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hi first time posting .I’d like to know if anyone else suffers from twitching and cold running nose using bisoporol 5 mg I had an operation to repair my mitral valve which came out of the blue .I was working one day and in hospital the next and operation 4 days later .I’m still trying to come to terms with this .anyway doctor has put me on bisoporol and Im twitching and constantly cold .thanks in advance

53 Replies
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I had neither of these side effects. But did have some dizziness which disappeared sfter a week or so.

I was told the body does need to adjust and side effects subside.

Best to speak to your doctor though

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Gussy121 in reply to Carlg

thanks for the reply I experienced the dizziness at first as well but the runny nose and twitching are new didn’t see them on the list off side affects

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caban in reply to Carlg

hi i had bypass 2 years ago and on biosoprolol and have a constant runny nose but not a twitch ,and also have slight dizziness

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Hi Gussy. No twitching but my nose runs all the time. So anti-social but I would rather have this problem than suffer the dreadful palpatations I had before I was on Bisoprolol. All the best.

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Gussy121 in reply to pillapalla

thanks pillapalla I intend to persevere

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there are alternative medications and your medic can deal with this for you. Often the after effects are not due to medication, but are just your whole body reacting to the invasion.

This week my GP agreed to me stopping bisoprolol for a trial period. I am 30 months post op.

And I am in my 70s.

Best wishes


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thanks I will keep that in mind

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Hi Gussy121

I had mitral valve repair last November; now on bisoprolol(and others). Have not noticed twitching, but frequently have a runny nose, and was very cold when I came home, kept having to turn the heating up, and just about paid off that gas bill.

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RufusScamp in reply to Beatles1956

Best of luck with the next gas bill!

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hi I’m on 10mg per day I was on 12.5 the only side effect I get is it makes me tired Iv been on it at least 6 years now

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56dick19 in reply to 56dick19

Iv had to go on amiodarone as last year as the bisoprolol couldn’t keep my heart under control

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Hi Gussy, I am on 2.5mg 6 months post Aortic valve replacement. I still get dizziness/ see stars if I stand up too quickly and suffer from cold hands, otherwise OK. Maybe the runny nose will start over the winter! My cardiologist says I should be able to stop bisoprolol or at least half the dose 12 months post op. Hope symptoms improve.

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I’ve been on the same drug but not had the twitching. Do sometimes get the runny nose but no more than before my heart attack. I should ask the doctor or pharmacist

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Yes ive got the runny nose since going on it in May was very cold first few weeks but thats gone now. I was blaming the aspirin for runny nose maybe its Bisoporol. Hope this helps.

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Yes I have a cold runny nose a lot of the time, also cold hands and feet but no twitching.

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Yes runny nose, cold hands and feet. No twitches though. Am on the hunt for gloves that work but aren't skiing ones.

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I get a runny nose for about an hour after taking and have cold hands/feet. No twitching though. My cardiologist has, just this week, said I can stop taking Bisoprolol now so I'm hoping for things to improve 🤞

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My husband has been on this drug for 5 years & has runny nose and always has cold hands & feet. I believe feeling cold is a known side effect. Despite asking multiple times to change Bisoprolol, the cardiologist insists it’s the best for his condition. Hubby has a foot hot water bottle & uses many hankies! Good Luck.

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I’ve been on it about two years now and I haven’t really noticed any side effects.

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Bisoprolol is a life saver, you must have had a dreadful shock and your body needs a little time to adjust, you must dress now with an extra layer as you will feel colder due to poor circulation , but we are all here , Bisopropol lovers like me and plenty of haters as well , but we lean on each other .

Now is the time to get stuck into something a little different, I did my family history .

Have a good day…each day now is a good day.

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yes I had both those side effects for about 6 months so I decided to cut my tablets in half and it took me 1 month to adjust but now 2 years later I am happy on 1.25 with no side effects. I notified my cardiologist that I was going to half them by the way

Puffin1963 profile image

I've had no issues with bisoprolol , but issues with other meds, it really is about each individual and how they respond - best to talk to GP, there are other meds that do the same thing , good luck

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I didn’t get on at all with Bisopropol. They switched me to flecanide which is ok for me. I was due to have mitral valve replacement but they’ve refused to my lung function tests as I also suffer with copd. Tell me did you suffer with breathlessness because of yr mitral valve?

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Gussy121 in reply to Sally_Scott

hi sally sorry for not getting back to you sooner I just saw your reply .yes I was really breathlessly for the week leading up to hospital admission.I really thought that I had caught the dreaded c but took two tests which came back negative .then I just presumed I had a chest infection

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I take 10 mg bisoprolol without any side effects, but lyrica made me twitch.

HenryTudor profile image

Short answer: it’s a no.

Captain_Birdseye profile image

I've had the runny nose, cold hands and feet but had other symptoms like twitching (mainly at night) and occasional shortness of breath...

I hadn't associated the twitching with the Bisoprolol though, I'll need to keep an eye on it as things progress with changes etc.

dubsta profile image

hi Gussy121, i was very cold when i first came out of hospital. Im now 20 weeks post op, i am taking 2.5 mg bisoprolol and yes i have a runny nose. Have also noticed i am starting to feel the cold again! It may settle down, give it a few weeks and see how hou feel.

R3mi profile image

Hi Gussy121

Just had meeting with cardiologist consultant he spoke highly of Bisoporol saying it is a good drug and works well. i do have a runny nose now and again but that is a small inconvenience in the scheme of things just have a hankie ready. It will become less noticeable in time and with winter approaching the cold weather will take over. Good luck 🤞

Notdead profile image

hiya, I’m

On 10 mg of bisoprolol, I get the runny nose cold hands and feet but I thought the runny nose was due to ramipirl

Tommo1947 profile image

and I thought it was just me ! Yes, the runny nose is a nuisance but, being on a cocktail of drugs for AF, I didn't know what caused it. That's the beauty of this forum, there are plenty of people with the answers !

Good luck with your ongoing treatment.

Tez666 profile image

Hi yes i get runny nose everyday,tired and cold feet, no twitching tho, small price to pay after they helped me stay alive, good luck.

Marvkey profile image

Have been on Bisoprolol 10mg and amiodarone for 7 months now - a cold runny nose is standard for me. I carry lots of tissues although this can be a bit embarrassing in groups . However think of the benefits of this drug!!

Raznic profile image

Hi Gussie, Been on Bisoprolol for 6/7 years now. 2.5mg mornings and 5mg evenings. Was extremely tired most of the time for the first few weeks. Fine now. And the runny nose, and that I'm afraid to tell you I still have. Oh, and as you are obviously aware, how annoying is that? Carrying loads of tisues everywhere and contantly blowing/wiping your nose. But it is what it is. I've learned to live with it. It is actually a known side effect of Bisoprolol, and is in fact mentioned in the leaflet that comes in the box. Well, in mine anyway. Doctor has confirmed this (with a grin, I was not smiling). I didn't feel cold but hopefully that will wear off for you. If you find a rememdy for the runny nose I'd be only too pleased to hear of it. Good luck.

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hi Gussy, I’ve been on 10 mg per day for a couple of years now, first side effect I had was the dizziness, when playing golf when I bent over to mark my ball, that was real fun trying to stop myself ending up flat on my face! that went away after a month or so. As soon as I got out of bed the tap was turned on to the runny nose. This lasted at least an hour each morning. Hands and feet are always cold, in fact when it’s cold outside my fingers go totally white as if all the blood has gone to other parts of my body. It was very painful. I’m now down to 5 mg per day, no dizziness, nose still runs but not as bad and hands not as cold as they were but we’ll see when the weather changes. I’m also on anti coagulants plus diuretics. Don’t think it’s all down to the bisoprolol but a mixer of them all.

Lavendermay profile image

hi gussy121, yes I did get twitching, really strange feeling, sometimes I even had to hold my hand together to stop it , didn’t last to long a week or two, it took me a good six months to adjust to all the medications, I feel fine now,for someone with AF

Just keep plodding on 🐩🐶

jrcsheffield profile image

I have a number of side effects including the ones you describe after taking several heart medications,Bisoprolol seems to be one of the favourite culprits. When I asked my cardiac professor a number of times if I can have an alternative to Bisoprolol he just says "it is the best drug for you" So I reluctantly put up with it, I guess it is a small price to pay, but frustrating when others on here and other forums have found suitable alternatives.

Doublef profile image

Hi yes but I dont know what to put it down to but every so often I get a runny nose, the odd twitch and shakes, I am trying to avoid the fact my doc is talking about increasing the dose. My BP is a bit low at times anyway.

Handel profile image

Hi Gussy121. My husband is on a low dose 1.25mg Bisoprolol and has been for 4 years now.

He doesn't have twitching but does suffer with a runny nose and cold hands and feet. This may be drug related - we hadn't thought of that!!

Good luck and all the very best. Jan xx

Bustermydog profile image

I am on Bisoprolol and other medication for cardiomyopathy and breast cancer. Recently noticed cold runny nose, checked side effects of my medication and no mention of any causing this. Relieved I am not the only one sniffing through the day , least to say nothing to be concerned about as it is only a mild annoyance.

ILF1 profile image

Dizziness at first which went after about two weeks but now an on and off runny nose. Will last for a few days then go for a few and back again. Worse if I wear a mask. Am on 10mg of Bisoprolol

Gussy121 profile image

thanks to everyone for replying .I guess it’s just something that I have to live with now but hey it’s not so bad I’m alive to see the grandkids grow up

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I also had mitral regurgitation repair 2 months ago. Post surgery my EF was only 37 but on discharge 2 weeks later (I was on IV antibiotics for Endocarditis) up to 45. I'm on 5mg of bisoprolol plus about a million other tablets daily. Apparently I will be weaned off some of them over time but probably stuck on bisoprolol and ramapril forever. My BP is 110/70 but briefly drops to 80/60 when standing. Yes I am colder than before and yes my nose is runnier, but the consultants seen to think it is better for the heart and repair to run with a low bp than reduce the dose. I tend to go with the opinion ofa highly trained cardiologist rather than doctor Google, but I do use Dr Google to arm myself with the right questions 😉

Sanpedro2019 profile image

I along with other members suffered with bisoporol runny nose and nose freezing i spoke to my g p hanged to nobilo ? May be a different spelling which was better there are several alternatives you can ask hope this helps

Socialanimal profile image

I do occasionally get a running nose and am on 15mg

IronGirl68 profile image

Yes!!! To both 😁.

Have only recently realised that the runny nose could be caused by the bisoprolol (via this forum) but hadn't put two and two together with the twitching, so thank you so much for bringing that up today 🙏

I have been taking 1.25 morning, and 1.25 cut in half in the evening since early February this year, following insertion of my pacemaker, and have been twitching, but I've had other bits and bobs going on as well this year, so hadn't linked the two. To be honest, I was probably thinking that it may have been menopause related, and have been on a hrt patch since mid May, and the twitching has settled down, only very very rarely happening, and only at a fraction of the strength that it had previously.

Thank you so much for posting, have a good weekend x

Hannah-Hay profile image

I was on bisoprolol & my feet & hands were very cold. I also had a very runny nose.

Greenfarm profile image

I have a runny nose, cold hands and feet and generally feel the cold. No twitching though! I’m 79.

santisuk profile image

Runny nose, yes - ever since my triple bypass 3 years ago. 2.5mg to start and 1 year ago raised to 5mg to counter (sucessfully and immediately) a concerning series of tachycardia events. Not noticeably cold, but then I do live in semi-tropical Thailand😀.

If there were awards to be given for drugs that protect the world's population, bisoprolol would get a gold star IMO.

My family love the tiny white heart that forms the pill of the highest profile manufacturer of bisoprolol too. Very cute!

Hoocher profile image

Constant runny and cold nose since I started on them 3 years ago

Arnika profile image

Yes, definitely runny nose. Constantly. Now I need lots of tissues near me all the time. Also, which is even worse, I get terribly cold. I am usually very resilient to cold (but cannot deal with heat), but now I get cold all the time. Very inconvenient especially now with energy prices rocketing. Fleece, everything surrounding me all the time, these days.

I cannot even operate electronic equipment, like phone etc, because my fingers are too cold. This morning the phone rung, i have tried to answer it, but nothing happened until I warmed my hand quickly by putting it under my arm! I did not realise that this was also caused by bisoprolol until I read the replies to this post.

But I am just back from hospital because of bad episode of extremely high beats, and my bisoprolol was increased to 5mg a day, so things are not likely to improve, I suppose.

cjbroon profile image

Funnily enough i went on 1.25mg of bisoprolol after getting afib after my open heart surgery in 2019. Not long after that i developed a severe runny nose, like a tap opening, and went to my GP to say it was caused by the medication. Turned out ive actually had cranial CSF Leaks and required major surgery twice to repair them so far. Though it wasn't the actual cause, reading the side effects on the bisoprolol medication leaflet was actually a blessing in disguise for me!!

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thanks for all the information on the side affects of bisoporol .I have just been prescribed 7.5 mg the gp wants me to get up to 10mg so I guess I will just have to get on with it with the attitude that hey I’m still here to see the grandkids grow up .so many kind people on this site you are never on your own thanks

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