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A safety reminder for community members

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HealthUnlocked is designed to be a safe space where people can chat with others going through a similar health journey to them and to gain emotional support.

The members of the platform are anonymous individuals who are not vetted medical professionals and do not have access to other's medical backgrounds. Therefore, as displayed on every post page, content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them.

Diagnosing, promoting extreme lifestyle changes or encouraging others to go against their healthcare professional's advice are all in direct breach of HealthUnlocked's Terms of Use.

For the safety of the community, please "Report" whenever you see any of the cases mentioned above. Once the report is received, the community's admins, working with the HealthUnlocked team if needed, will take actions following those ones stated on the Terms of Use members agreed upon while registering to the platform.

We ask everyone to speak from their own experience, using terminology such as "in my experience…", "I found that…", "When I tried…", and to avoid using directive or prescriptive wording that instructs others to act in a certain way.

Help us maintain the safety of the platform and allow us to continue to grow to offer support to more people.

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