkwardly trying to get an ‘artistic’ photo in a French cathedral 🙄. The things we do! I’m sure your shed looks lovely though 😉. Physio at the GP gave me some exercises which have made a big difference along with elevation, ice and rest. Hope yours settles soon. Take care 🌷x

Ergendl profile image

Big virtual ((((hugs)))). Alas, while the brain thinks we're still in our 20s, the body says not.

Loopylorre profile image

Oh goodness that’s not good, hope you get help for pain when you see the doctor, we do make the mistake of thinking we can do more than we are able don’t we, hope you’re well again soon, take care 🤗😊🌷💐🌹

Feeder profile image

Hi there,

You must have a very positive attitude., despite your breathing difficulties, having fallen in such an unceremonious manner.! Take care and thanks for giving me a giggle.

Izb1 profile image

Ouch, ouch, ouch, keep with the ice/heat packs and I pray nothing is broken. We sometimes do the most silly things forgetting that our bodies are just not able anymore. Its nice that you felt so good for a little while there though x

HollyBoyd profile image

It looked so easy to do the jump but the body didn't respond!! I hope the ice is helping your knee and you have got over the shock? Rest up and take care xxx

Newstart3 profile image

Ouch!!! I am all too familiar with the head saying I can do something when the body disagrees!! Hope it eases for you soon.

Davegt profile image

Oh dear sorry to hear that. Trying to look on the positive side, you have retained your sense of humour, no broken bones (hopefully) and you have learned a lesson. I know the expression says "you're as old as you feel". Mentally that may be very true but bodies do age. Our sense of balance does often lose its fine tuning as we get older, hence the violent attack on the hedge. Although you received scratches from the hedge, it may have cushioned your fall, another positive.

I hope all goes well with doctor.

Take care and rest up. 💜

Karenanne61 profile image

Sounds really sore . . . at least you can recuperate gazing at your newly painted shed.😀

MoyB profile image

I'm genuinely sorry that your got hurt, but your account of it had me in hoots!

If I were you, I'd give up painting and take up writing instead. Lol!

Hope you feel better soon.

xx Moy

Greenthorn profile image

You make it sound very entertaining. I was going to ask if there was video footage but I guess not! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. IN January 2020, I crossed my legs sitting in an armchair and a few hours later I was in A an E with a swollen and painful knee. I couldn't even walk. Within 4 weeks I was almost back to normal.

jhorsf profile image

Dont feel too bad about it I am older I still have the scars from falling off the roof of my shed

Heaven20 profile image

I think us in our 60's and older forget we are not as young as our mind tells us, hope you are up and about soon.

Solily profile image

I hope you recover quickly from your injury. I know... I soon will be 68 and I expect this body to act like it is 30!!! Found out it does not work!! Take care... hope the paint job turned out well! Your outfit sounded rapper perfect🤣🤣

Stoneferry8 profile image

bet the dr gives you one of those sweet condescending little smiles and tells you to be careful now that your getting older? Lol, mine did a few weeks ago. But we do our best to try and do things don’t we? Hope you get better soon. 💕

Alberta56 profile image

I hope you're now beginning to feel better.

Nicholatracy profile image

what a time you’ve had. Hope you’re feeling better 🐞🇬🇧

Caspiana profile image

Oh no. 😑 I'm really sorry to hear this. You must be so sore. 😔 When we feel good we do tend to try to do more, even gymnastics. I hope you feel better soon Mari. Please take it easy. Much love to you. xx ♥️

I hope you feel better very soon my friend.
djbctla profile image

hi Maricopa, hope u recover soon, take care, Bernardine

Oshgosh profile image

I’ve read your post from 3 months ago,you were having a bit of a struggle.

Painting th shed and jumping down ,you must feel a bit better.

The hard thing is finding a balance between being too careful and over doing things.

I’ve mDE a tea loaf this morning and a lemon drizzle cake.I’m so frustrated,I’m really tired and my back hurts- fractured vertebrae.

But we have to keep going at some level.

I hope you recover from your current problems soon.

It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks as long as you’re ok xxx

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