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Back in A&E


Chest pains been building all day and wouldn’t shift GTN spray calmed a little bit the pain come back with a vengeance.

Only made a normal appointment with my Gp, he was really concerned and called an ambulance.

I haven’t got my meds with me as I wasn’t expecting to be here.


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Ask one of the sisters or the doctor for your medications - one of the 'perks' of being at a hospital is they usually have a fair selection of needed medications.

Please keep us posted as and when you can. ((HUGS))

Sorry to see your post. Hope you are OK.

Hope all is ok, best wishes

Stay positive and don’t worry. We’re here for you.

Sorry to hear you're in A&E. Hope you're soon OK and back home.

Get well soon FB

Hope all ok.

Hope you're home soon and all ok. Sending you hugs ❤

hope you’re ok.. don’t worry about the meds.. if you’re admitted (hopefully not).. hospital will supply the meds

I hope that you get some answers and are back home soon 🙂

Oh no Fluffybee, this is not acceptable !

You are supposed to be sewing tassles remember 🥰

Seriously sorry to hear that you are incarcerated but really hoping you will get some answers as to what is going on.

Better still if they come up with a plan/treatment to help you.

Thinking of you and sending gentle hugs your way 🤗🤗🤗

Keep us posted when you can and hoping you get a decent night's sleep....not something that happens all that often in hospital sadly.

Wishing you well.

Ellie 🌼💕🌺💐🥀

Hope all well, keep us informed of how you get on.

Loads of love hope everything is fine.

Hope you go on ok FB.

I know it’s awful

But in the best place to get this pain sorted .

Thinking of you and sending lots of positive energy to you x

Hope you are ok and get some answers soon.

Hope all goes ok. 🤞🤞

Hope you're better soon. X

Hope your ok ? Your in the right place, stay positive 😀

Sorry to hear you were taken to A & E, hope you feel better soon. X

I fully sympathise FB, I was in exactly the same situation as you last Wednesday evening. I started getting severe chest pain, worse than I had experienced before, and GTn spray didn't really help, so I dialled 999. After the usual tests in A&E, I was kept in overnight and seen by my cardiology doctor the next day. He said it was nothing more than a serious angina episode, and prescribed some different medication (Ranolazine). Just have to see how this goes, most of these drugs seem to disagree with me.

Meanwhile, I hope you recover quickly and return home soon.

PS the ward I was in had supplies of all my meds...

Hope they are able to get you properly sorted! Hugs xx

I'm sorry to hear this fluffybee

A and E will check for a heart attack and then send you home and it's good that you haven't had a heart attack but you need an appointment with a cardiologist to review your meds I hope when you speak to your cardiologist you can get more help with this.

Sending you a big hug

Hope all ok 🙂

Hope you’re feeling better soon , I know it’s a cliche but it’s the best place to be just to be on the safe side .

Sorry to hear this - how are you? My husband had HA last November, STEMI and w 1 stent fitted and he started to have random angina pain on resting so we called an ambulance saturday and he has been in ever since, unfortunately suffered another HA Caused by restenosis- his body rejecting the original stent. He has had another angioplasty and hoping he can come out today. Thinking of you .

hope everything is ok for you and good luck

Hope your feeling better soon.

Hi Fluffybee. I hope you get sorted out soon. Virtual hugs are on the way to you xxx

Hi Fluffybee, Wishing you a speedy diagnosis and hopefully all is ok with you and out of hospital. I had chest pains a few weeks ago, went to A&E and after 8 hours I was discharged, told to take it easy and see the cardiac nurse. I am now down for echocardiogram, reviewing my other arteries and existing stents (full metal jacket of 4 stents), possible angiogram, stress test, plus full review of meds I am on. Doctor has reviewed the letter but has a few questions before my meds are changed.

Unfortunately the blood tests revealed I had an inflamed liver : will post separately on this.

Hope you are posting back on the forum very soon. Look forward to your return.

Hope your pain goes and you feel better soon xx

Thank you, I do feel a bit better just completely wiped out, could be what happened or I didn’t get back home until around 4-4.30 ish this morning 🙄

Same thing happened to me FB, got kept in hospital last night. Hope everything works out okay, the doctors will arrange your meds. Take care

Fluffybee in reply to BigPedro

So sorry to hear that, not great is it as we all know 😢

Do you mind if I ask what diagnosis/symptoms you have.

You don’t have to just wondered if you have micro vascular angina etc

Thank you for your support😄

After running all the tests etc it is looking like it's something to do with my medications which I've had problems with since my heart attack 6 months ago. All the symptoms pointed towards another HA but none of the tests backed it up. This is the 4 th time this has happened and I have been admitted to hospital only for them to say and prove that it's not a cardiac problem. Doctors seem reluctant to review my meds and try and sort this.

Sorry to hear that, do you have a good GP to help sort out your meds ? Do you have another cardiologist appointment?

I’ll stop bombarding you with questions now 🥴

BigPedro in reply to Fluffybee

No problem, don't worry about it. I'm losing faith in my GP because I've seen him 6 times about this same problem and all they want to do is prescribe different stomach acid suppressants. Hopefully will be let out tomorrow but no further appointments with anyone to try and get to the bottom of this. Back to the GP again

Fluffybee in reply to BigPedro

Oh sorry I didn’t realise you were still in hospital, luckily mine was more of a pit stop and left still in pain and exactly the same as I went I’m apart from 2 paracetamol, whoopee 🙄

I got let out of hospital last night after doing a treadmill test which showed no problems at all with my heart, it was my legs that got tired first after about 12 mins but my heart was fine, more bloods that all came back fine. Released with a letter for my GP recording everything they have done and confirming it's not my heart...over to my GP now😬

Still got the pains in my chest though this morning.........

Fluffybee in reply to BigPedro

Hi BigPedro

Pleased for you you’ve been let out,

Also that it’s not your heart, it’s worrying for you that you’ve got chest pain, one of the things my Gp said was it could be a problem which can mimic heart problems, so possibly worth asking about that 😱

Fluffybee in reply to Fluffybee

Sorry stomach problems can mimic heart problems as in indigestion ?

I got a phone appointment with a different doctor at our surgery today and she suggested the pains could be caused by oesophagal spasms which give you pains under the breastbone that can be mistaken for heart attack pains. She suggested a few things to try. I already take lansaprosale and cimetidine for stomach acid suppression. Here's hoping some of this helps. Hope you get to the bottom of your problems

Fluffybee in reply to BigPedro

Really pleased you’ve managed to get to see a Dr to listen to you and talk things through. I’ve heard that stomach/ indigestion problems can be really painful and sometimes mistaken for heart conditions.

Fingers crossed these meds work, let us know how you get on 🤞🏻

Hi FB, will do, thanks, take care

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