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Is The Nhs A Health & Safety Risk?

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How can the Hospital Labs do fair research when Technicians directed by remits refuse to take the uti samples of 65 + yrs women and the GPs with no specialism or hippocratic oath allow this in online record ignoring our history & genetics via their unqualified admins not making reasonable cases .

How can they on remits & contracts understand your history they like Nurses In Minor Injuries refuse to assist blaming the patients for this mess .Is the reason they are all discriminating is that you are regarded as too much of a risk so ignore? How has this corruption been allowed to happen - decentralisation? Let the Alternative holist organise & control as we are all on downwards slippery slope where Urology is taken over by mercenary Call centres .

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Are you saying those over 65 won't be tested for uti, that's not my experience.

Are you male or female [ asymtomatic women65+?!} If they did urinalysis stick do not show up many problems if complex .Depends on your history & genetic as mine relates to neurogenic bladder can't catheterise because of primary lipo-lymphoedema ? You are so lucky!

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