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Where Is MichaelJH?

MichaelJHHeart Star

I imagine many of you have wondering why I have been quiet for a while.

Shortly after the start of lockdown I was bowled the ****** ****** (fill in with your choice of words) of all curved balls! I was having treatment for an ingrowing toenail on my left foot. Suddenly the wound started getting worse and in quick succession I was referred to my GP, the local hospital and to the vascular unit of the area's Health Trust. By early May I had had ultrasound and MRI scans. This was followed by endless delays as I had pointless telephone consultations, and was prescribed controlled painkillers and antibiotics as the infection worsened!

Eventually I went to the vascular unit as a day patient for angioplasty to improve the circulation. By that time I had been told I was going to lose my big toe. To say the angioplasty was not a success would be an understatement. At the end of July I had my leg amputated. By that time I was on three intravenous antibiotics and two or three controlled painkillers (someone quipped I was doing more drugs than Keith Richards!).

Anyway a week ago I transferred to rehab unit. By that time my weight had dropped from top of normal BMI to rock bottom. Anyway the medical care is much better. Sadly CovID restrictions limit access to the gym (one person and physio only at a time). I need to meet targets to go on to getting a prosthesis. One physco babble person asked me about personal targets as if they weren't leading a normal independent life so I finished the list with "ride a motorcycle" and suggested she Google Alan Kempster! Strangely she hasn't been back!

Anyway today I tried standing with a temporary artifical leg (pneumatic EWA). I did so well that I did a short walk and am trying a longer walk tomorrow. Hope to try a few steps (c.f. stairs) before the end of the week.

For the time being I will be limiting my time on the forum as I have other things to focus on including moving house as my small cottage which is not really adaptable for disabled living.

Wish me luck!

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MilkfairyHeart Star


So good to have you back on the forum😊

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Milkfairy

Thank you!

I'm so pleased to hear from you Michael...I wondered how you were.So sorry to hear about your leg and all the trouble you've had.I hope they get you sorted out re. a prosthetic leg.It's amazing what they can do with those.A friend of mine had a partial amputation about two years ago after a long battle with infections.Now she's got used to it she's doing really well.Take all the time you need to rest up and I hope the move goes well.🙂

Good to have you back Michael. Blimey, you've had a lockdown to remember!

Have you been told what the problem actually was?

All the best, both for your continued recovery and also for your house move. I hope you find the time to keep us updated on progress.

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Chappychap

Basically they would describe it as "complications of PAD (peripheral arterial disease)". Jan-Michael Vincent, who played Airwolf lost a leg for the same reason.

Great to see you back Michael! Hope you didn't need too much Sister Morphine. X

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to marypw

The pain between live and necrotic (dead) was off the scale. Apparently the boundary between the two (the dead tissue has no nerves) confuses the nervous system amplifying the pain. I was taking both Tramadol and Oramorph. Post amputation Gabapentin was added for phantom pain. Oramorph finished after a few days and after chatting with the doctor (the GPs who come in the rehab centre are brilliant) dropped the Tramadol a few days ago. The phantom pain is weird as I know the leg is not there but the pain is very real! I have had the odd Oxycodone when things are bad!

magih in reply to MichaelJH

Ramachandran mirror treatment for phantom limb pain is worth a google.

Great to hear from you buddy. With your attitude you will be absolutely fine.

Good luck and stay safe

Good to have you back I have missed your views on things. Sorry to hear about your leg but you seem to have it all under control as usual. Take care of yourself and look forward to seeing your next chat. Hope your house move goes smoothly.

Good to hear from you Michael. Boy you've had a rough time! Best wishes for your recovery and the house move

So good to have you back, you have been missed. Hope your recovery goes really well, you are a force of nature so I am sure you will be good. Good luck with the house move.

Looking forward to hearing from you in a little while.

Best wishes Pauline

Sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery

Keep positive

So pleased to have you back Michael. Need you to get back to full health so you can re-open the virtual bar, but no hurry!

Will you be having a bionic leg, making you even more of a superhero? 😉

On a more serious note, what a traumatic time these last 5 months have been, I personally hope its never repeated!

Take care

Best wishes Michael - it's not been the same without your wise words. Take care.

All the best MichealJH, good to have you and your humour bk on the forum

Hi Michael i have so much admiration as you have helped me on many occasions. I am so sorry about the news but also know after your post how positive you are .I hope you don't mind if i pray for you in my morning and evening prayers . Lost for words

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Sanpedro2019

Hi Pedro - feel free. I did try to think of a joke for you but was stumped! 🤣🤣🤣

Lezzers in reply to MichaelJH

Love your humour & positivity Michael

Michael. Sounds like you’ve really been through it. My best wishes for your recovery. You’ve been missed and it’s good to hear from you.

Blimey, talk about one-upmanship - you just had to go one better (is that the word??) on the medical stuff than the rest of us, didn't you?

Wouldn't surprise me at all, if I lost a leg in a car crash tomorrow, you'd grow a new one just to stay ahead! :D

Seriously, was wondering where you'd gone a week or two back so great to hear you're still kick.. err, standing ;)

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Thatwasunexpected

Actually I registered as disabled customer with my energy supplier. When the person asked me if the disability was temporary I said "I don't anticipate growing a new leg any time soon"!

They'll probably check in 6 months or so anyway :D

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Thatwasunexpected


MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Thatwasunexpected

A friend had a double bypass and said I had a quadruple to outdo him!


Nothing wrong with a competitive spirit!

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Thatwasunexpected

We are probably equal now as he had a kidney transplant last year. The rumour I had my leg off to get a blue badge is untrue! 😃

I can't believe I have just read that ..

You are one amazing person for sure. Thank you for your inspiring attitude and I wish you all the luck in the world as you embark on the next leg (oops) of your journey 🙂

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to TRST

You have to push yourself as unless you meet the criteria you will not progress to the limb fitting service. Whilst not as young and fit as Billy Monger or Army personnel I believe I have the mindset. Unfortunately CovID restrictions mean only one person and associated physios can use the gym at a time. This means I cannot do two sessions a day.

Hi MichaelJH missed you. Wow you must be wondering what the hell is going on, what a traumatic time you have had. I hope you get your leg soon, it's amazing what they can do with these nowadays. You seem to be a very positive person and have offered good advise to many me included, I wish you well and a speedy recovery.

Really good to hear from you. Sorry it’s been so awful. Look in on us every so often- you are much liked, dare I say loved. Wishing you a speedy return to independence. Xx

Welcome back. What a time you have had. Stay safe and best wishes.

You’re a brave and outstanding man xx

Yikes, Michael. Missed seeing you and your posts on here and so sorry to hear all that you are going through. Lots of good luck wishes for your continuing recovery - if anyone can do it, you certainly can with your positivity and humour.

Hi MichaelJH

I’ve only spoken to you a couple of times when I first joined the forum, cannot believe what you’ve been through, you’ve been through so much, you’ve dealt with it incredibly well.

Keep in touch when you get the chance, good luck with rehab.

Lucky 🍀

Hi Michael. Dreadfully sorry to hear all you have been through you are very courageous. Wishing you all the best with your Rehab. Good to have you back 😊

Sorry to hear how badly your lockdown has been, but it is good to hear from you and I hope you can continue with the strong mindsat and get where you want to be

Michael you continue to be an inspiration and great support. This is absolutely bloody major and still I can hear the smile & humour in your words. I wish you all the VERY VERY BEST. You and your jokes have been greatly missed 😜😂 Stay Strong, Keep Speaking Up & we look forward to hearing from you whenever you are ready x

Good to hear from you Michael. I was getting a bit worried. My friend has been through similar situations to you (he’s been through the ringer and back). However he’s on the mend after receiving a new foot for his prosthetic leg last week. He’s had his bathroom changed and is ready to go. You too will get through this just don’t try to get back on the horse too quickly. Best wishes. You helped me greatly with the virtual cafe. Thank you. Take care.


Hi Michael

Wishing you all the very best

I will write properly tomorrow, it looks like a few of us are going through the mill at the moment !!!

Very Best Regards

Frank W

Nice to hear from you michael I think you are very brave going thru all of that and like to hear your posts so plz take care of uself best wishes

You have been missed, welcome back!

Welcome back. Hope all goes well with your move and that your rehab continues well.

Lovely to see that your sense of humour is still there. You have been missed.

Regards Nicole

welcome back Michael - the forum has missed you and your virtual bar! Sorry its been such a horrid time, but glad you are improving .

Look forward to next opening time.

You really have been through the mill! Hope you continue to improve and that your move goes smoothly. x

Good to have you back. And wish you all the best.

I had no idea MichaelJH. I hope you don't mind if I pray for you?

God bless you!

Welcome back, Michael, I was wondering where you were. We both had our bypass ops within a few weeks of each other in 2018 & it was interesting to compare our progress at the time. I hope you continue to make progress with physio & that your house move goes smoothly. Look after yourself.


2020 has served up a few shockers but WOW that is a rough one. Great to see you back Michael - have missed your humour and wisdom!

Wishing you a good recovery.


Wow, you’re going through so much. Take care, recover well xx

I wondered where you were, good to have you back.

Upwards and Onwards, we are a tough lot on here.

Good luck with the house move.

Dear God you've had a time of it. Very best wishes xx

Oh Michael so sorry to hear all that you have been through these last months. I hope things go well for you looking ahead and you are soon up and about on your new leg. Best wishes going forward with your recovery and house move. X

Best of luck Michael, you have certainly been through the wringer. X


Delighted to hear from you, but so sorry about all your problems. Concentrate on yourself now, recovery has to be your first priority.


Wow. We have not spoken before but I follow your comments. Never expected to hear that news. Keep strong, keep safe and keep smiling.

Hi Michael,

Glad to see you back. What a lockdown you have had. Hope the move goes well for you. Sorry you have had to lose your leg, hope your recovery is not too painful. Can't wait for your jokes. Keep safe and well.


MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to DD13

The only pain is the phantom pain which is off the scale. I am on the maximum dose of Gabapentin!

Oh Michael I’m so very sorry you’ve had such a horrible time. How frightening. I’m totally in awe of you & your bravery. You are one of life’s radiators & have supported many on this forum. You’ve been missed. I hope the medics recognise that you deserve to be top of the list for all the help available. Very best wishes for the future.

Wishing you a speedy recovery

I lost my husband to infection after having left leg amputated stay focussed and hope house hunting goes well!

Wishing you good health take care

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Sooty55

When it took off the infection really hit. I was on three intravenous antibiotics. If I had not agreed to amputation I probably would not have survived three days. Sobering thought!

Michael, welcome back.

Are you a type 1 diabetic as well?

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Dickydon

Yes, for well over five decades...

Dickydon in reply to MichaelJH

Blimey, me type 1 for 44yrs. Have had an ingrowing toe nail, big toe right foot, issue for years. Used to cut it out myself and always bled out but I’d load the corner of my big toe with hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver and have never had an infection; but for the last 20yrs I now go to my GP’s surgery podiatrist every eight weeks for checking and trimming. I do have peripheral neuropathy lower legs/feet as well.

My diabetic control hasn’t been great over the years as I’m a tv news cameraman, where global travelling has been immense over the last 30yrs where breakfast, lunch, dinner times do not exist but I have stopped flying now as I’m semi-retired albeit only 59. Suppose if I was a policeman I’d have been retired at 50. On a scale of 1-10 how I feel generally day to day I’d say 6.5.

But good on you for your determination and encouraging others who have lost hope on more trivial matters compared to what you are currently dealing with.

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Dickydon

Hi.. Indeed I remember you. We discussed a few issues including the Libre BG meter. This has derailed my campaign but one would have been great when they were testing me hourly. Various treatments were used on my toe including colloidal silver but the ulcer was relentless.

All the best for the future...

MichaelJH, long time no speak. Missed your humour and your virtual bar as I couldn't visit too many times as I can't drink with all the tablets I'm on now, I virtually rattle as I walk now🤣🤣 wishing you all the luck in the world. Hope you get your leg soon. Best wishes ❤ Sheena x

Welcome back Michael I was only thinking where was you the other day

So sorry to hear about your difficulties Michael. You won’t forget 2020 in a hurry. Thinking about you and hoping you feel better quickly. Take care.

Wow what a story. When you feel like it invite Scorsese round to sell the film rights.....hope you continue to make excellent progress.

So glad to hear from you Michael. I feel ashamed to moan about my very minor problems and concerns. Keep that fab sense of humour even if you have lost a leg!


MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Bartie123

I have checked everywhere but cannot find it! 😁

Take care. Good luck.

Sending best wishes, take care Michael x

I do wish you loads of luck! Well done you for keeping on keeping on


Hi Michael. I just wanted to echo everyone’s very best wishes and I’m sure with your determination and positivity a new leg will become a reality for you. You have provided so much excellent support on this forum and are very much appreciated by those of us with less knowledge and experience. Thank you and I hope the house move goes well and that your recovery continues, take care.

Strangely, I was only thinking of you yesterday and wondering what had happened to you. I had no idea... I'm so sorry you've had to undergo this dreadful ordeal, but you have often demonstrated that you have a great positive mental attitude, and I know you'll deal with this with your customary common sense and good humour. You have been much missed in these parts - welcome back. I'll get the first round in when you're ready to reopen the bar! x

Really sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations. It begs the question whether the current situation made it worse, but perhaps it isn't worth pondering that likelihood for long. There's nothing that can be done about it now.

Pleased to hear tyat you are making progress and on the road to recovery. Great to hear you are maintaining a positive attitude which in my experience is the key to moving forwards. All the best with the move to a more suitable property.


MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to GWP1952

I suspect the current situation did not cause the loss of the leg as the blockages were already there. However, it did delay the angioplasty by many weeks which caused me to suffer unnecessary pain and courses on antibiotics!

GWP1952 in reply to MichaelJH

A friend had a heart problem in early May and his angioplasty was delayed a week. Thankfully he did not suffer any problems as a result, but it was a far cry from the service I received back in 2017 when I had a clot removed and two stents inserted within 90 minutes of me calling 999..... it can be done!

Hello Michael good to see your send if humor back on the forum, I did miss it. Extremely sad to hear about your bad luck and wish you good luck from now on. Ian C

We all think we have problems until you read something like this good luck mate.

Hello Michael, only yesterday I wondered why I hadn't seen any posts from you for a while. I'm sure there are many of us who have missed your valuable contribution and advice. I'm sorry to learn of the difficulties you have been going through and wish you well for the future. Life has thrown you yet another challenge to overcome which I hope you overcome as quickly and successfully as possible. Best wishes...

Welcome back Michael. You have definitely been missed! I just wanted to wish you all the best for the future. Keep smiling. It is onwards and upwards now.

I wish you all the very best.

Michael,all the luck in the world.You`re a very strong intelligent man and I know you`ll deal with it successfully but what a blow.Stay strong,stay optimistic,lots of love and good wishes xx

Hallo Michael, I also missed your humorous "words of wisdom" on the group & so sorry to read of your recent ordeals. 😕Wishing you all the very best🍀 for a speedy recovery and hope it won't be long before you're striding out and about with a new leg in your new home. 😊👍Meanwhile I shall include you in my daily prayers 🙏and will also make a crystal grid to send you distant healing (I've been guided to use crystals for healing for the last 61 years). 💕💕

Very best of luck ! I hope you can keep moving as much as possible.

Take care Stuart

Michael, so sorry to hear you have had such a hard time to say the least! Good luck with the rehab and house move.

I'm so sorry to hear about your recent experiences (for want of a better phrase! ). You have been a source of sage advice and support for me for the last 23 months and I hope you have a speedy and hassle free return to mobility and good health. Good luck with the move.

Gulp! I had noticed a while back you weren't around on the forum. I couldn't have imagined what a struggle you were going through and how your life has changed in such a short space of time. Sending you my very best wishes for the days ahead.

Wow! You didn't deserve any of that. Pleased to hear that you are recovering now and are adapting to your prosthesis.

Hope the house move goes well.

Stay positive.


Oh my god poor you!! I can't quite believe that. What an awful thing to happen. I am lost for words to say the least!! I wish you well with your new limb. Fingers crossed you can lead a more or less normal life. At least you have not lost your sense of humour. Best wishes to you


A bit of an unfortunate typo there in the fifth sentence.........

Hi Michael .

You have such a huge and well deserved fan base and support on here . YOU were the first to reply to me with advice back in April ...

What an adventure you have had ! sending you huge virtual healing and support .


Good luck in your journey similar thing happened to my grandad he had very crude artificial leg bit like long john silver but continued to live his life to the ripe old age of 97 👍

That sounds absolutely dreadful. So sorry to hear about it. We just never know what's round the corner......


Hi MichaelJH - sounds like you've been through a lot! Wishing you all the best and take care of yourself. Hope the move goes well :)

Oh my goodness Michael you really have been going through it!

I wish you a very speedy recovery and lots of good wishes and positivity.

I am in shock.

Wasn’t expecting that!

Keep going, keep smiling and thank god you’re still alive and wake up every day!

Thinking of you x

Good luck on your recovery x

Wow, you have been through the mill. Good luck and I hope your rehabilitation goes well.

Blimey, I've had some down times thru lockdown but reading that made me feel so humble. Have missed your positivity on the forum, sending best wishes to you as you continue your recovery and relocation. X

What a nightmare. Wishing you well

Very sorry to hear your news. Very best of luck with your recovery and good to have you back on the forum.

All manner of expletives on your behalf, Michael. So sorry to hear you've been having such a time of it, but great to hear FROM you, especially to hear that you are sounding full of determination and not putting up with any ****. Good luck with your rehabilitation and all that goes with it. Will keep you in my thoughts.

Hello Michael

Well you certainly don't do things by half do you !!

You have been missed on the forum, so welcome back just take things easy for awhile it will take a lot of getting used to. Where did they take your leg off from ?? now don't say your body or I will give you a clout. The reason for the question my son was a PTI with the RM so he saw a lot of serious leg

injuries and he talks about how he is amazed at the advances in treatments for amputees, in just a few short years. You haven't missed to much whilst you have been away only the Gin Sales have plummeted. I have a bottle of Four Square Bristol Classic Rum ready to go.

As for health issues the NHS is truly broken my GP gave me an Urgent referral for Urology on the 20th of July and I got an appointment for December 29th. So she wrote back and said not good enough so I now have a date of 24th November. I phoned and said I will accept a cancelation at short notice so we will see.

A little tongue in cheek I did ask the Consultant's Secretary should I Die whilst being on the waiting list who should my wife sue for neglect, no answer except I will see what I can do !!

We were lucky we moved house almost 3 years ago from a two storey to a Bungalow that required totally refurbishment. So we had all the sockets raised and made the shower a walk in, stuff like that makes life much easier as we get older !!

I am still struggling with how rehab is so slow in waking up, you can go to a pub and meet loads of people but rehab has to be only one physio and one patient in a Gym it don't make sense to me.

My personal opinion is they had a Risk Assessment at the Height of the Pandemic and are still using it now we have moved on. Our knowledge and behaviour in how to manage the pandemic has moved a long way !!

So Take Care Michael and remember Hands Face Space not that it did you a lot of good LOL

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Prada47

My amputation was a BKA (below knee amputation). The original plan was above the knee but it was reviewed by the most senior vascular surgeon who felt the blood flow behind the knee was sufficient to support a BKA which would give me better mobility. I reminded the surgeon before I went under!

I feel the gym could support two or three patients plus physios with good social distancing as we can pass in the corridor. I need two physios for the walking exercises.

Omg! All that from an ingrown toenail! U seem to be pretty upbeat about the situation which is good for your mental health. I just couldnt believe what i was reading. U couldn't make it up! It should make alot of people look at their own situations (not people from these groups), but people who complain about unneccesary things, look long and hard at themselves and be thankful for all they have. Your health is your wealth as they say. Keep upbeat and look after yourself. God bless xx

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Mickymoo

There were a number of amputees in the ward. I was the only Type I diabetic but all the rest were Type II. I am heading to sixty years of diabetes but many Type IIs were only a decade or two. So if you are Type II take the condition seriously!

Mickymoo in reply to MichaelJH

Didn't realise you were diabetic. Which is the worse of the 2 conditions? Type 1 or 2? What is the difference between them? Xx

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Mickymoo

Hi this isn't really the right place to discuss Type I vs Type II. Maybe I will look at writing a pinned post.

Both are equally bad if not treated with respect. Complications include eye issues (and potential blindness), circulation problems that can lead to amputation, kidney failure and heart disease. Anybody who calls Type II mild diabetes or a touch of diabetes gets the sharp edge of my tounge.

Mickymoo in reply to MichaelJH

Apologies. Was just curious as i didnt know there were different types of diabetes. Well good luck with your recovery and i hope everything works out for you. You seem a pretty positive person from what i can tell, which im sure must help with recovery x

Gladwyn in reply to MichaelJH

I was diagnosed as Type 2 about 4 years ago and haven’t bothered to alter my diet accordingly. I certainly will from now on! Thanks for the warning. 🙏

Hi Michael. So glad you're back.

You've really been through the wars but just like you, you're bouncing back. xxx

So sorry to hear you have had such a dreadful time. My heart goes out to you. Hoping things improve greatly for you as time goes on.

Take care.


Just written a long message, and it disappeared, so here we go again!

So pleased you are back with us on this forum, really have missed your discernment, knowledge, wisdom in your replies to us, but most of all your wonderful sense of humour. And not forgetting your virtual bar and cafe, I enjoyed some good burgers!!

Well Michael, you certainly have had a horrendous time recently, wow all seemed to happen so quickly. But you are now into your rehab, and with your personality and attitude, I just know you’ll give it 100 plus%. and achieve the best result possible. But be prepared for some down days, we can’t always be upbeat!

I’m having a bit of a difficult time just now, but your positivity Michael, has just given me a kick up the bum, just what I needed!

What part of the country are you in? House move is one huge thing to do, hope you have good friends and family to help. So Michael once again you are our Heart Star, you ask us to wish you luck, this I do, and send virtual hug, and best wishes.

Stars never lose their shine! ⭐️🌦⭐️

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to marigoldb

I am in Hertfordshire but moving is not beyond the bounds of possibility...

marigoldb in reply to MichaelJH

A great county, I’m in Sussex, also has much to offer, sea and countryside. So much new building going on though at present, but cannot moan, my house was a new build 33 years ago!

Best wishes for when your search begins.


We’ve missed you so much and concerned about you! Thank you for sharing your story with us. Your inspiration, knowledge and humor makes you one heck of a mentor to all of us.

God Speed!

Yours from across the pond

Thought you’d gone a big quiet 🤔

Nice to have you back 🌸xx

MichaelJHHeart Star

Oh dear, I have been caught out! I mentioned Keith Richards earlier and Johnny Depp modeled Captain Jack Sparrow on him. I actually have a falcon rather than a parrot as he gets me free rabbits for the pot! 🤣🤣🤣

Ianc2 in reply to MichaelJH

So the truth comes out. Have you warned the local constabulary and the neighbour's gamekeepers that a piratical looking one legged man will be staggering round the woods in the dead of night supported by two men in white coats shouting 'use your arms more ' while a kestrel screams over head was it drags some poor dead rabbit back for the poachers pouch. I give up, you couldn't make it up.

Blimey Michael, that's a good reason for going awol! Look after yourself, and I hope they sort you out quickly with a replacement xx

Sorry i have not been on for a time have not been feeling to well, i had a 24 hour holter monitor five weeks ago but have not received the results yet, has anyone else had to wait so long for there results this long please.

Sorry to hear about the troubles you have had- hope all goes well with your ongoing recovery

Blooming heck!, that is a biggie, wishing you well, you was the first to reply to my first post, and obviously have been missed by lots of us, good luck with the move, looking forward to hearing about your progress, take care 🙂

Hello Michael, it’s good to hear from you again. So sorry to hear your tale of woe. I hope the rest of 2020 is much better than it has been so far for you. X

So sorry to hear about your problems. Wishing you as speedy recovery as possible. All the best for your home move as well. Look forward to your posts.

I’m so sorry about the loss of your leg but very pleased to see you are back. I had wondered about you. I have no

doubt your inner strength will see you through this very hard time. Wishing you all the very best. 🍀💐🍇

Also a big thank you for all the great information you have provided, a lot which has also helped me. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you again on here regularly giving your invaluable advice.

Pleased to see you are recovering, albeit slowly. I know how Covid has affected many of us, mine was a fall which fractured my femur, had a replacement the day after, but no physio when I got home because the physios were looking after Covid patients, my walking is not good but at least my problem is tiny compared to yours.

All the best Michael.😷

I’m so sorry to hear your news about your leg, but so glad you are in good hands - sorry, an unfortunate phrase. However with your wonderful attitude, optimism and perseverance, I feel sure that you will soon be up and away. You must have cheered the other patients - and the nursing staff - on your ward up with your sense of humour! All the best, and thank you for helping all of us in our difficult times. You were the first to reply to me on my very first visit to the forum. Thinking and wishing you our very best!

Michael, I was shocked to read what has happened to you but you have such a fantastic outlook on life and a terrific sense of humour!

You don’t know me but I have read your posts and replies to numerous members and I have been helped and inspired by your words.

Thank you and bless you!

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Sing-Song

Thank you...

So sorry to hear what you have been through! I hope Things improve for you, so nice to see you back on the forum I did wonder why you were not giving great advice. Take care

Dear Michael, hope you're feeling less pain by now and that you're recovering well. I made a crystal grid to send you distant healing & hope it's helping you.

All the very best, Clare

Oh my goodness, what a terrible time you have been having, I'm so sorry to hear all this. Now, at least, things seem to be starting to improve a bit, you have some good care, you are making progress, and you sound positive - so onwards and upwards. Take care and keep us posted on progress. x

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