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My sister found out from.my niece that ive had wierd tiny 1 or 2 minute chest pains but my sister has gone into operation overdrive tellling me to phone 111 or gp i dont think i need to i know own body had slight cold and sore nose and the heat was making it wee bit hard to breathe ...advise please

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Contact GP makes sense to me and should do to you as well !!

Stay well Stay Safe and Look after Yourself.

Your sister obviously cares for you !!

Hello Saracencat

Any unexplained chest pain along with breathlessness should be looked at, we are being told that the NHS is open for non virus cases so phoning either 111 or your GP surly is the way to go, and you will put everyone’s mind at rest.

Stay safe

Best wishes Pauline

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Canbe in reply to 080311

Please phone 111 x

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080311 in reply to Canbe

Hi, Canbe think you have sent to me when you meant it to go to Saracencat.

Take care

call 111 and tell them your symptoms

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Ring 111 and let them decide. You have a number of health conditions and your symptoms may be relevant. As ministers keep repeating the NHS is open. Having been to both A&E recently I can assure you CovID and other areas are well separated. NHS staff want it no more than any of us!

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Manhattan1 in reply to MichaelJH


Get in touch with 111, better to be safe than sorry. Take care.

Add my voice to the chorus - at least telephone the GP and report the weird 1-2 minute chest pains whilst making sure to mention you've a bit of a cold. You'll probably make the GP's day by being able to say 'Not to worry but ring back if there is no improvement'.

Bonus - you'll satisfy your sister's concerns over your health. Never a bad thing, that.

Lol, I 'speak' with my grown children and their families once a week via Skype and I have to be sure I look well or else they threaten to get on planes (they live in America) and come drag me to the doctor. In all honesty, it is rather nice they care enough to scrutinise my appearance and state of breathlessness during the video calls. I think I'd be hurt if they didn't, actually!

Please phone 111. Xx

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