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Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivors

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There is an organisation in the US called SCAA

Who provide a service called COPE to survivors of CA.

Welcome to COPE!

Did you know?

Between five to eight percent of those suffering an SCA survive – approximately 15,000 – 20,000 people survive SCA in the U.S. annually. Ninety percent of survivors suffer impairments to acts of daily living and the adjustment period of a post event is between 6-12 months. With such staggering numbers, little has been done to provide psychological and emotional support to patients and their families. The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association recognizes this void and has developed COPE (Cardiovascular Outcomes; Psychosocial Education) as a resource for SCA survivors and their loved ones. COPE also provides resources for healthcare professionals caring for SCA patients. In addition to information on emotional, psychological, and neurological issues, you will find information for those suffering from brain trauma, and medical research, studies, and resources to assist healthcare professional provide greater support to SCA survivors.




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Hi there - as far as I'm aware there isn't anything like this in the UK. It might also be worth checking in with CRY to see if they know of anything:

We do have heart support groups, but they're not specifically aimed at any conditions or experiences usually:

Hope this helps, Chris

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Hi, I eventually found this saves me the hassle of setting one up.....

As a CA survivor myself that would be good to have , lets hope it does happen and presume someone will draw attention to it.

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Hi, I eventually found this saves me the hassle of setting one up.....

As a SCA survivor (well over 4 years ago) who emerged without collateral damage, I am of course one of the lucky ones. The horrible statistics about survival rates only came home to me about two months ago when we installed a defibrillator in our village and the medical team who trained us gave us those terrifying numbers; I confess that that knowledge made me go weak at the knees and of course it was hard to share those feelings without sounding self-pitying. I rather wish there had been something like the American group to learn from.

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InBed in reply to dickielex

Hi, I eventually found this saves me the hassle of setting one up.....

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